A Pocketful of Posies

Just coming across the wire: Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi spent $16,000 on flowers this year. Of course, not one was strewn on the grave of a soldier who fell in the senseless war in Iraq she and her party have continued to fund. According to her office, all those posies went to various “heads of state” who visited Washington, such as Ehud Olmert.

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  1. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. Sort of has a comical ring to it. Or should that be “tortured?” Is water boarding torture? Hmmm, maybe not.

  2. And of course we the taxpayers get stuck with the bill and of course this $16K is just a drop in the ocean of taxpayer money that Bug Eyed Pelosi has squandered. Government is the biggest rip-off their is but the Amerikan Sheeple just can’t comprehend that.

  3. Another way to talk back to Nancy is to scold her party head Dean about the decision to deny Kucinich and Gravel the right to participate in tomorrow afternoon’s debate to nr put on by the Iowa Register paper. Besides Dem headquarters, you can also email or call Carolyn Washburn or others at the Register and let them know that you are an independent voter who objects to such a last minute decision to deny voters’ rights to hear them, especially since this race is wide open. It should not matter if chances are slim that either will win, but that the entry criteria should have been told them in advance, in fact uniform fair requirements. {Supposedly, it is because they don’t have offices there, but who knew suddenly this would be designed to cause a prohibition, the day before.)

    1. Seems Kucinich is getting the shaft like Paul. I can't defend him after his impeachment stunt that divided antiwar proponents though. We need to come together not divide eachother at this crucial time.

    2. Peace:

      Could you supply us with the phone numbers for the Iowa Register and Howard Dean? I know we can look them up ourselves, but if you want to get something started, it’s best if you supply the info yourself.

    3. They were disqaulified from the debate due to not having campaign offices in Iowa.

  4. No wonder the neocons thought that when they seized control of Iraq, they would be greeted with flowers. That’s the way it happened when the Israelis seized control of Congress….

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