Several Tries Too Far, Mr Miliband

I know that if at first you don’t succeed, you’re supposed to try, try again. But I think that phrase needs an exception: do not keep trying the same thing over and over again, especially after you fail 100 times in as many years.

British Foreign Secretary David Miliband should take this to heart, given his country’s embarrassing failure in exporting democracy through colonization and occupation — not to mention the planned starvation of sanctions and the mass murder of war. But no, he stands defiant in the face of reality, insisting that the debacle in Afghanistan and the horror show in Iraq is just another flawless intervention that just went a little wrong because of a few “mistakes.”

He makes a case for endless interventions around the globe for various foreign offenses — and then unwittingly shows himself up by bringing up the miracle of China. Commerce brought wealth and power to the masses of China, not “humanitarian intervention.” The state has done nothing but fight, tooth and nail, the advances of peaceful humanity on every front. The 20th Century was its last great push. It is finally losing, and the tide of prosperity and cooperation is shifting to overtake misery, poverty, and war. If the power-hungry, bloodthirsty, warmongering — or if you prefer, downright stupid — likes of Miliband would just step aside and allow people to decide for themselves what they want, we’d get there a lot faster.

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  1. It has never been,never is,nor will be ever, about democracy humanr rights,free elections,free press or the many things the west so good at lecturing other people about but never practiced beyond their countries!

      1. I, on the other hand, am glad that I’m a Southerner—“by the grace of God”, as the saying goes. Who wants to aver himself an American at this horrid time?

  2. Here’s a Tar Baby recipe Secretary Miliband ought to try:

    1 cup of historical ignorance
    1/2 cup of insufferable arrogance
    2 tspn of political power

    Mix ingredients with liberal amounts of taxpayer money and troops, preferably the American kind. Allow this blob to become a boiling cauldron that burns down the house. Garnish with self-righteous blather.

    Serves millions. Enjoy!

  3. People wondered if Gordon Brown's term would be different from Blair's. George Galloway aptly predicted that there would be no difference because they are both 'cheeks of same backside".

  4. Nobody should be ashamed to be a particular nationality because they are victimized by a stupid or evil government.

  5. At the risk of being labeled an anti-semite, it is worth noting that David Miliband is the son of noted Jewish Marxist Ralph Miliband, and so should be quite comfortable playing with the so-called Neo-Cons.

    This is quite consistent with the infiltration of British politics by the various “Friends of Israel” organizations which have attached themselves to the main political parties, and preform a similar function to AIPAC. Check out this article…, or have a look at Labour Friends of Israel on Wikipedia.

  6. David Milliband is ‘a child of his age’. He is New Labour, a colleague of Blair’s, and a true acolyte of the Friedman School of Economics.

    Blair came to power because people expected a change of policy from the barren years of Thatcher’s Friedmanomics, sometimes called Reaganomics or Disaster Capitalism. Instead, they got the so-called ‘Third Way’, and ‘ethical’ foreign policy, both mendacious in principle and practice.

    The way to complete control is by taking over the opposition, and that is just what happened to the ‘leftist’ Labour Party.
    The party was subverted by extreme capitalist policies of the type introduced to Britain by Thatcher and continued by Blair and his lieutenant Brown.

    The first act of ‘ethical’ foreign policy was in Yugoslavia, where they succeeded in wiping off the map, and which was a useful exercise in showing how the populace could be easily controlled by a committed and subservient media. Blair preached the virtues of ‘compassionate’ intervention – bombing innocent civilians from 5 miles up by ‘brave’ American pilots, while Jamie Shea – now forgotten – poured out non-stop NATO propaganda about the evils of Serbia and its horrific dictator (now almost forgotten, since being got rid of by a convenient death in NATO confinement at the so-called Court of Justice).

    Yugoslavia led the way to Iraq. It demonstrated how easily the public could be duped and how little the public cared about atrocities committed by their own side.

    The brainwashing continues: torture is OK, nukes are OK, genocide is OK, barbarity is OK – all so long as they are carried out by us in defence of freedom and democracy.

    We live in a sad world and Milliband is all too much representative of what is wrong.

    1. Oh gawd, the Naomi Klein meme rears its retarded head. The government is not extreme capitalism — in fact, all it does is at best misallocate and at worst destroy capital. War is the ultimate wholesale destruction of wealth, and (a percentage so large we can just say) “all” of it is perpetrated by states.

      I could only wish a cabal of Friedmanites ruled the world. haha, please

  7. Miliband is also a Polish Jew with a family background of Trotskyite activity, both his father and grandfather were activists of that ilk. Yet another little name change to hide real origins.
    His brother is also in the Brown cabinet so Israel is well represented at the highest levels in the British Government and as good as controls our foreign policy – really hands on.
    The only countries he will force democracy upon will be those like Serbia who refuse to obey the NWO or those like communist China who are too big to bully.
    You will notice how little to his taste is the legally and democratic governance of Gaza by Hamas. Miliband/Labour/Democracy? Excuse me while I laugh.

    1. And I’m glad you are not an American either. We have enough ingrates as it is. And I’m sure the British are glad not to have you either.

      You know something, if it was not for the British where would we be today? The idea of due process of law, of habeas corpus, of a trial by jury ( Magna Carta ring a bell anyone?) the English Common Laws, all of this is thanks to the British. America is what it is thanks to the British. Same goes for India and Ausralia. I say, thank heavens for the British! God Save the Queen! Hating the British means you hate America. And that means you hate Western Civilization. So go and move to the outback in the Northern Territory of Australia and hang out with the natives and stay away from the evils of Western Civilization. Better yet, why burden the aborigines, they are good people and don’t need any more problems. Go and move to an Islamist country and live under Islamic totalitarianism.

      1. Rot to all that ,even under the British system The level of justice achieved is related to ones ability to pay

  8. I am proud to be an American. It is the greatest country on earth.

    There are rotten apples in every barrel, you just have to know when to throw them out.

  9. People contantly say there is no solution to the Middle-east problems and those evoked by Mr. Milbrand will surely not succeed. As a scientist, I would like to make a suggestion that the world experiments with a possible solution. The UN and/or Western powers should march Israel back within its legal borders (with military might if necessary) and give the Palestinians a few years time to determine what they should become. My guess is that they will begin to participate in a free democracy with pride and ennormous support from their Arab friends. If after maybe five years, the situation has not improved, then another solution showld be tried. Of course Israel itself might implode in the meantime with all their diversity of opinion that cannot be controlled. I am willing to bear arms for such a cause.

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