5 thoughts on “Dhimmitude, You Got Some #%$@ing Dhimmitude”

  1. Well, the British legal system has long accomodated Common Law in England, Roman Law in Scotland, Feudal Law in the Channel Isle., G-d knows what system in the Isle of Man, and (for the last century) Rabbinic Law, for Jews and anyone else who cares to settle their disputes at a Beth Din. Why not Islamic courts for those who want them? Unless one is an insane Muslim hater, in which case nothing will be good enough, anyway.

    Lester Ness

  2. Except when women born into one system decide to leave…then honor is at stake (followed soon by heads…)

    Preferable, perhaps, is the rule of the patriarch to the rule of state. However, I don’t see how systems of law can co-exist without a common principle such as the inviolability of an individual’s right to choose her law system.

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