ICasualties Is Returning

After an absence of a couple of weeks, ICasualties.org is coming back online.

ICasualties.org is the best source for details on US casualties in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. They have compiled an extensive database of this information, which is sortable by state, city, time periods, rank, service, etc. They help to feed this information to Antiwar.com and much of the alternative and mainstream media.

ICasualties was recently the victim of a malicious cyber-attack which disabled their server and sent visitors to random sites. The perpetrators have not been identified. Our administrator, Michael Ewens, contacted their Webmaster, Michael White to offer advice on how to battle the attack. They expect to be getting more of their old content back up over the next several days.

It is important to resume linking to ICasualties.org to restore their previous high rankings on Google and other search engines. They do an important job and it is important to support them.

One thought on “ICasualties Is Returning”

  1. …God help us…and I don’t even believe in God…Go figure?

    1. Aye. It would require divine intervention to save us now, but alas there appears to be no divine to intervene. I suppose one can be unjust indefinitely, but myopia is another matter altogether…

  2. Casualties was recently the victim of a malicious cyber-attack which disabled their server and sent visitors to random sites. The perpetrators have not been identified.

    A good guess as to the identity of the perps in this case would be the FBI’s National Infrastructure Protection Center (NIPC). While ostensibly set up to guard against attacks on the nation’s information infrastructure, it has, to no one’s surprise, consistently demonstrated utter ineptitude in this area. I have no doubt, however, that it is well equipped and prepared to launch offensive attacks against information systems owned by entities that have been branded as hostile to the regime. This might very well be one such incident.

    1. quite plausible. our government is evil and wants to bury any news that reflects badly on the criminals running it.

  3. in that case, could you change the link on the “US Casualties” page of antiwar.com to point to the right part of the site? it’s still dead, even though the site is back up.

  4. Any minute now a neo-con will write in saying how bad this is for troop morale..the same type that has never served in the military but wants the U.S. military to take on all of Israel’s enemies..they must think we’re stupid…oh wait, most of us are.

        1. The Israeli Air Force had no qualms at all about killing and wounding American sailors, some of whom happened to be Jews, on the U.S.S. Liberty.

          Actually that’s a pattern much older than many, Jew or Gentile, may feel comfortable recognizing.

  5. I would like to say that it pleases me to know that there is a site devoted to remembering our fallen heros…..And that they are–“FALLEN HEROS”!
    We in the Military most often refer to them as “THE FALLEN”…for they died doing a job a job they were passionate about. Please to remember them as CASUALTIES of WAR… that term seems to
    put a glare on the life they lead. Casualties = Casual..for that term alone keeps a shadow over the memory of our brothers and sisters that we as a brotherhood will grieve as anyone else does when a life is lost. All we ask is that everyone please remember the families of The Fallen in prayer and daily uplifting!

    1. they died voluntarily taking part in an illegal war of aggression against a country that was no threat to us whatsoever. they may be “heros” in your book but not mine.

      my sympathy is with all the Iraqis our “heros” have murdered/tortured/widowed/orphaned/imprisoned/displaced in this massive war crime.

  6. Absolutely perfect to explain the ICasualties Is Returning.It helps me a lot to understand the things.thanks for share the great info.

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