I Lied and I’m a Coward

I’m not a big fan of the New York Times, but today’s front-page investigative report on the Pentagon’s managing of the news is absolutely first-rate. One of the Pentagon officials, Torie Clarke, the Pentagon’s main propagandist, said her goal had been to achieve “information dominance.” In other words, she wanted the Pentagon’s message to get out and crowd out the independent information from others. To do this, the Pentagon recruited retired military officers and fed them select information that was often at odds with reality. Wow! I’m already sounding like a spin doctor. What I mean in the earlier sentence is that the Pentagon lied.
The payoff for many of these retired officers was that various “defense” contractors for whom they worked got a better shot at military contracts. [Why “defense” in quotation marks? Because most of what the Department of Defense does has nothing to do with defense: it’s offense, much of which makes us less safe.]
Interestingly, some of the retired military knew they were being lied to and passed the information on as truth nevertheless. In other words, they lied. One, General Paul E. Vallely, a FOX News analyst from 2001 to 2007, stated, ““I saw immediately in 2003 that things were going south [in Iraq.]” But on his return, Vallely told FOX’s Alan Colmes, “You can’t believe the progress,” and predicted that the number of insurgents would be “down to a few numbers” within months. Of course, it wasn’t. And it turned out that Vallely didn’t “believe the progress.”
How did they rationalize their lying? Take Timur J. Eads. Please. Eads is “a retired Army lieutenant colonel and Fox analyst who is vice president of government relations for Blackbird Technologies, a fast-growing military contractor.” Eads said he had withheld the truth on television for fear that a four-star general would call and say, “Kill that contract.” I’ve heard of people running from battle because they might be literally killed. And I’m sympathetic. But lying because the consequence of telling the truth is that your employer might lose business and you might get fired? Wowee. Pretty scary.
The whole article is well worth your time.

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  1. The military-industrial-Likudnik-oil complex is pretty darn seductive it seems…Money and sex and power, vanity..all is vanity..There is no true love of country in any of them..but oh how they make it seem that way…That's why Oliver North probably still sounds the way he does..

  2. >That’s why Oliver North probably still sounds the way he does…

    And whatever happened to Fawn Hall? Still shredding documents?

  3. Obviously, there is only one thing Congress and Chief Investigator Henry Waxman must do now: Subpoena Britney Spears and maybe Danica Patrick now that she has won a race and perhaps Paula Abdul. Congress must investigate the really important things happening in the USA and these women may be taking extra Vitamin C or Evian Spring Water or something. Enquiring Minds want to know, Waxman. Plus the C-Span Nielsens will go up. A win-win proposition.

  4. Thanks to David Henderson for this above reference to the NYT investigation into the Pentagon managing of the news. What are we to do with al these lying scumbags with military credentials? I know what I want done to these killers.

  5. The Times article is long past due but potent. The motivation for these generals lying was greed, which is what is destroying this country incrementally.

    The Times wouldn’t print my comment regarding the Pentagon encouraging those troops returning home to contact their hometown newspapers for their take on the “progress” in Iraq.

    How low can this country get?

    1. How low can this country get?
      Low enough to defend and glorify a racist, apartheid, land-stealing turd of a country like Israel.
      Low enough to come up with “defensive” weapons like cancer causing Agent Orange, anti-personel cluster bombs that kill primarily civilians, fleshette munitions which strip human flesh from a body; low enough to block enactment of a land mine ban.
      Low enough to elect human monsters like Bush and Cheney and not even impeach them.
      Low enough to allow liars to own the media and to control the flow of information.
      Low enough to invade and destroy an archeological treasure like Iraq, the cradle of civilization.
      Low enough to not give a flip that its wasteful excess threatens the environment for all; low enough to kill to maintain this wasteful excess; low enough to attack the scientists warning of the consequences of this excess.
      Low enough to put corporate profits ahead of the health of its citizens.
      How low? Your question seems to indicate that we could go lower. Really?

      1. Well said Richard. You have it all in 12 sentences. Now Americans must re-group and try to re- build your country from the “grass roots” up. Kicking out those bastards in November is just the begining.

      2. Thank-you JC
        What is really sad is that there was so much more – Low enough to thumb our nose at the Geneva Convention (on handling prisoners of war), Low enough to use depleted uranium in our munitions, Low enough to not even care enough to count the civilian death toll of our occupation, etc. Maybe we haven’t reached the level of the Nazis or Imperial Japan yet, but we are not far.

        1. Richard, you forgot low enough to expose our own soldiers and their families, as well as the populations of parts of Europe, and all of the people of Afghanistan and Iraq (and any other people downwind) to depleted uranium.

          Depleted uranium is a gift that keeps on giving as it puts the sexual partners of the exposed person at higher risk of cancer, and their children at a much higher risk of birth defects.

          Waxman is not going to do F-all — his head is so far up the ass of the Israel Lobby it’s emerged from its mouth…

      3. Richard totally nailed it. What is truly sad is that one out of hundred Americans do not know about his 12 sentences, or do they seem to care..

  6. The journalists at the _New York Times_ should certainly know liars when they see and hear them.

  7. Golly, I sure am glad the brave journalist-heroes at the NYT broke this story when they did…I was beginning to worry that the War in Iraq would drag on and on and on! Hehe, I’ll bet the cops are over at the military-industrial-complex building slapping the cuffs on the perps at this very moment!

    I hope they show the “perp walk” on youtube. ;)

  8. So it’s the Pentagon to blame eh? & not the Media owners? Does anyone believe the Media owners, (& editors AND Journos) did not know it was ALL fraud?
    Why did none ask “why are we invading Iraq when they have not caused us any problems?”, “Why don’t they say who is making money from all this?”, “Who benefits?”, “Is there a connection with Israel’s shills pushing USA for war with Iraq in past few yrs?”, “Why don’t they ever ask where are the terrorists are getting their supplies?” Is it good to war for oil?
    There is NO “sensible” debate …simply only the Media owners “politics” (or more likely their faceless financiers)…. “Lethal media lies” are produced & paid for & promulgated by MEDIA OWNERS not the Govt. …..So too are the “smears for destruction of people” to silence “non bribed/shill” debate.
    …… Media cheating the public and, wrecking the west are the real issue ……Bad domestic & foreign policy would immediately fail without deliberate media fraud.

    1. So far as ‘blame’ goes, I agree that the ‘Media owners’, editors and journos have a lot to answer for, but are they ultimately to blame?
      The American people – every single one of them – KNEW that Bush was running torture chambers BEFORE they rewarded him with a second term in power, back in 2004. It’s an ugly truth, but everyone from the ‘media’ to ‘cons’ to average Ma and Pa America who voted for Bush knew damn well what their boy was up to. Maybe the media was partly responsible for manufacturing that support, but in the end, the people who – through their vote – enabled Bush to keep up his war crimes are responsible for their actions.
      The majority of the American public need only look in the nearest mirror to see who is responbile for the genocide in Iraq.
      God Bless America.

  9. What is first rate about the coverage?The NY Times was right in the thick of it,just as guilty as any of the networks,if guilt is what the reporter is talking about.

  10. “Your question seems to indicate that we could go lower. Really?”

    We could wake up Tuesday morning in November and find out that Joe Lieberman is vice president.

    1. And then, on Wednesday morning, McCain kicks it from all the excitement, and Israel will finally have complete control of the U.S. government, with Jokin’ Joe Lieberman / Likudnik from Hell, in charge.

      Not that Israel won’t control the country with McInsane, the uber-Zionist, in office. McPain’s own admiral father betrayed the country, and the men under his command, by helping cover-up the Israeli attack on the U.S.S. Liberty.

      Do a web search (don’t use Google as it keeps your search records) on McCain and AIPAC or Zionism or the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs or the Project for the New American Century. SCARY STUFF. McCain really is a member of Israel’s Likud party — he really believes it its mission!

      BTW: I’m not sure we elected Our Dauphin George W. What’s-His-Last-Name again?? once, much less twice.

      Ken Blackwell, Ohio’s Secretary of State in 2004, was on the board at the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs (JINSA) at the time. Now, who would want a second Bush term?

      Inquiring minds want to know…

      1. Actually, teh “Christian Zionists” are more dangerous than the real Zionists. The former WANT the End of the world.

  11. My holy honks. When I first heard about this military analyst/Pentagon/media connection my “so what’s new” sensor barely fired. But knock me down with a feather after reading the NYT article. Who hasn’t betrayed us yet? The GOP is soaked in the blood of innocents, the Democrats have brain damage from sticking their noses too far up the posteriors of the GOP, the media by and large were cheerleaders for the war, so-called conservatives have turned into quarter-wit warmongers, and now retired generals with one nostril in the pension trough and the other in the shill-for-dollars sty knife Americans in the back.

    Semper fi this, you pack of bemedaled whores.

    1. I’ve always been amazed at how these “warriors” will tow the party line while pulling a paycheck and then by some miracle suddenly say what’s on their mind after they get out and have a retirement check coming regularly. Prostitute is too good a word for them.

  12. Notice on most Tv talk shows–Boeing and oil companies and USi military advertise non-stop?–I also thought that Networks operated with revokable licenses !–Where are the good folks?

  13. I got here from google “news”; funny, this story (for which there were 108 similar ones) is a microcosmic version of Amy and David Goodman’s “The Exception to the Rulers: Exposing Oily Politicians, War Profiteers, and the Media That Love Them.”
    One key difference: None of them mention that this (the military infusing the civilian media with propaganda) is A CRIME. Where is this discussion? Does not even one journalist or blogger even KNOW that this is a criminal offense?
    Spread the word: Indictments.

  14. Gosh, if some big university research outfit will pay me a generous stipend, I would investigate Paula Abdul. My wife wishes she could shimmy like her sister, Kate, and Kate wishes she could shimmy like Paula Abdul.

  15. So, it’s finally occurred to the New York Times that Americans are fed up with this war and the fraud that propels it – and they start exposing some of the those lies. They could have begun a little closer to home, no? Judith Miller, anyone? How about Michael “My Uni-Ball Medium Is an Iranian IED!” Gordon? Five ugly years in and with more than two thirds of the populace dead set against the Great Mideastern Misadventure, this shows real courage NYT… real courage!

  16. I must admit my failures as well. I was skeptical of the Iraq War, but I naively kept thinking, “there must be something more to this that we just don’t know about.” I watched Sec Powell’s testimony and thought, that’s it? But I still clung to the belief that “there must be something really dangerous they can’t tell us.” Painfuly, in 2002-03, I was not aware of antiwar.com or the concept of non-interventionism (or Ron Paul).
    Now I know there WAS something more to this that they couldn’t tell us: we had traitors in our midst (traitors to the Constitution and our country, not to their employors or the administration). Legally, I guess not much can be done….they do have freedom of speech. But now I know when I see or hear these ‘defense analyst’s’ names, I’ll know not to believe anything that spews from their pieholes.

    Peace be with you.

  17. Wasn’t it obvious years ago that all this “commentary” was lies and nonsense. “The fear of the LORD is the begining of wisdom”; the next step is DON’T BELIEVE WHAT YOU SEE ON TV! It’s all as “real” as pro wrestling.

  18. …Thar ain’t no Goddamn sense in recriminations and insincere efforts at self deprecation…What’s done’s done, and the idea of vengeance in the end, is always counter productive to Political Stability and The General Welfare…Let’s hope the valiant members of The War Party along with their cohorts and operatives at JINSA, AIPAC, The Israel Lobby, Msrs. Perle, Feith, Abrahams, Libby, Podhoretz, Kristol and the rest of the Goddamned villains see fit to observe the proverbial “Handwriting on the wall” and leave well enough alone.

    Or, as we so called: Ignorant, Racist, Sexist, Intolerant, Bigoted, Tattooed, Alcoholic, Incest Practicing, Atavistic, Religiously Fanatical, Gun Packing, Bare Footed, Illiterate, the so called advocates of “Organised Hate. We the, Rotten Tooth, Evil, Homicidal, Inbred, Backward, Redneck, Ridge Running, Unwashed, Wife Beating, Animal Shooting, White Trash and Hillbillies say down in the Hollers: “…The more yeh stir shit? The worse it stinks.” Someone have the goodness to tell the great humanist at The World Bank, Mr. Wolfowitz and as many like him, to think about that adage; and put down the spoon.

  19. Hmmm…I wonder if there’s a “hidden hand” working to subvert the “anti-war” movement? It’s kinda funny that after all these years the anti-war movement is still totally impotent!

    It seems obvious to me that many of the people who are guiding and directing the AWM are in fact aiding and abetting the warmongers either through outright deception or, more commonly, intellectual cowardice…denying that 9/11 – 7/7 were false-flag ops; denying that the CIA is the biggest, most powerful, drug cartel on earth; etc., etc..

    In any case, we’ll not know true and lasting peace for many many decades to come…if ever at all.


  20. The comment by “little guy” is pointing in
    the right direction. It all began with 9/11.
    So maybe we should look into it, and stop
    pretending that we know who did it.

  21. So eliminate zionists? Seems to be the logical answer to our problems towards America’s foreign policy problems. Eliminate them by outspending them.

  22. So eliminate them.Seems to be the logical answer to our problems towards America’s foreign policy problems. Eliminate them by outspending them.

  23. …If AWC’s a joke? Then I promise that in the end the joke will be on you. As Miguel de Cervantes once remarked “…God helps tyrants, but not forever.”

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