Exclusive Interview: John Cusack on Antiwar Radio

Another Antiwar Radio exclusive!

Actor, writer and producer John Cusack discusses his new satire War Inc., which opens Friday, May 23rd, in New York and Los Angeles, his outrage at the criminality of modern American war profiteers, the need for a grassroots bumrush of the first showings to guarantee national distribution, some critics’ complaints that the movie “hits too close to home,” the great journalists whose work has inspired him, the socialization of the costs of all these private armies onto the American tax payer, the outsourcing of interrogation, the betrayals of the Democrats, the banality of evil, the short-changing of the troops while private mercenaries cash in and militarism in the movies.

Listen now.

5 thoughts on “Exclusive Interview: John Cusack on Antiwar Radio”

  1. I think there is a bigger picture called God and Satin that is ultimately causing things to happen or not happen. But I don’t want to wear you out talking about that. nobody likes a slaughter house unless they are super sick.

    1. “Is there a place for permissive libertarians?”

      Are you serious? What you pejoratively call “permissiveness”, i.e., tolerance of personal choices, is a hallmark of libertarianism.

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