Ron Paul on Iran and Energy Policy

Rep. Ron Paul addressed the House today warning about the consequences of the proposed US attack on Iran.

38 thoughts on “Ron Paul on Iran and Energy Policy”

  1. It boggles the mind to think that enough Americans would fall for the war propaganda again! Do they think that we can blockade a country and impoverish its people without a backlash? How would we like it if a foreign power did that to us? Is there any doubt that we’d respond violently?

    The American public needs to wake the hell up and demand this foolishness stop. Our government has become a menace to the world, and we will suffer the consequences if we don’t demand a total reversal in foreign policy. Contact your representative and hold his/her feet to the fire.

    1. Here is an example of the thinking of a LOT of Americans…

      “Headlines of this article is absolutely correct………….”FUTURE LIES IN ASIA”………….that’s why I buy American……….Why would I buy in a countries and continents that will be lying in the future?? They do in China, India and everywhere else……….at least here we can catch’em and put’em in jail. Thank you MW for finally exposing the future liars. Protect the UNBORN CHILD by voting for true conservatives….and LOWER TAXes……..and God bless America and all people of good will thru-out the world.”

      America Uber Alles. Everyone lies but “US”… That is all that they know and understand.

  2. The solution to end any attack on Iran, and to open up a exit strategy from Iraq, as well as to reintroduce accountability in national politics, is impeachment.

    One commends Congressman Paul for his strong statement of the hypocrisy and brutality of the attack on Iraq, and the idiocy of talk of attacking Iran.

    Paul’s economics are catch as catch can. He certainly hits on the right items, but he does not grasp the basic pattern beyond understanding rightly that the United States cannot bear higher oil prices and that the prospect of an attack on Iran is driving oil options up.

    USD is no longer the world reserve currency, only an alternative. As long as it was the reserve currency manipulation of the the currency supply, which was done through credit, was possible to a greater or lesser degree. On the world market at the moment, however, oil is serving as the basis of a virtual commodity currency, and that explains much of the fluctuations of the USD, the Euro, and world oil prices.

    It also explains a good deal of domestic inflation and the fact that every decline in the dollar, which is a rise in the Euro and the price of oil, acts recursively to continue the further decline of the dollar and domestic inflation.

    One has no idea what Bernanke was up to lowering interest rates initially.

    Whether sinister or incompetent, it was incompetent.

    Raising interest rates will help a bit as will disattaching domestically drilled oil (40 percent of American oil consumption) from the world market price, which is why I find nationalization of US oil inevitable.

    The problem is that the nationalization has to be done just right, or it will be almost as bad as the situation now, and with more bureacratic interference.

    The key is to cease taxing oil produced by a national public corporation, and also to have any profits beyond cost go into lower oil prices.

    This will reduce the cost of oil where it counts, rather than sending the surplus sums to the Federal Government in the form of taxes and profits.

    This is just a sketch, with many details left out. This is not the only way. Instant government rebates to all consumers of oil might work, but the expense of instituting it might outweigh the benefits.

    None of this will solve either the energy crisis or the currency collapse, but it might give the US some breathing space.

    Continuing the occupation in Iraq is slow self-strangulation for the US, attacking Iran is outright suicidal, and will be much quicker, if no less painful.

    I have many criticisms of Congressman Paul, many of them based on disappointment that he did not strike the antiwar iron while it was hot, and that he has not been more forward about impeachment.

    I was once a great fan of the man, and much in this video reminds me why.

    1. RP took it to a point but he was afraid to risk it all. When the founders assessed the situation between the colonies and England they realized that they could never talk King George out of his intent to enslave them. They took the high and narrow road. That is what separates the men from the boys…

    2. The solution …………. is impeachment? Impeachment for war crimes? Don’t be silly! Impeachment could only happen if we had a Congress with integrity. But our Congress has people like Pelosi, Clinton, Harry Reid – corrupt individuals who eat out of the same Zionist chow bowl as the Bush Neocons do. One might as well expect whores to throw out the Madam just because she jackrolled a few drunks. Sorry, Eugene, but America will not change direction until a great calamity befalls her.

      1. I agree, the situation is quite beyond impeachment resolutions, Congresses and elections. But so somnambulistic are the American people that they still might look to the system and to its usurpers even in the teeth of a significant economic downturn. So I think “calamity” is the right word, what is needed is a calamity, and I sense that that may be nearer at hand than one might suspect. There will be no representatives or senators at that time, only prisoners awaiting trial and sentencing.

  3. While I appreciate Ron Paul in many respects, it has to be said, that he is going to end up supporting and/or endorsing the war monger McCain. These words are more or less good, but unless there is some kind of effective action to back up these words, they don’t mean much. Ron Paul should have continued his campaign, and allied himself with whatever little is left of the anti-war movement.

    Also, President Ahmadinejad did not ever threaten violence against anyone, the only people threatening and have actually used brutal and barbaric violence are the US government – and its proxy entity in the mid-east.

    1. What is your hypothesis for why Paul would eventually come to endorse McCain?

      I find that prospect highly unlikely at present.

    2. Dr. Paul has already stated on many occassions that he will not be endorsing McCain. He is currently running a campaign to get elected senators and representatives with constitutional principles and who support a non-interventionist foreign policy.

      No offense, but I don't think you've been paying much attention if you think Paul is going to sit back, do nothing, and endorse McCain.

    3. Paul is a poseur. If there were any substance to him he would have launched an independent campaign. There can be little question that had he done so, he would have received the nominations of both Libertarian and Constitution Parties and the support of many on the left as well. Who knows, he may even have succeeded in forging an improbable alliance with Nader of some kind. In any case, his vote likely would have dwarfed Bob Barr’s and Chuck Baldwin’s together. I don’t think 10% would have been out of the question. But you have to have character to do something like that, character of a kind once demonstrated by Eugene Debs or Robert La Follette. But Paul couldn’t hold a candle to Debs or La Follette. Paul is a poseur.

      1. It is very difficult to avoid that conclusion about Paul, particularly after rereading the principles he enunciated–rightly–in relation to impeaching Clinton and which principles he is patently not applying in regard to Kucinich’s motions to impeach Cheney and now Bush.

        Impeachment is the obvious solution constitutionally. Kucinich sees that and has stood up against all, including his own party, to make the necessary motions.

        The way out is clear, and some Democrats have joined Kucinich in his efforts.

        If the remaining Democrats and Republicans can’t or don’t want to see the problem, not to speak of the solution–at this point that is on their heads.

        As are the consequences.

        Just as with the invasion of Iraq, and the many other crimes, constitutional and otherwise, perpetrated by this administration and its enablers, left and right, let it not be said that no one pointed the way.

        As with the Amendments, when “no” becomes “some” discourse ceases to be meaningful.

        Watching the various elites trying to enforce a concept of “law” on citizens who, seeing the conduct of their supposed elected leaders, at some point cease to internalize any such idea in regard to “government” in the United States of America at any level promises to be a comedy of sorts.

        It might be tragedy save tragedy requires a certain grandeur in the dramatis personae.

        And even the comedy promised is low, boring, and banal. The greedy, fearful, incompetent stooges have long ago reached tbe level of infantile slapstick, and do not merit a Chaplin, let alone an Aristophanes.

  4. Altaf you miserable agent of Islamic Republic of Terror! Shame on you Koskesh!

    Begin naval blockade of Iran NOW – then go for the worthless head of the Islamic Fascism in Tehran and CUT IT OFF


    Ron Paul is a cuke

  5. Iran Citizen,

    Exactly which Israeli city do you have the misfortune of blogging from?

  6. If Iran is attacked Israel will be blown up. And the Fifth Fleet as well…And prepare to pay 300 dollars for oil…Nazi-zionists are doomed to desappear… Down with Israel and his poodle, USA…

  7. Hopefully the asinine comment fr supposed iran citizen above will be disappeared. Ron Paul is the congressional leader of the anti-warriors.

  8. (not)Iran Citizen,

    You keep advocating killing of millions of people, just so that Israel can keep on stealing Palestinian land, killing anyone it chooses to, attacking any country it wants to, and basically be the true racist, criminal, illegally fabricated entity that it is with the impunity that it has enjoyed for so long and for as long as it wishes to. That is about all you have to say. Anything other than that cannot be hoped for from you. So, stop wasting your time here. Also, there are more suitable places on the net, like neocon blogs and various Israeli outfits, where you can advertise your mother.

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    Iran regime must be and will be destroyed at ANY COST by ANY MEANS, including nuclear tips.

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  11. Again, Ron is the only Congressman to get it right
    and have the courage to put it in the congressional record.

    If/when distant future Reptilian creatures dig through the rubble of
    capitol hill, upon interpreting fragments of the congressional
    record they will conclude the world went mad, with the
    exception of one human, Ron Paul.
    Then, seeing the remnants of fallen memorials surrounding
    capitol hill they will erect one final monument to mark the
    last gasp of reason from the mind of this ancient earthbound overlord, mankind.
    A monument to commemorate the last battle of truth fought
    against impossible odds…
    Naaaaaaah! They’ll just laugh their heads off and then
    blast off for Mars or Venus secure in the knowledge that mammals
    are incappable of self governance.

  12. All the prosperity that the USA has enjoyed over the past 50 years has been due to us being strong leaders in the world and by having high morals and practiced them not just preached them. The sacrifices we made in WWII also helped, money, supplies and lives. We worked with the Allies to bring freedom to many people we are not doing that anymore. We now export war, breed false fears all over the world, and even to ourselves, all in the name of greed.

    We can go back to having what we had in the past, prosperity and safety, but we as a country have to do the hardest task our country has ever faced. We have to bring to justice those who brought us to this point. It is a long list of people, spans many years and a few countries including ours. I don’t believe we have it in us to prosecute our own people, for those that have done wrong, even evil things, at least not now.

    When we as a nation are ready, we will do the right thing. And when we do everything will return to the way it was just a few years ago and better.

  13. It seems to me that this person “iran citizen” is sorta deranged and in need of help.

    From a humanitarian point of view I propose a visit to the shrink where he can actually get to the roots of his frustrations and anger. But then again I have met a lot of zionists that are filled with hatred and anger at everything and anything, maybe he is one of them, who knows. I wouldnt waste my time on him and his like.

    Its actually fun to see him pissed off. He should continue with his rantings so we can all appreciate the depth of perversion and insanity that zionists represent. Great example!!!

    1. From the way he, she, or it spells “faeces”, he, she or it appears to be a “Fescist”. It is possible that he, she, or it is an agent provocateur making a stab at wit.

  14. God Bless this man.

    And to those who wish to throw stones at RP because you think you can do better: let me know when your campaign starts. Maybe I’ll send you a donation through your website.

    Peace be with you.

  15. My apologies, if I was mistaken about Dr. Paul endorsing McCain, if he is not going to endorse him, then good — that is a clear action oriented step on his part. I however, do think that it is important broaden the movement, while I do not support his position in all respects, I do recognize the importance of his anti-war position.

    IF I decide to vote this election, I’ll vote for Nader, but I would’ve like to see Ron Paul make some alliances, and run as an independent as mentioned below:

    ***There can be little question that had he done so, he would have received the nominations of both Libertarian and Constitution Parties and the support of many on the left as well. Who knows, he may even have succeeded in forging an improbable alliance with Nader of some kind. In any case, his vote likely would have dwarfed Bob Barr’s and Chuck Baldwin’s together.***

    The war parties (both of ’em) have to be challenged – and without having candidates who have broad based appeal, that is not going to happen.

  16. The idiots who comprise a majority of the population in this country are only interested in being fed and intertained. Until things get really bad (like people going without food) Ron Paul will not be taken seriously by the average voter.

  17. He hit the nail on the head. Another war will just bankrupt the country, anti-American sentiment will grow larger, and more politicians profiteering from these useless wars. What a sad country. George Carlin was right when he was addressing the corrupt goverment’s policies, “Yet, nobody seems to notice.. and nobody seems to care”. What a sad country, when are people going to stand up??

  18. This country has become a tool for the Jewish state. It goes where the master wants it to go; does what it wants us to do: ruin Iraq and now Iran, all regarded as enemies by Israel.

  19. The person that I voted to represent me has co-signed onto this bill that Ron speaks of.
    I sent the most polite nasty letter to him today asking him to explain to me what his rationale is for making that choice. I am horrified and he needs to explain. I will not let up until he gives me what at least seems like a half assed vaild reason to suppot this bill. I have read thru the text of this bill and to think that he believes a word of it not only makes me wonder where he was in 2003 but also makes me wonder why he is part of the Out Of Iraq Caucus!!! It is the same exact nonsense that the sheeple believed in the selling of the Iraq invasion and subsequent occupation.
    If I was foolish enough to beleive that there is a god I would be praying like a madwoman.
    We Are Doomed.
    Good thing I spent my f**king retirement money.

  20. It is beyond my comprehension that any member of Congress could belong to the Out of Iraq caucus and be for a naval blockade of Iran. Let me out of here, it is now zombieland.

    1. Is it an infinite series perhaps or something along the lines of hopscotch?

      Out of Iraq, into Iran. Out of Iran, into Pakistan. Out of Pakistan, into….

  21. Well this was a great speech. I will send it to all the trustworthy people I know.

    Personally I wanted to shut that lady up in the background. It is those kind of people that lead to horrible decisions being made without thinking things through.

    Also I want to introduce my own Resolution: The Mandatory Congressman Conscription Act Resolution. It would conscript all of Congress into the Military during Wartime and put them on the frontlines.

    All in favor say “Aye”.

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