Surprise: Sharansky Endorses McCain; Calls Obama “Risk”

True to his benefactor’s wishes, Adelson Institute for Strategic Studies Chairman Anatol Sharansky today endorsed John McCain for president, calling Sen. Obama a “risk” for Israel. Sharansky, an old pal of Richard Perle’s as well as a beneficiary of multi-billionaire Sheldon Adelson, made his endorsement during an interview on Shalom TV, a Jewish-American cable network. “In the case of McCain, we know exactly where his policy is,” said Sharansky. “I know, personally, McCain for 20 years. He is a person of principle, and he is also a person who has absolutely a great record of supporting Israel. Getting to Obama, there is no record. Nobody can know for sure what will be. It can happen to be good. It can happen to be very bad. It’s a risk.”

(In addition to his Institute at Jerusalem’s Shalem Center, Adelson, of course, is the major funder of Freedom’s Watch and is himself the beneficiary (although I imagine he pays handsomely) of Karl Rove’s political advice, according to a recent account by the National Journal. An intriguing report from Adelson’s Las Vegas headquarters suggests that he may be having some problem with his Macau interests.)

Sharansky’s intervention comes in the wake of warnings several days ago on the reliably Likudnik Wall Street Journal’s editorial page by two other Adelson beneficiaries and Institute officials, Michael Oren and Yossi Klein Halevy, against any attempt by outgoing Prime Minister Ehud Olmert to continue pursuing peace negotiations with the Palestinian Authority or with Syria before he leaves office. “Members of Mr. Olmert’s party, Kadima, and of the governing coalition need to ensure that all substantive negotiations with Arab leaders are suspended until a new prime minister assumes office,” they argue. “Allowing Mr. Olmert to negotiate over life-and-death issues means continuing to hold Israel hostage to his political maneuvers.”

Author: Jim Lobe

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9 thoughts on “Surprise: Sharansky Endorses McCain; Calls Obama “Risk””

  1. Any person who has more loyalty to another country (most of Congress including John McCain, in the case of Israel) should move there.

    With Israel using all its wiles and threats to get us to attack Iran, Israel is a “risk” to the entire world. It behooves us all to start a discussion of exactly how much of a risk Israel is with our entire circle of acquaintances. This even if the discussion is an uncomfortable one because Americans have been brain-washed from day one to believe that the Jewish Holocaust was the worst holocaust in all of history. It was horrible, but there have been many in my lifetime alone, including our slaughter of Iraqis, Afghans, Vietnamese, Laotians, Cambodians, Central Americans, etc.

    My parents lived through a religious war where millions on both sides were slaughtered in a matter of months, each side targeting other human beings SOLELY BECAUSE OF THEIR RELIGIOUS BELIEFS. Sound familiar? And yet some Jews seriously think that they are the only group that has suffered ever.

    In my experience, younger American Jews are becoming much more broadminded about Israel and can look at its actions without bias. These young Jews could teach Congress a lesson, if Congress was not so enmeshed in the cycle of bribes and threats from the pro-Israel lobbies,including the whacko “Christian” Zionists.

    1. Preach it, brother! Mad Bomber McInsane puts Israel’s interests ahead of America’s. McInsane sees nothing wrong with sacrificing the lives of young American men and women for Israel. The Israel Lobby has him under its thumb. And rabid Zionist swine like Sharansky are only concerned about Israel anyway.

      Piss on all of ’em.

      1. I was watching a documentary yesterday on Free Speech TV about the Israeli attack on the U.S.S. Liberty in 1967.

        More shameful even than the Israeli machinations in trying to draw us into its war by launching a false flag attack on a U.S. ship, was Lyndon Johnson and Robert McNamaras’ behavior — they were willing to sacrifice the lives of U.S. service members to placate Israel, despite Israel’s treachery!

        McCain’s father was instrumental in the cover-up of the Liberty attack. One would think that would make McCain ashamed, but instead it’s made him even more of a Zionist.

        There are no guarantees with Obama, but with McCain and his love for the Zionist state we can be sure of WW III.

  2. In a normal democracy, the minority of the electorate don’t hold such sway over the wishes, wants and needs of the majority. How Americans continue to allow themselves to be beholden to those in power holding dual loyalties, and to those whose actual votes are in the single digits percentage wise is beyond measure, and bordering on just plain weird.

  3. Sharansky’s endorsement is another red flag not to vote for McCain. The problem is I don’t like Obama either.

  4. Israel is to America what Serbia was to Czarist Russia. We all know what happened to Czarist Russia. Extending this analogy a bit further, Dubya is not unlike Czar Nicholas, witless, and who came to power at the age of just twenty-six with no formal training. As for Rasputin, well there is a role Cheney was born to play.

  5. All of you people commenting on Sharansky’s supposed “double standard” really don’t know a thing about his politics, ideology, vision, or beliefs. Try reading even one of his three books. You will see that he is much more of a human rights activist than any of you armchair pundits typing away, who have never been to Israel, and who have no clue the complexities of the politics of the Middle East. Read a book.

    Or at least start with something Sharansky wrote, rather than ONE SNIPPET from ONE INTERVIEW that is used in all right-wing and Republican publications to villify Obama. Better yet, try going to one of Sharansky’s speeches, and asking him to clarify his position on Obama. I did…you might be surprised.

    Obama has been relentless in seducing America’s youth, and controlling the media. What’s next? … teaching our children to turn their parents in to the Gestapo? These tactics have been used before … and, they’re right out of the Nazi and Islamic/madrassa play books. Wake up America … the price of freedom is eternal vigilance.

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