Dueling Realities

I’m not sure how many of you read the article I wrote this morning about the Pentagon’s “troop cut freeze” in Iraq. I’m not just mentioning it here because I’m hoping to get my readership up (though if that’s a side effect, I sure won’t complain), rather I write this because of an article on the exact same topic that CNN.com put up around the same time.

While my story is based on the reports already out there publicly, CNN sites all sorts of “sources”. Both articles say much the same thing, but what strikes me is the dramatically different tone.

On 9/11/07, General Petraeus predicted the troop level would be down to 130,000 by this summer. In April of this year, the AP said the pause would leave over 100,000 troops in Iraq by the time President Bush leaves office. The reality is that 146,000 troops are still there, and the Pentagon is urging the President to keep them there until he is out of office. Then, and only then, they suggest that 7,500 troops could be pulled out of Iraq, and most of them would end up in Afghanistan. These are the facts as I presented then this morning. Here is what CNN said:

The top U.S. general in Iraq is recommending nearly 8,000 troop cuts in Iraq because of the improving situation there, a source close to the process has told CNN.

Nowhere is it mentioned that what they’re actually proposing is a several-month-long further delay of already planned troop cuts. And what is the deal with “because of the improving situation there” featuring so prominently in the opening paragraph? What sense does that make? The situation has improved so much that a year later we still can’t reduce troops to the pre-surge level the General in charge predicted a year ago when he said the surge had accomplished all its goals? Can someone explain that to me?

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  1. “The situation has improved so much that a year later we still can’t reduce troops to the pre-surge level the General in charge predicted a year ago when he said the surge had accomplished all its goals? Can someone explain that to me”?

    I can explain it for you THEY LIE! Oh sorry I guess your expecting someone from the pentagon to explain it to you, right? Yah sure right, when pigs fly.

    Seriously though nice article, it points out yet more lies. What I find most convenient is the timing. The promise to pull troops out but not before the elections is priceless. What happens if after the elections things get worse? surge II another 35,000 troops. That is about as likely as not.

    As far as I can tell there are two main reasons for the drop in violence. First, most of the division of the country along tribal lines has been accomplished. Second, although we have 146,000 troops what are they doing? I’ll tell you what they are doing, for the most part they are sitting on their hands waiting for the election to end. anyone who thinks that the Bush administration is above ordering a slowdown in operations until after the election hasn’t been paying attention. It’s politics as usuall.

    Bring our troops home now, from everywhere!!


  2. If it’s any consolation, the spin on most of the establishment media coverage I’ve seen today is to the effect of, “planned troop cuts are on hold.” But yeah, CNN’s getting played big-time here.

  3. It’s clear Bush is listening to Obama, and the people, finally. I think Mccain is playing the card like Bush, he’s thinking once he gets into office, he will just implement the things that the people are screaming about. What an easy approach to the presidency. I can see him asking Lieberman or Palin… “So, what is it the people are bitchin about today?”

    1. I have no idea what Obama is thinking but it is possible in praising the great success of the “surge”, he intends to say something the first day in office, like, “There the surge was a complete success, beyond our wildest dreams–US troops will be out tomorrow and the UN invited to send peace-keepers.”

      What is beyond me is Obama saying he will send more troops to Afghanistan.

      That is the last thing that is needed.

      Bush and Cheney have now completely alienated the Russian Federation in Georgia.

      Note, however, the Russians are still contracting cargo flights to NATO and allowing them through Russian airspace to supply NATO in Afghanistan.

      Hint, hint.

      1. Foreign invaders always lose in Afghanistan. There’s a long history of this.

        Lester Ness

        1. Indeed. NATO, as one put it earlier, is blundering around looking for 1842. The exception was Alexander of Macedon, who took the key pass in a fierce battle. But he was much more passing through than trying to conquer, though he left some garrison troops and settlers who intermarried, and some of whose descendants are still identifiable today if one knows what to look for.

      2. What I wonder is how long it will be before Russia start supplying stinger like missles to the Taliban? We did it for the Muhajeen which helped lead to the Soviet defeat. They might very well see it as poetic justice. I say it’s time to get out like yesterday.


  4. whether or not they increase, decrease or freeze troop size in Iraq or Afghanistan, America will have a difficult time winning this war. They may win battles and delay tribal wars (by paying off the leaders with our tax payers money), but that will never stop the Sunnis, Shiites, and Turks from confronting each other at some time period. So when these Arab fanatics say we’ll fight this war for hundreds of years, I believe them. So when I hear people say we’re winning the war in Iraq, they may want to go back to World History 101 and learn something.

    1. The fact is both these wars were lost years ago. All the locals have to do is not lose, and they’re doing that quite well. So, how do you explain to a soldier’s family that he died for nothing? That’s the question that’s keeping the US in those lost wars.

    2. The only fantics are the ones who invade and destroy other people nations!

      The one who said will fight or stay if takes a hunderd years was MaCain or to that effect!

  5. This is a very astute analysis, but I’m afraid that it is too subtle to cut through the neocons’ domination of the US media narrative.

  6. Yeah nice try. The so called “War” was really never about Iraq until 1 years before invading Iraq Bush was interviewd about oil and he said that we need it fdrom Iraq. I believe in Money magizine and in Time. But the real war was going after who attacked us and that was Laden and the rest of the gang in a whole different country Afganistan. So if we left Iraq and do the right thing by sending more to the right country , are we surrending? Or did we surrender when we left Afganistan? I think the latter . That is the real truth. Do not be foooled by any bullcrap that comes from Mccain and his scare tactics to win the country over. Seriously do the research country and learn before you make your mistakes. At least then you can say you were warned and we can sit back and watch the country melt down.

    1. Hmmm… the theory about Afganistan being somehow behind 9/11 is much weaker then the theory of World Trade center being pre-wired with explosives – the latter has lots of arguments, the relation of mythical Ben Laden to 9/11 is based on nothing.

      But – the heroin production in Afganistan went several times up since the US involvement.

      Oil-fetish and heroin – well – also fetish – that’s what US had given to the world (in addition to good things such as nuclear weapons, computers and the Internet :-). Time to get over the first two if US wants to exist in 20 years as major power.

  7. George Bush is waiting for the moment that will give John McCain the greatest political bounce. Bush has unashamedly used our brave men and women who are risking there lives daily, time and time again. How can John McCain expect people to believe he is the change candidate, when he is running the same campaign that George Bush did both times.

    1. Not only that, McCain is now trying to appear to be running against both Bush and the Republican Party.

      Rove recently said that McCAin now needs to show the voters his “inner self”.

      Personally, I think the Lon Chaney smile says it all.

    2. Bush has unashamedly used our brave men and women who are risking there lives daily, time and time again.

      Didn’t stop a majority of US servicemen from voting for him.

      1. ‘Didn’t stop a majority of US servicemen from voting for him’ you say. The truth is that the American people – all of them – KNEW that Chimp was committing war crimes BEFORE they rewarded The Torturer with a second term in power, back in 2004. They KNEW about Chimp’s torture chambers, the US-made genocide in Iraq, ‘secret’ US prisons, ‘rendition’, etc, etc, – and supported Chimp still with their vote. And no, not every single American supported Chimp’s crimes against humanity and in doing so identified themselves as scumbags for human beings – just the majority.
        For that matter, the same group of clowns are voting this time around. When the time comes to pull that lever, who do you really think they’re going to vote for?
        God Bless America.

  8. McCain doesn’t have an “inner self” — he’s a war machine. If we elect him, or the GOP controlled voting machines select him and we don’t challenge the selection, we are truly the stupidest people on Earth and one undeserving of what we had, which was a relatively large amount of individual freedom.

    I don’t watch mainstream news, so I have to ask those who do if Obama has put up that simplest of ads asking “Are you better off now than you were eight years ago?”

    Who, beyond the owners of military contracting companies and the top 1% economically, can answer in the affirmative?

    And I mean far past economics: is our quality of life at all better? Now we: are not able to board a plane without being treated like a suspect, this while the borders are wide open; have our phones tapped and our emails read; have everything that we purchase with a credit card going into a massive privately-owned but government-used database; have journalists arrested while doing their jobs; “free speech zones” around political events; condoned torture; etc.

    I do not recognize the country I grew-up in and my one beef with the great folks at antiwar.com is that they accept without question the official narrative of the September 11 attacks. This while the staff of antiwar.com questions just about everything else the government says or said, such as: the lies about the Gulf of Tonkin; the lies about the need to drop the bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki; the lies about torture and who is responsible; the lies about Iraqi, Afghan, and Pakistani civilian casualties; BUSH’S LIES ABOUT WMD!!!

    And yet they believe that a former CIA asset on dialysis in a cave in Afghanistan, with the help of a stumble-bumble crew of amateur “pilots” recruited from Stupid, Inc., in a few hours on one fateful day managed to destroy the U.S. economy, the Bill of Rights, launch endless wars against Islamic countries thus recruiting endless Jihadis, etc. And even attack the Pentagon, underneath the most defended airspace on Earth! Conveniently making a tricky turn to miss the side that Rumsfeld and all the big honchos were sitting on, and killing people with little or no power.

    Not Dick Cheney, at that point the most powerful man on Earth in control of the most powerful military on Earth, and his cabal of neo-conservatives at the Project for the New American Century (who eerily predicted the Sept 11 attacks one year before) with the help of the Israelis, and others who wanted these wars and the destruction of the Bill of Rights.

    Until we deconstruct that fateful day, we are trapped in endless wars, against our Bill of Rights and whatever country “terror” is deemed to be hiding in, including our own. I think that antiwar.com, and Democracy Now, need to start questioning that official narrative in a thorough and scientific manner, because until they do all their protestations about the horrific consequences of Sept. 11 are somewhat ineffectual.

    Do people know that McCain adviser and pro-Georgia lobbyist, Randy Schoenmann, the man who just now tried to restart the Cold War, was on the board of directors of the Project for the New American Century?

    Who benefited from the Sept. 11 attack? PNAC and its fellow travelers over in Israel, or Muslims? That’s where to start the questioning.

    1. I agree with everything you wrote 100%. I have no idea what happened on 9/11 but I am sure that there is much more going on than the government will admit. Whether it was an inside job or complete and total uselessnes does matter and I think we need to get to the bottom of it. No matter which, it’s criminal to use 9/11 as an excuse to destroy our country and others. I also don’t know why this site doesn’t get on the 9/11 truth bandwagon. But I can guess. I would say they don’t want to be sidetracked from their opossition to the wars. They might also be afraid of being labeled as nuts, fruitcakes, etc. Also there are many other sites dedicated to that one topic alone.


      1. Some of the 9/11 "truthers" are nutcases. But, I suspect that the nuttiest ones are paid by the government to be so crazy as to discredit anyone, no matter how sane and in how rational a manner, who questions the official 9/11 narrative.

        We know that the Bush government has paid journalists, and that the Pentagon was planning to plant false stories in the press, which would require compliant journalists. So it's not too far a stretch to think that the loopiest of the 9/11 "truthers" are in fact paid to make everyone who questions the events of that day look crazy.

        Just like the "anarchists" who broke away from the peace march at the RNC attacked the building where Democracy Now was filming, which is some sort of community radio or TV site. This gave the St. Paul police, and all the other nefarious governmental organizations hovering about, like the Secret Service, Homeland "Security", the FBI, an "excuse" not only to arrest peaceful protesters, but journalists.

        I myself, with a background in physics, have to question the fall of WTC building seven. The official explanation is even nuttier than the "conspiracy" theories.

        Beyond that, the circumstantial evidence that other forces were involved is overwhelming: the high-fiving Israeli movers. The Israeli art students who were experts in electronic surveillance and explosives tracking the hijackers. Silverstein's close relationship with Bibi Netanyahu. Norad standing down. Dov Zakheim's (a signatory to PNAC and the comptroller of the Pentagon at the time) former company developing the technology to control hijacked plane.

        Look, this lot, the Project for the New American Century and the Israel-firsters, have lied us into two wars, with two new fronts opening in Georgia and Pakistan. And yet we can't accuse them of having something to do with the "new Pearl Harbor," that is, Sept.11, which they eerily predicted and have used to get everything that they wanted?

        Time for some critical thinking folks.

        1. Notice how this “Thom Boggs” minder links to propaganda sites where it is impossible to tell who is sponsoring them.

          You Cointelpro gits really make me laugh.

      2. Because the 9/11 “Truth” movement is just another conspiracy theory that is collapsing under its own weight. The government planned a supremely complicated attack on itself, executed it perfectly, yet can’t keep any other scandal quiet. Or was every congressman in on it too? You give them too much credit. No thinking person who doesn’t believe the conspiracy has come to this on the word of the government alone. The evidence points to what the Government said happened, for a change.


        #’s 46, 51, 60, 61, 89, 92

        The moment this website takes up that cause, it will be discredited with good reason.

        1. what I find most interesting about the debunkers is how they always say things like “Can the government really execute a supremely complicated plan perfectly, and then fail on nearly everything else”? what kind of arguement is that? Basically your saying 12 people from some cave can pull off somehting no one else on earth can. As for keeping it quiet, the governemnt can keep secrets when it wants to. The leaks that you constantly hear about are done on purpose.

          I do agree that this site should not become part of the 9/11 debate. But mainly because it would alianate most of the people who have only partionaly woken. Most people are willing to believe that our government is capable of mass murder worldwide but not here at home. I don’t know what happend on 9/11, but believing the government is nieve.


        2. It is much easier to blame someone else than to ask hard questions.Most US citizens have no problem believing other governments would be willing to cause the death of their citizens in order to implment an agenda or a policy,but some how unable to even consider the possibilty that their own government might as well do the same thing.for generations ,they were fed constant diet of propaganda of how benevolent their government is ,and its actions always above suspicion !How about operation Northwoods!?

        3. “Because the 9/11 ‘Truth, movement is just another conspiracy theory that is collapsing under its own weight….”

          It is not necessary to talk about 9/ll specifically so see this tactic for what it is.

          Given any “conspiracy” at all, the obloquy of “conspiracy theory” results in anyone theorizing or investigating whatever it might be, and however factually, as just another “conspiracy theorist”, thus paranoid and delusional.

          In addition, attaching “movement” to the “theory” suggests a collective delusion rather than the possibility that a number of people have independently and discerningly investigated the available facts and have come to similar conclusions that something central is missing.

          Therefore, no conspiracy exists, especially one that involves any element of the US government or of allied states.

          In constrast, was there a “conspicacy” by the Bush and Cheney administration to convince Congress and the American people that Iraq under Saddam Hussein had WMD, was constructing nuclear weapons, was somehow connected to the attack on the World Trade Towers, and was a direct threat to the United States?

          Was the Litvinenko affair a “conspiracy” by elements in the British press and government against Putin and the Russian Federation?

          Not at all. The “official” story is always right. It is as simple as that, and no “conspiracy theories” are allowed, not even even “conspiracy theories” about the state itself constructing and indulging in conspiracy theories.

        4. Joe, can you explain how your overlong (by 4 words in a 3 word sentence) conclusion regarding EC’s mental status adds to the discussion regarding 9/11? I must suffer a similar condition as EC’s, because I found his comments factual, original, incisive, and logical. May more people suffer from his ‘incapacity’, if your claim is true. I only wish the estimable J Lowell were available for comment – if you are out there, JL, I’m interested in your opinion re: WTC7. ST

    2. “And even attack the Pentagon, underneath the most defended airspace on Earth! Conveniently making a tricky turn to miss the side that Rumsfeld and all the big honchos were sitting on, and killing people with little or no power….”

      With all air defense fights but oned standing down of flying over the Great White North on an exercise.

      Also, if one recalls correctly, did not a Naval Intelligence section take a bit hit? This at the very period when the Neo-Cons had inserted themselves as task force and filter between the Pentagon and all civilian channels up the ladder.

      At the very least, well, “convenient”, eh? . Even if purely coincidence, was it also intimidating?

      1. Corr: “With all air defense flights but one standing down or flying over the Great White North on an exercise….” Pardon the typos.

      2. There was and still is a National Guard air unit stationed at Andrews AFB on 9/11 only about 10 miles from the Pentagon. Major media reported them up in the air only after the Pentagon was hit. One presumes that their purpose is to provide protection to the most heavily guarded airspace in the world. Where were they as Cheney was witnessed by Transportation Secretary, Norman Minetta, being updated by an aide as the 3rd plane closed in on its target?

    3. Well – if it makes you feel better it’s announced that tomorrow Russian’s main TV channel would run “9/11 Mysteries” movie for the wildest audience. I.e. Russian Govt. now sides with the idea that there are too many questions about 9/11 that have to be answered.

      And… do you think Putin has something he can disclose about 9/11? I bet he knew it all the way – and that may be the reason why Bush read something in his eyes.

      Yes, I’ve left the US after 9/11 and airport humiliation.

      Today though I was very disappointed by Medvedev’s speech relating to 9/11 where he confirmed Russia’s commitment to “fight terrorism”. Since I don’t believe 9/11 was an act of terrorism… and I can’t believe he is so naive to believe it… I wonder how to interpret that statement.

  9. What is all this costing? Something like $10 Billion a month, not including interest and protracted veteran costs. Question for John McCain; how much is that over one hundred years?
    John likes to mention the $3 Million dollars spent on researching Grizly bears as wasted government spending. If that does not illustrate a reality disconnect, I don’t know what does.

  10. Anyone else see the General’s ridiculous self-flagellating exercise in the most recent New Yorker? What up with Packer and all the other liberal hawks? Why do they indulge generals, most of whom wouldn’t know a grunt from a grunge band? Gawd!

  11. Reaching back to the early ’50’s, and in slightly different mode, most of the Democrats have been quite as Fascist and Imperialist as most of the Republicans. Taft and Eisenhower both were different kettles of fish, but Eisenhower, during World II saddled with Churchill, was as president surrounded and lied to and directed by Dulles Bros & Co. in foreign policy.

    Castro did not begin as a Communist, though he had strong Marxist tendencies, as did Guevara, and he and Che both expected congratulations and cooperation after the overthrow of United Fruit’s man in Havana.

    John Foster Dulles soon disabused Castro of that nonsense, and Kennedy finished the lecture.

    Eisenhower was one of the most intelligent men ever to hold the office of US President. That means little save in comparison to the very first presidents, but Ike really should have known better than to let either Churchill or Dulles define his view of the world, from “Iron Curtain” to “Communism in Cuba.”

    He did in the end warn of the military-industrial complex, but he was as much a victim of it as the audience he warned.

  12. “The top U.S. general in Iraq is recommending nearly 8,000 troop cuts in Iraq because of the improving situation there, a source close to the process has told CNN.”

    – doubleplusgood, we have success on the Eurasian front and chocolate rations have been increased to 20 grams.

  13. If 9-11 is the basis for all the mischief, why not a proper investigation? I don’t know what happened that day. I don’t have a theory. But I have enough brain power to know that the only “accepted” “conspiracy theory”, that of the government, doesn’t make any sense. Remember Payne Stewart? When his private plane went off course, two military jets were on Stewart’s wings within 15 minutes. Standard Operating Procedure. It happened 67 times in 2001 before 9-11. Anyone that believes the government’s story that the military was “distracted” must believe in the Easter Bunny. If the military is so distracted the congress ought to abolish it and start all over. Or how about CNN’s Jamie McIntyre. I saw him on 9-11, standing in front of the Pentagon, say that “no plane hit the Pentagon”. He has since changed his story. I’ve contacted CNN several times to ask them, exactly, when their “Senior Pentagon Reporter” had his epiphany. Gee, I’ve never received an answer. Remember, the weekend before 9-11, it was reported that “trillions” were missing from the Pentagon’s budget. And what about the “puts” on the airlines? We were supposed to hear who owned them, weren’t we? But our rulers didn’t tell us, did they? I wonder why. The plan to invade Afghanistan was on the table BEFORE 9-11. Does that bother anyone else but me? Wake up, America. Just investigate it. No “fixers” or other government flunkies. No, what it needs is a Grand Jury of average American people — the kind of people that Jefferson thought would run the country.

    1. Thanks, Bob. Of course, I agree with you. An expert truther was on Guns and Butter, 9/3/08, and I invite your to read, STRANGER THAN FICTION, and HUGE QUESTION. I know the NYC volunteers were collecting signatures for a ballot initiative so that voters there can decide whether there an independent 9/11 Commission should be established. Of course, Mayor Bloomberg will not agree. I need to find out if the canvassers succeeded.

  14. Analyze to paralyze…good work Agent Ditz!

    @ Bob: the american sheeple can’t wake up on their own…they’ll need help from outside the continental US. When the US becomes an unbearable nightmare, they’ll wake up…they won’t be able to do anything about it, but they’ll wake up! XD

    Democracy has failed, the Republic has fallen.

    1. Little guy,

      If a very large chunk of the Nth. American people havn’t woken up by now they are not going to wake up at all!

      Just watched this morning, a documentary called “9/11 The press for truth” made in 2006 and partly based on Paul Thompson’s 9/11 Time Line. I don’t know if your allowed to see truthful doco’s such as this in the good ole USofA, but it only takes a few minutes to realise that you in the “States” have a completely and utterly corrupt Government.(as we have known for many years before this doco)

      That large chunk of people voted in this corrupted R party TWICE! Speaks volumes for the brain power (or lack thereof ) of these morons.(Voting machines notwithstanding)

      Little guy, you will get little help ( or none ) from outside the continental US because your damage has gone way too far.

      It appears that even Obama is waivering under the pressure of these R bastards.

      Stay safe, If you can!!

      1. “That large chunk of people voted in this corrupted R party TWICE!

        And now Paul, after doing nothing but collecting $30 million and defusing the antiwar vote and waffling on impeachment, has come out and told his supporters to vote for Third Party candidates, including Nader?

        After Paul Craig Roberts, without impeachment of the criminals Bush and Cheney, the only accountability is to vote negatively, to destroy the Republican Party.

        Every Constitutionalist and every anti-war vote that goes to a Third Party only helps McCain–to get it close enough so Rove and the Neo-Cons can try to steal another election.

        Paul has lost all credibility as anything but a shill. By every Constitutional principle he has ever espoused, Bush and Cheney are criminals. And yet he does nothing.

        He could easily have given a speech making it clear that though he had no faith in Obama, with the country on the verge of economic collapse, with two losing wars and a new cold war on the horizon–all brought to you by the Republican Party–the Republican Party had to be held accountable and completely destroyed in the coming election.

        I urge all Paul supporters, who are obviously far more principled than Paul himself, to think seriously about Paul Craig Robert’s proposal, and to cast a negative vote against the Repbulicans by voting for Obama.

        In fact, the real prospect of a vigorous Third Party, and perhaps a Fourth and a Fifth, hinges on rendering the Republican Party accountable for what it has done for the last eight years.

        The Democrats have also gone along with it and are responsible too. But do you seriously want a Republican Party of Neo-Cons, Born Again Zionists, and Corporate Fascists given another term?

        1. Why I would prefer McCaine – McCaine does not like Russia, Obama – hates Russia from the depth of his heart (not unlike Rice). Being “smarter” Obama can do more damage to Russia.
          McCaine has somewhat rational dislike of Russia, yet also inevitably having some respect, whereas Obama irrationally hates Russia, as a “white superpower” to begin with and all other reasons democrats hate Russia for – but he does not have any respect at all – which is what infuriates Russia generally.

          So – with Obama Cold War-2 is very likely. Is that good for the US? Is that good for Russia?

          It IS good for Russia – reversing West imposed policies would be only good – for example – current minister of finances, long term proponent of the West is doing 2 things – keeps foreign currency reserves in US Govt debt and opposes the elimination of awful Added-Value-Tax – which is strongly supported by IMF – and it’s simple with IMF – listen to their “advise” and do the opposite – that is simple way to better economy. If US/Russia relations are trashed, then that person may disappear – good for Russia.

          What about the US though? Simple logic tells that if Cold War-1 was won by the US, then chances are that Cold War-2 will be won by Russia. That will make the US reginal power, and people in the US will get more freedom – empires and freedom don’t go together.

          But that means that Russia would be more of an empire, and less freedom would result.

          So… it’s bad both ways – but McCain is a safer bet – for one re-election of Republican party would show the futility of the idea of “democracy” in a clear way.

          Anyways, empires fall apart no matter what. There is no graceful way out of this situation. USA is not Russia (USSR) and I don’t believe any other country on this planet has that much inner resilience to overcome a collapse of such magnitude and stay alive.

        2. Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin left open the option Thursday of waging war with Russia if it were to invade neighboring Georgia and the former Soviet republic were a NATO ally.

          “We will not repeat a Cold War,” Palin said

          [AP September 11, 2008, article on Antiwar front page]

          From the context she clearly must mean HOT WAR.

          She sounds more and more like a Likudite, indulging in what Putin called political pornography.

          Recall, Vassili, these lunatics are looking forward to a “Rapture” that is not definable sub-celestially. Are you sure the Russian Federation prefers McCain? Putin seems to suggest otherwise.

        3. First of all – I don’t believe in “ancient democracy ritual” – i.e. whoever rules the US is the same, regardless of the elections show.
          So, both democrats and republicans are bad for Russia, and they are bad in a sense that the deeper structural crisis of the US (as UK Empire reincarnation) goes the higher are the chances for global nuclear war, which is not fun, although would sure result in the end of US as a state. Therefore my feelings are mixes – is revolution good? Generally – bad, but sometimes it’s better to die free, rather then to continue to exist as a slave (to US or any other Empire domination).
          Why I hate so much former Soviet Republics, is that after living – supposedly – under Russian Empire they gladly transitioned to living under the US Empire – for me, as a consistent Empire fighter (started with the USSR, and did a good job on that) this is very disgusting.

          So – McCaine and Palin are both insane (crazy, stupid, limited). Obama and Co. are not. Both are “pro-Empire”. Both are enemies of my personal freedoms (and Russia, as one of few place where one can be somewhat free from the US rule).

          Speaking of Palin’s statement about “war with Russia”. First – does she mean nuclear war? Does she understand that for US war direct war with Russia is one very bad choice (UK Empire never did that, and for a good reason) – which would leave to US collapse one way or another – since there are 3 possible outcomes:
          a) Russia wins conventional combat operation (similar to Georgia situation) – total loss of US military creadibility
          b) Russia starts loosing conventional combat operation – the uses tactical nuclear weapon against US Army
          c) US decides to use tactical nuclear weapon as a result of loosing conventional combat
          => either US looses face and military authority OR US suffers full blown nuclear strike – both ways US does not exist as a major super power as a result of “war with Russia”

          Russia though had shown amazing power to come back and survive and regain – very recently (90s). Russia does not have reputation at stake. Even nuclear attack on Russia would not eliminate all the natural resources or wast territory, which are the main assets.

          But – it seems that Palin does not even start to think about the above when talking about “war with Russia” because of Georgia, of all places :-) Georgia is really Russia’s backyard and Russia traditionally has tremendous, almost mystical power in it’s backyard… I mean – the “Art of War” anybody? What about choosing the place and time for the battle wisely?

          Who is more likely to influence that choise wisely – McCain/Palin or Obama and Co. ?

      2. Hey JC! :)

        The Russians and the Chinese will help the american sheeple wake up…and it will be a very rude awakening indeed. China has but to cast a vote of non-confidence (start dumping it’s vast dollar holdings) in the dollar to vaporize the US economy. The american sheeple need money to keep themselves warm and snuggley in their pleasure cocoons…take away their pleasure and watch them go ape-sh!t on each other! lol XD

        You saw what happened during the hurricane Katrina disaster, right? Multiply that by a million and you’ll begin to understand what the good ‘ol US of f#&kin’ A will be be like in the aftermath of a coordinated Chinese/Russian economic attack! The US is a powder keg and they’re [Russia/China] gonna light the fuse.

        At any rate, that’s what I meant by “help”. I view it as a form of social therapy…albeit a highly destructive and unbearably painful one. After completing the regimen though, I’ll bet the American people will never ever let their government get out of control again! ;)

        I haven’t seen the 9/11 documentary you mentioned…but I’ve seen just about all the others, including the one to be aired tonight on prime-time Russian TV.

        1. Last time one looked the Russians had $.7 trillion in dollar reserves and the Chinese mainlanders were close to or over $2 trillion, as was Japan.

          Moreover, the USD is no longer the world reserve currency but only an alternative.

          In effect the price of a barrel of oil is determining world currency exchange rates, and constitutes, in effect, a virtual world commodity currency.

          As Paul Craig Roberts points out, only just over 10% of Americans work at jobs in which exportable goods are even produced, let alone wholly exported.

          With two losing wars and a restart of a new Cold War this spells total disaster.

          The old Soviet KGB in their wildest fantasies could not have done the damage to the US Bush and Cheney have done in a mere eight years.

        2. “The old Soviet KGB in their wildest fantasies could not have done the damage to the US Bush and Cheney have done in a mere eight years.”

          The very similar was said after the collapse of USSR – “in the very wildest fantasies CIA…”

          Now – I still think the reforms done in Russia were good after all. There is more freedom and life is more fun. And I have all reasons to believe that Russia would not act to complicate the reforms in the US. I mean – just increasing trade between Russia and the US would be very beneficial to the US – I absolutely believe there are millions of people in the US that are capable of constructive, quality work, producing real goods – and as soon the the energy wasted on War against World would be applied elsewhere the US can easily emerge as a healthy superpower – but NOT as The Empire it is today.

  15. 8,000 troops what ranks? Ummm…let’s see NCO’s and officers yep that’s about 8,000. Specilist and below will just have to stay.

  16. Islam (the belief and living accordingly inline with THE One and Only Creator, “muslim” literally means “someone who tries to do Islam”) has already messaged many historical and scientific facts, including the big bang, the expanding universe, the atomic structure, creation and evolution of both the universe and human kind and the creation of other creatures besides humans and animals.

    Try to overcome your misconceptions due to misinformation based on international politics and the wrong doings of some muslims and open up your mind and heart to Islam, learn Islam from Islam, not from biased mass media or luciferians pretending to be muslims or misguided muslims.








    Peace to all.

  17. You saw what happened during the hurricane Katrina disaster, right?

    Little Guy

    No one knows the future though some things are roughly predictable. I strongly suspect that the docility and helplessness of the population one saw in New Orleans was atypical, and due partly to the fact that it was a flood and mobility and collective action were limited.

    What that might mean in terms of the scenarios Little Guy suggests will remain unsaid for the nonce.

    I did not watch either convention but from tapes that I saw I was struck by the homogeneity of the troopers sent to strike preemptively against various demonstrations. Were they all Iraq veterans with training from Blackwater?

    The whole picture, to my mind, was designed to intimidate, not only the demonstrators, but the American audiences watching on television and other outlets.

    Will it work?

    Not in any large-scale or long term collapse.

    Why would it? Much more formidable military forces were dispatched to Iraq and Afghanistan and with what result? Both wars are now lost.

    Whatever the Fascists left or right have in mind it is, after Ali, hallucinatory. The question is only how much loss of life and substance will occur before they lose.

    I doubt that the incompetent elite, which is the source of the problem, will give up what they consider “power” voluntarily. That is part of their incompetence, unlike, say, the Samurai class in Japan.

    On the other hand, whatever they do, they cannot pull oil at $19 per barrel out of a hat or pay in worthless paper what the Russians and Chinese and Japanese expect to be paid in a viable currency.

    On verra.

    Even were Obama a genius, with all the right instincts, I doubt that either he or the Democrats will be able to resolve the problems plaguing the country. McCain and Palin, and the Neo-Cons and the Born Again Zionists and Corporate Fascists, on the other hand, from past experience, will not only cause problems much worse (it is one Israeli and Neo-Con modus operandi solve a problem by making it worse) but increase them a hundredfold.

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