Extrude Mahmoud

In an interview in Der Spiegel, former Mossad agent and current cabinet minister, Rafi Eitan suggested that Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad might find himself in front of an International Criminal Court in The Hague if he doesn’t watch himself. Anyone with even modest knowledge of the 81-year-old Eiten’s activities, in particular his role in Adolf Eichmann’s capture, can’t rule this out as idle speculation, but as my friend Tom wondered, “why would Eitan say this publicly?”

Sure, Ahmadinejad must already figure he is one of the top picks on Mossad’s hit list, so this simply can’t be a clumsy message to the yappy Iranian leader. Besides, Mossad gets off on well-planned and highly secretive operations anyway. Why would Eitan blow the surprise for his former bosses if high profile abductions were still high on their docket? Hmm….

I might’ve glossed over this morning’s story as politics as usual if it were not for last week’s revelation, also by Eitan, that Mossad allowed Nazi witch doctor Josef Mengele get away when agents in Buenos Aires had the opportunity to nab him. Of course, that wasn’t a botched effort: Mossad had to let Mengele escape so they could be assured of completing the more important Eichmann abduction.

Now, I’m not a psychologist, nor do I generally play one on the Internet, but this paroxysm of Eitanmania is too juicy not to analyze. All fisherman great and small have a fish-that-got-away story, and the Mengele tale smells like Eitan’s. Could the Ahmadinejad story likewise be the ramblings of a famous fisherman, whose best days are long over but likes to make people believe he has live bait on his rusty but still sufficiently bent hook? Or is it possible that someday we’ll learn that Mossad did try to kidnap Ahmadinejad, and failed. I only hope we don’t have to wait 50 years for that fish story.

A tip of the pen to Tom Walls for the headline and this morning’s news story.

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  1. The sin on which you obsess here is that of failing to back up one’s threats.

    Are we going to be pleased to wake up one day and hear the news that homicidally paranoid Israel has “successfully” assassinated or kidnapped Ahmadinejad, something they have absolutely no right to do?

    Or are we going to be “disappointed” that they have “failed” to do this wonderful thing?

    I for one will never be disappointed to hear of any failure of Mossad to accomplish any of the vile things it sets out to do in pursuit of “security” for the constitutionally insane state of Israel.

    I wish them no success whatsoever, forever and ever, amen.

  2. Truly Bizarre. So Mahmoud would end up in The Hague because … he happened to be the President of a Regime “we” don’t like? Ordered artillery strikes on Kurds? Had homosexuals hanged? Had the temerity to make a guest appearance in Columbia University while in orbit around the Axis of Evil? Sucked at implementing acceptable economic policy? What?

    I use past tense because I cannot see Mossad bumping off all those bodyguards just to snatch El Presidente of a country with which Israel was not at war just before having bumped off all those bodyguards. Guess they will probably wait until he safely retires.

    1. I was wondering the exact same thing. What exactly would he be charged with? It is a measure of the extreme hubris of Israel that they do not understand that not every country in the world is going to bend over backwards for them. They seem to have confused the Hague with the American Congress and Senate. Alas AIPAC can’t buy everyone for the Jewish state.

  3. It could also be a senario as simple as this. A false flag operation pulled off by Mossad leads to war with the US, which leads to Ahmadinejad at the Hague. Let’s hope something stops these monsters before it’s too late.


  4. None of the above.

    It is a psychological bluff and preemptive strike.

    Any international “law” or “justice” is strictly on the Iranian side, and they know it.

    If one pays close attention one will note both the Russians and the Iranians are emphasizing the same “international law”, and even possible suits for damages, in regard to specific issues, including Iran nuclear program.

    This is all apparently over the Bush and Cheney adminsitration’s head, but Eitan seemingly sees the danger, and is trying to defuse it and put the Iranians on the defensive “legally”.

    Has anyone noticed, merely by the way, that Medvedev has a striking physical resemblance to one of the portraits of Talleyrand?

    1. Eugene,
      Yes, Medvedev looks like Talleyrand (I looked it up). For what it is worth, your knowing of Talleyrand makes me assume that you went to school way back or were trained by Jesuits. Nice to see a person with a real classic education.
      Not only is there the problem of what to charge Mr. Ahmadinejad with, there is also the problem that he has no real power to “wipe Israel off the map” even if that is what he meant (which it isn’t). The real power is with the clergy. You can’t hang the messenger. Israel has become as paranoid and as crazy as a coffee can rat.

      1. Spitting image indeed–at least, of the P-P Prud’hon portrait–including not only features and expression but the way he sits and hold his head.

    1. Neither the Israelis nor the Americans ever successfully penetrated the ring around Saddam Hussein, though now and again they got close to pinpointing his location now and then after the second attack on Iraq and before Hussein arranged through the Kurds to be suddenly discovered in his “spider hole”–is that what they called it?

  5. In regard to the context of “international law”, there is an intriguing opinion piece by Charles Ferguson of the Council on Foreign Relations in yesterday’s Christian Science Monitor, with this subtly misleading gem:

    A loyalty test can reassure both sides. Nuclear negotiators need to understand that Iranian leaders want to maintain loyalty to the promise they made to the Iranian public to uphold Iran’s right to uranium enrichment. Equally important, Iranian leaders must understand that they need to prove their loyalty to the international legal system in order to preserve the peaceful nature of nuclear programs…

    Is the timing of all this talk of “interantional law” a coincidence?

    One does not know who composed the headline for this piece, but it says it all, to wit: “A New Approach To Iran’s Nukes”.

    What nukes are those? In fact, the available evidence, from international regulatory and other non-Iranian sources, including American Intelligence, suggests that Iran has no nukes.

  6. I wish they would do this. It would set a wonderful precedent. Foreign governments would simply kidnap politicians they don’t like instead of starting wars. That means it won’t be long before someone kidnaps Bush and Cheney!

  7. I’m certainly no expert on this matter but two points stand out. One, as has been mentioned, there is a scarcity of offences with which Ahmadinejad could be charged with at the International Criminal Court. And two, neither Israel nor Iran are signatories of the ICC anyway. Sounds like a has-been reminiscing on the good-old days to me.

    1. Actually, both Iran and Israel are signatories to the ICC, having signed on the same day.
      However, as much as the Israelis want to inflate Ahamdinajed’s “threats” to Israel, the bottom line is that IRan is the threatened party, and the repeated assertion by Bush and Israel that “all options are on the table” (meaning military attack) as well as President Bush’s threat to nuke IRan constitute a clear violation of international law as well as a war crime.

  8. Somebody needs to get some brains on the Arab side and kidnap people like Netanyahu and put a bullet in his head – or blow him up. Blowing up buses full of Israeli civilians is nothing to the purpose.

    It is completely incomprehensible to me how the Arabs can allow Mossad to assassinate people like Mughniyah and yet do absolutely nothing to the Zionist freaks running Israel. And don’t even think about talking about “Israeli security” – there is no such thing as “security”. Everybody is vulnerable.

    You win by killing your enemies – not letting them run around killing you.

    1. When the Arabs,or the Iranians do it it is called terrorism,when Israel and the west do it it is called self-deffence!

    2. Perhaps the situation becomes more comprehensible when your consider that Hizbullah has declared on multiple occasions that some Arab countries, were instrumental in enabling Israel to kill Imad Mughniyah. Of course they ultimately hold Israel responsible for the terrorist act. And the situation becomes even more comprehensible if one considers that none of these Arabs hold any legitimate claim to power in their own countries. They are the descendants of the people who were selected by the colonialist powers to rule over the piece of land that they were allocated to by the colonialists. In fact, the way most of these Arab “states” came into being is not much different from how Western colonialism brought Israel into being. That is why deep inside they feel some sort of kinship to Isrealis. They are all bastards of the same litter.

  9. I think Ahmadinejad is a perfect “useful idiot” to Israel because of his public image and ramblings. Without a good “face of evil” front man like Mahmoud, how else can they get support for destroying Iran. I wonder sometimes who owns who here.

  10. Islam (the belief and living accordingly inline with THE One and Only Creator, “muslim” literally means “someone who tries to do Islam”) has already messaged many historical and scientific facts, including the big bang, the expanding universe, the atomic structure, creation and evolution of both the universe and human kind and the creation of other creatures besides humans and animals.

    Try to overcome your misconceptions due to misinformation based on international politics and the wrong doings of some muslims and open up your mind and heart to Islam, learn Islam from Islam, not from biased mass media or luciferians pretending to be muslims or misguided muslims (ps: there is no proper Islamic state, Islam is perfect but muslims are not).

    Learn that Jesus (peace be upon him) was practicing Islam and he foretold the coming of Mohammed (peace be upon him), learn that in Islam Mary (peace be upon her) the mother of Jesus (pbuh) is the most revered woman in all human history, and Jesus (pbuh) is awaited by muslims to return as the Messiah to fight the anti-christ/dajjal, and all sincere muslims will be joining Jesus (pbuh) in his kingdom on earth.

    Learn what you have been lied to about and were made to ignore for so long, learn the truth.








    Peace to all.

  11. What… exactly… would Ahmadinejad be charged with, assuming the Mossad could pull off such an operation? Why would the Hague prosecute him? Has he ground Iraqi civilians into paste? Blown the heads off children in Gaza?

    Not every country – or world court – bends over backwards for Israel. And thank heavens for that!

    And as far as the Mossad making good on the threat… well… you know… it wouldn’t be like kidnapping someone from a South American apartment building. Or sneaking through the dead of night to rig bombs in cell phones.

  12. And WHAT EXACTLY would the Iranian president be charged with? Seriously. Just out of curiousity? Daring to defy Israel? If only American politicians had such guts dealing with that abomination AIPAC.

  13. Ever since World War II and the Nuremberg War Crimes trials, virtually every war and conflict since then involves some aspect of war crimes, crimes against humanity, and genocide. Every war now is depicted as a Manichean conflict between evil and good. That being so, one warring side, usually the losing side, must of necessity be guilty of war ccrimes, crimes against humanity, and genocide.

    In other words, every war and conflict since World War II is a replay or mini-replication of the Big One, World War II. In the American psyche and in the Western psyche, every war is a replay of World War II. Every enemy or adversary or rival of the U.S. is Adolf Hitler. Manuel Noeriga was Adolf Hitler. Then Saddam Hussein was Adolf Hitler. Then Slobodan Milosevic was Adolf Hitler. Then Saddam Hussein was Adolf Hitler for the second time following 9/11. Vladimir Putin is Adolf Hitler. Now Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is Adolf Hitler.

    The illegal and criminal U.S. invasion and occupation of Iraq, Operation Iraqi Freedom, was itself initially modeled on World War II. The Yanks were gonna liberate another country in the Axis of Evil. The Yanks were comin’ over there. Iraq was Nazi Germany under the domination of the evil and ruthless dictator, Saddam Hussein, the Iraqi Adolf Hitler. The propaganda imagery of media embeds and war euphoria mimicked the “good war” mentality of the Big One, World War II.

    The near unanimity on the home front and the silencing of all dissent harkened back to the total war of the “good war”. We were fighting the good war in Iraq. Indeed, the mindless Axis of Evil schtick is itself a borrowing from the Hitler playbook. That is what Hitler termed the military alliance between Germany, Italy, and Japan, the Axis. Duh! The influence of Adolf Hitler reaches beyond the 21st century.

    So every war or conflict is, ar a psychological level, a replay of World War II. We need good guys and evil guys. We need war crimes and we need genocide. In this insane Manichean universe there must also be trials and justice must be meted out in this comic book soap opera or psycho-drama.

    Subconsciously, everyone in the U.S. and in the West, including Israel, is replaying World War II. It is a paranoid, delusional psychopathological state. Adolf Hitler is reincarnated in every conflict and in every war. Hitler is everywhere. We see him in Manuel Noriega, in Saddam Hussein, and in Slobodan Milosevic. They all are mimicking Hitler. Or are they? Is it they who are Adolf Hitler or is it just our own delusional paranoia?

    Of course, the irony is that the U.S. was one of the last countries to enter World War II. It was none of our business. We didn’t think that Danzig was worth the bones of a single U.S. Marine. Moreover, most Americans did not care and still others felt that Germany was screwed in World War I and that Danzig and the Corridor needed to be returned to Germany. In other words, many Americans felt Germany’s actions were in many ways justified. At any rate, Americans did not enter Word War II until 1942, a good 2 and a half years after it started! And America entered the war only because of the humiliating Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. If Japan did not attack, the U.S. would never even have arguably fought against Adolf Hitler! Now that is something to think about.

    So in many ways the whole Adolf Hitler delsuional construct is manufactured and is a phony creation. It is like some sort of fairy tale or myth that we have imbibed, like George Washington chopping down the apple tree. We created this myth that America was against Adolf Hitler and fought the good war. In fact, the U.S. stayed out of World War II for 2 and a half years and may never even have fought in the war at all!

    And then we murdered several hundred thousand Japanese civilians, men, women, and children, in a single day at Hiroshima and Nagasaki. We roasted and incinerated women and children alive. And not even Adolf Hitler was able to do that! And how many german civilians did we murder at Dresden, Hamburg, and other German cities? What about American concentration camps for Japanese Americans, most of whom were U.S. citizens? And what about American racism against black Americans, with separate but equal and lynchings?

    World War II has created the Manichean mindset that every conflict and every war is a Manichean struggle between good and evil, between liberation and genocide. if there is genocide, there must be war crimes trials. The question is: How do we break this delusional, paranoid mental state that was created after World War II?

  14. Doesn’t the guy know that Ahmadinejad says and does what he does because the real power in Iran lets him do it. May as well take out the mailman.

  15. Not only this comment by that Israeli fool, but most comments from Israel are increasingly sound like hallucinations of mad criminals. Then again, the Western mainstream media has come to be not much more than the hallucinations of the Western hegemony. One of them calls for attacking Iran with nuclear weapons and New York Times grabs “the honor” of being the only newspaper in the world to print an article that calls for using nuclear weapons on a country. Another one calls for kidnapping of a president of Iran, and this time it is Der Spiegel, the Magazine of Zionist Record, to publish his wishes. The Zionists’ hallucinations and Western mainstream media are a potent mix, a tragicomical potent mix that is.

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