Neocon Sun Setting

Monday will reportedly see the final edition of the neoconservative New York Sun.

The Sun was started in 2002 by Conrad Black and a number of other investors. They took a consistent stand in favor of neocon wars.

At the start of this month, the newspaper said it was desperately seeking cash. It supposedly raised “a lot” of money in the following two weeks, but then came a Wall Street meltdown that appears to have ended any hope for new benefactors.

In a February 6, 2003 editorial, the newspaper called for indicting antiwar protesters for treason.

18 thoughts on “Neocon Sun Setting”

    1. Piss on the New York sun, that warmongering neocon rag.

      It’s too bad the neocon cabal that lied this country into war can’t join Black in prison.

  1. Their arts and culture section often had commentary and coverage of value, but overall I will not miss The Sun newspaper. Culture of Congestion, the urban anti-planning blog of Misesian anarcho-capitalist Sanford Ikeda was certainly the best part of The Sun, but there is no reason why Ikeda cannot continue his blogging pursuits elsewhere, without the patronage of the neocons.
    Perhaps he will strike out on his own and become accountable editorially only to himself and his readers.

    1. Sandy’s blog was awesome, and the Sun’s local coverage was great if you’re looking for something with a less socialist point of view, but overall I suppose the Sun needed to die. It’s too bad.

  2. Gloating would be great fun, but I’m just a little superstitious about bringing bad ju-ju down on which is always struggling financially.

    Ah, what the heck. Hasta la vista, baby, and don’t let the Iraq war hit you on the way out!

    1. What will I line my birdcage with now ?

      The NY Post, NY Times, Washington Times, Washington Post, National Review, Weekly Standard — try any or all!

      Also don’t forget their utility as fish wrap!

  3. Good bye and good riddance. Black’s imprisonment basically doomed it. Besdies, what the point of having a Sun when you have a Post or a Weekley Standard or a Commentary? The market can’t support all of them.

  4. Wait until the 700 billions does its magic. By then they may find it cheaper to print it right on dollar bills, still the New York Sun will rise and it will rise with a vengeance. Surely, the whole gang can find a new New York etc… name for it, but I bet that for the sheer pleasure of it all, they will call it New York Sun again. It’s in the cards, so to speak.

  5. Why do New York neocons need the Sun, a paper that only appeals to the already converted? The NYT serves Israel’s interests more effectively, because it pretends to be liberal.

  6. I know the Bible says, “Rejoice not when thine enemy falleth” (Proverbs 24:17), but I hope the Good Lord doesn’t mind my feeling some grim satisfaction at this welcome news.

  7. the weekly standard and the new republic don't make any money either. yet they'rehugely influential. nice capitalist system

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