Summary Executions in Iraq

The Independent’s Robert Fisk has a great article tonight about the summary executions being carried out in Saddam’s old intelligence HQ, now a “high-security detention facility.”

Of particular note is that the government’s “security officials” are so inept that they couldn’t even properly hang a man with a rope. After several failed attempts they just gave up and shot the guy in the head.

Though Iraq has only officially executed 33 people since the reintroduction of the death penalty in 2004, these killings are completely off the record, and the Independent says there have been hundreds of them.

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  1. Robert Fisk, is a true Officer of the Empire, if there ever was one. He belongs to the old school of British colonialism, and pursues with sharp laser focus, the traditional interests of the British in the Middle East. It was always clear that it does not take a genius to understand the folly of the American and UK adventure in Iraq and Middle East and how it upsets the balance of the power in favor of the Sunni stooges that the British had cultivated patiently and meticulously over a century. What Fisk gets away with, is the misconception that he is also part of the international antiwar opinion, whereas he is only interested in preserving the traditional British allies in the region and his much beloved Moderate Sunni domination of the Middle East; read extremely in UK's pocket Arabs.

    One would hope that by now, the readers of antiwar had developed the faculty of distinguishing propaganda from honest reporting. The atrocities taking in Iraq cannot be disputed. In fact I would be amazed if in the American and British made hell that is Iraq, any Iraqi can keep a level head, but this article just goes the extra million miles. The Fisk's story of the Chechen man with his boneless right leg hanging over his shoulder is just counting gratuitously on the extreme gullibility of his readers. So, in that dungeon they cannot hang a man, but can "pull out the bones" from a crushed leg, and leave the rest so that the victim can walk with his boneless leg over his shoulders, something that the most proficient surgeons of the world in the most advanced operating theaters of the world cannot make a claim to. That is despicable propaganda.

    1. Ali, thanks for opening my eyes. I have read Robert Fisk for a while and mostly agreed with him. I hadn’t given enough thought to his motivation. The “Chechen man” story is pretty rediculous. When I read anything new from him I’ll look a little deeper.


  2. This kind of a report just turns my stomach. This is what 4000 Americans have died to produce? If I didn’t realize that we’d brought it on ourselves, I’d suspect that our present financial calamity was God visiting retribution on us for having brought about such atrocities as these.

    I’m sometimes reminded when hearing of things of this kind of a story about the entrance of the German Army into a small Polish town in September of 1939 and of the random public hanging of civilians there deemed to be a threat to the “New Germany”. It was reported that the band accompanying the German troops into town was ordered to play loud march music so as to stiffle the crys of those being hanged. Can you imagine?

    We are formally complicit morally in these Iraqi murders, let no one say otherwise. We’ve erected this Iraqi monstrosity and we’re still there supporting it. The summary execution of prisoners of war – and that’s what they are, prisoners of war – is and has been considered a war crime since the drafting of the Geneva Conventions. We executed the SS officer responsible for the Malmedy massacre after WWII. Other than an aversion to the death penalty, why should Malaki escape a similar fate?

    1. John Lowell taking the moral high ground on the inhumanity to man is as old as the hills. The Vatican turned a blind eye in the 2 world war as well as must countries, history as shown it was known what atrocities were being committed.
      I have now doubt you are a bright and caring man, but keep hitting America for all the worlds woes? I not sure!

      1. David,

        “The Vatican turned a blind eye …”

        Your’s is an mitigated lie, monaghan. The Vatican helped Jews and others to escape Nazi persecution, among other things hiding them in monastaries and placing their children under protection. That’s silence? Hundreds of Catholic priests and nuns were themselves the victims of German atrocities, among them Maximilian Kolbe. You defame these courageous people with your falsehoods. But I know, you would you have expected the Vatican to have declared war on the Axis and the Swiss Guards to have launched an offensive into Salzburg.

        And as to the moral highground, where are you on the question, the moral low ground? There are suggestions in what you say that that might be so.

        1. How low is Mr. Lowell
          I have read several of your blogs and found more negativity and naivety in them that suggest an inbalance in your logic or at least a nebulous understanding.
          Try reading—Unholy Trinity– The Vatican, The Nazis and the Swiss Banks by Mark Aarons or how the Vatican Collaborated with fascism in Yugoslavia by Sean Mac Mathuna. With regards to your “mitigated lie” perhapes you were thinking unmitigated??

        2. Monaghan,

          To the best of my knowledge, I’ve never before read anything at all that you’ve written and for that reason feel a certain profound sense of gratitude, actually. Might I suggest your fashioning Unholy Trinity– The Vatican, The Nazis and the Swiss Banks by Mark Aarons, How the Vatican Collaborated with Fascism in Yugoslavia by Sean Mac Mathuna and the hostility informing your bigotry into a kind of suppository, your bending over and your sticking them where you smile?

    2. What really turns my stomach is the fact that this “war” is being deliberately prolonged so that the “defense” contractors can continue to gorge themselves at the public trough!

  3. “The incompetence of the US military was astounding, criminal.”

    [Former official to the Anglo-US Iraq Survey Group, quoted by Fisk]

  4. We will probably never know the full extent of the horrors and evils in Iraq that were unleashed by the uncalled for American invasion and occupation. Yet another unpunished sin of the neoconservatives and the Bushling administration.

  5. I think it’s all part of the Pottery Barn rule, We broke it so now we own it (or think we do). Anyone get the feeling that this was the plan all along? We had no exit plan because we didn’t intend to exit. Our current pol’s and pundits all cry we can’t leave behind this broken nation. If we continue to ferment hatred and voilence it will stay broken and then we never have to leave. The deaths of a few hundred thousand or even a few million means nothing to the power elite, it’s all about the big bucks and don’t ever forget it.

    On a differnet topic, it’s the same with our current economic meltdown. They broke it and now they have bought it. Anyone think that this may have been the plan all along, create a crisis so we can have Socialism for the rich? It seems likely to me. The Sheeple need to wake up soon. Of course we can just wait until they have completely gutted our nation, economically and militarily. I’m sure at that point the rats will abandon the ship (good ridence) leaving us to sink or swim on our own. It may well be that this is the only answer. They say a junkie needs to hit bottem before he can get well.


    1. I agree with every thing you said, Brad!

      “The deaths of a few hundred thousand or even a few million means nothing to the power elite…” this statement is true, but you can go much farther with it. The western power elite doesn’t give a flyin f#@k about human life (save their own)…but they DO care, very much so, about killing millions of people, because that’s what they want: DEPOPULATION on a massive scale! Check-out The Club of Rome for more details. Let me quickly add that while I am a staunch supporter of eugenics and global depopulation, I believe that there are vastly better and far more human ways of accomplishing the same goals: College-level Parental Competence Training programs coupled with financial incentives are one excellent example. Competent Parenting should be a social imperative, but a highly competent populace is the last thing the elites want!

      I, too, believe this financial meltdown was pre-planned…either to integrate us more quickly into the North American Union and the Amero, or to herd the bewildered sheeple into a cashless totalitarian society. You might have read “The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism” by Naomi Klein already…if not, I urge you to do so.

      1. I have read some of Naomi Klien’s work. It’s very good. What I find interesting about her is the fact that her parents where disolusioned Marxist. Marxism has failed in the same way that capitolism is failing. They are both ideologies that in theory are great but in practice fail. The failing of both is cuased by greed for power, money etc. “Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Marx did a great job of pointing out the problems with capitolism but did not forsee what corruption would ultimatley do to communism. The one point I don’t agree with Naomi on is that government is the answer. Because of corruption it will always be the problem. I haven’t read The Shock Doctrine yet but I’ll put it on my list.

        One book that I think you would like and that everyone should read is Nature’s End (1986)
        A novel by James Kunetka and Whitley Strieber.

        “Library Journal
        The authors of the best seller Warday ( LJ 4/1/84) depict in powerful detail a 21st-century Earth with devastated environment and rampant overpopulation. A rich and comfortable elite coexists with malnourished, pitiful billions, “the victim generation.” The rich enjoy youth preservation treatments and other biomedical wonders while the rest just endure the toxicity and pollution. Hero John Sinclair and a few rich companies fight to thwart the leader of a burgeoning Depopulation Movement that would have each third person poisoned to “solve” the population crisis. Readers will follow with grim fascination these struggles to survive in a dying world. Sobering message eclipses story, and the book should strike home with a variety of informed citizens. Strongly recommended. William A. Donovan, Chicago P.L.”

        It seems to be fairly relevant for our current problems. The basis of the book is not that depopulation is unnessary but that the shock from massive instant depopulation would be so demoralizing to the world that it would ultimatly destroy us all.


    2. Brad, you didn’t have say it. I do have often wondered if this all wasn’t by design instead of ineptitude. The powers that be LIKE being the powers that be and intend to keep it that way. A few million dead sheeple mean nothing to them. It reminds me of the book THIS PERFECT DAY. At the climax Chip is about to destroy “UNI” a giant computer-system that controls the world and Wei (who controls UNI) begs him not to. “There’s JOY in having it”; I.E. controlling the sheeple of the world while he is all-powerful and rich.

  6. ” . . . because that’s what they want: DEPOPULATION on a massive scale! Check-out The Club of Rome for more details. Let me quickly add that while I am a staunch supporter of eugenics and global depopulation, I believe that there are vastly better and far more human ways of accomplishing the same goals: College-level Parental Competence Training programs coupled with financial incentives are one excellent example.”

    Little Guy, as a “staunch supporter of eugenics and global depopulation,” you reveal yourself to be as much of a totalitarian as your enemies. The difference? You would be more ‘humane’ about it(?) . . . So we’re looking at Brave New World more than 1984? Good grief.

    1. You can have it my way: nice and easy, implemented with loving care and respect for the individual and the society he or she lives in. My way is slow and mindful.

      …or you can have it their way: brutal and horrifying, implemented with cold indifference and complete disregard for the individual or any other living creature! Their way is extremely fast and efficient, albeit bloody.

      The choice is yours to make, Mike…either way it’s coming right now, whether you like it or not. Why now? Why the rush?

      Converging technologies, Mike…specifically: Nanotechnology, Biotechnology, Information Technology, and Cognitive Science. Right now, a fully equipped genetics lab – one capable of producing extremely lethal bio-weapons – costs about $7-10 million to build and requires 10-15 highly trained people to operate…10 years from now a similar, but far more efficient, lab will cost about $100,000. to build and equip and could be operated by a single well trained individual…one who maybe has a homicidal grudge against white people!

      At any rate, the convergence of these technologies is accelerating and the bad guys have a huge lead on us! The bad guys (government/corporate types) are very paranoid and panicked and will soon have the power to impose an unbreakable tyranny over us all! And they most certainly will do it, to protect themselves! So, questions like the ones you posed earlier are not only unhelpful but are actually quite harmful as they sow the seeds of doubt and indecision, in lesser minds!

      In fifty years, we’ll either be living lives of unparalleled beauty and richness…or we’ll all be dead and replace by machines! Do what you will, I’ll be working my @ss off for the former!

      1. correction: the above should read (Bilderberg/CFR types) instead of (government/corporate types).

        1. little guy, it’s funny you should mention the Bilderberg group. Most people stay far away from that one for fear of being called some kind of fruitcake. We are just supposed to believe that the most powerfull people in the world get together to BS and drink tea. Nothing happening here just move along! I’m sure they aren’t planning anything and if they were it must be great for all of us poor ignorant sheep. Me oh my what would we do without thier benevolence?


        2. Brad, if you know about Bilderberg, maybe you’ve heard of the Bohemian Grove? The top US military brass get together every year with politicians, executives from the defense industry, and artists of every flavor, for a naked-homosexual-romp-around in the redwood forests of northern Cali; make ritual sacrifices to a giant owl effigy; and plot the next steps of world domination! Talk about a bunch of whacked-out, fu@ked-up, fruitcakes! LMAO! XD *cry* T.T

          Richard Nixon said of the BG: “The Bohemian Grove, which I attend from time to time–it is the most faggy goddamned thing you could ever imagine…”

          So, I’m not too worried about some ding-a-ling american calling me a fruitcake! ;)

    1. I ordered the book you mentioned, swan.

      Walt and Mearsheimer should examine this material…I’ve emailed them both about this matter and I urge everyone else to do the same.

    1. Mike Morris, I know it may sound like something out of a Science Fiction movie but it’s not. “The Bohemian Grove” is in fact a real place where the global elite congregate for among other things the “Cremation of Care” a pagan worship service centered around a huge owl where they burn effigies of human sacrifices, while chanting and prancing around in robes and wild costumes. It’s all well documented and you can easily find the info on the web. I don’t know what these jokers are up to but I truly doubt if it’s good. They claim it’s just for unwinding and having fun. But at the same time claim that “The Grove is particularly famous for a Manhattan Project planning meeting that took place there in September 1942, which subsequently led to the atomic bomb”. The list of members is a who’s who of global elite including both Bush’s, Clinton, Reagon, Nixon and many more. It’s an all male membership also.


    2. You’re right, Mike, I have watched too many Matrix movies…the first one was, by far, the best; Reloaded and Revolution just plain sucked…so, yeah, two too many Matrix movies!

      …moving on: Google! Use it! Instead of typing in: “two girls, one cup” or “guy gets f#@ked to death by horse”, just type in: “Bohemian Grove”, “Bilderberg”, “FEMA concentration camps”, “Shock Doctrine”, or “500,000 coffins in Atlanta” and hit enter…you’ll have enough to keep you busy for the next year or so. ;)

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