Al-Qaeda’s Moroccan Swedish Iraqi Leader

It appears that the US raid in Mosul we reported earlier this month which killed 11, including several women and children, was in fact the same raid that killed Abu Qaswarah, the much ballyhooed al-Qaeda in Iraq second in command.

Qaswarah has an interesting background. A native of Morocco, he held Swedish citizenship, allegedly has connections to the Brandbergen Mosque. He somehow parlayed his North African slash Scandinavian background into the role of senior al-Qaeda in Iraq leader in northern Iraq.

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  1. It seems like we are always getting the number 2 guy at al-Qaeda. Lots and lots of number 2 guys. Being number 2 at al-Qaeda must be like being a vice-president at a bank.

  2. What business does a guy from Morocco have being in Sweden? The European countries were foolish to throw away their racial homogeneity. Just look at what has happened to the United Kingdom. Anyone remember the 7/7 suicide attacks?

    1. “racial homogeneity.” = inbreeding, not usually considered a good thing. It never prevented earlier Europeans from killing each other, either. Read _Heimskringla_, which has a lot about warfare in Iron Age Sweden, probably a very-inbred period.

      Lester Ness (Norwegian)

      1. Wow! What a bizarre revisionist you are. Whatever the connection between Iron-age Scandanavia and modern-day migration of third world aliens to Sweden is just lost on me chap.

        1. Andy,

          The European countries invite immigration to their countries, not for the lack of awareness of the consequences of wide scale, during a long period of course, immigration by other races and cultures. It is because they need the labor. They need it for two reasons. The first is naturally what a laborer does. It does labor, and the more the laborers the cheaper the cost. Not to mention that the decaying originally native European population has given new meaning to that notion. The second is that the imported labor, be it permanent immigration or temporary labor, is always, and by definition grateful. It fills vacuums and voids rather nicely and without much fuss. Immigrated labor has always spelled the death of any labor movement in the destination country. And it all stands, even in the current European environment and in the post 9/11 America. The West is still, as always, hungry for immigrants.

          Of course there is another consequence to mass movement of skilled or unskilled workforce from other parts of the world to the centers of economic prominence. And that is the labor and brain drain that it puts on the countries outside of the West. In the case of educated and skilled workforce, the originating country, which is usually much poorer than the Western country, immediately looses years of investment that it has made on its population for the purpose of getting out of the cycle of poverty and stagnation, while the Western countries are the immediate beneficiary of that workforce. In the case of the unskilled labor, it usually follows in the breakdown of local communities and cultural and traditional structures with usually tragic consequences.

          Anyway, I think that Lester Ness is right. Racial coherence never stopped Europeans from killing each other on grand scales. The last example was WWII. Of course the perceived outsiders were the target of the most vicious manifestations of Europe’s primitive instincts, but a greater number of non-Jewish people were also killed in that purely European endeavor. Granted, a lot of European or American citizens with non-European racial backgrounds makes it a lot harder to just draw the line and get done with it, than the Euro-American establishment would have liked it to be.

    2. What business do guys from Europe have being in the ‘Americas’? The Indiginous ‘Americans’ were foolish to throw away their ‘racial homogeneity’. Just look at what has happened to the Mayans?. Anyone remember the 15 century holocaust?

      1. The indigenous ‘Americans’ FOUGHT against the Europeans – who arrived centuries ago by the way – they didn’t invite the Europeans in with open arms, or give them welfare. Europe could and should have stayed homgeneous, just like Japan did. No one is complaining about racial tensions inside Japan. And the Japanese are perfectly happy being Japanese and intend to stay that way. Again how does this Muslim migration BENEFIT Sweded?

        1. Without the generousity and help of the indigenous people the Europeans would have starved to death.

        2. Largely a historical myth and certainly not true for the Spaniards who had their hearts ripped out on pyramids by the Aztecs. In any case this doesn’t answer my question. How does muslim migration to Sweden – which the Swedish people never asked for or voted upon in referenda – benefit Sweden? Why shouldn’t Sweden act in its own best interests and stay homogeneous? Do you really believe it is wise for Sweden to allow a large ethnic or racial foreign-minority group to develop in its borders, where historically it never had any at all? If you believe it is wise state WHY.

        3. “The indigenous ‘Americans’ FOUGHT against the Europeans”!

          How would those indigenous ‘Americans’ dare to fight the poor Europeans and try to keep them off their land?!!

          This typical! Whenever Europeans set foot on somebody else’s lands,they act as if the lands belonged to them or Godgiving to them,and the natives never belonged there.

          If you were a Swedish you should have asked your government these questions since ,to my knowldge,Sweden is a democracy.

        4. I’m NOT ASKING the Swedish government. I’m ASKING YOU. How does muslim immigration BENEFIT Sweden? How does making Sweden less Swedish and needlessly creating a minority-ethnic/racial problem benefit Sweden? Either muslim immigration is a good thing or it is a bad thing. If you think it is a good thing, then don’t duck my question but TELL ME WHY IT IS A GOOD THING. As for being a “democracy” since when has being a democracy ever meant the voices of the ordinary people are heard? Most Americans have wanted out of Iraq since at least the Congressional elections in 2006. American troops are still there.

    3. what business do the Europeans being in the Gulf in 1990?and sending their armed forces to kill Iraqis? for the 7/7 maybe should look into M16 hidden hands in it.

      1. I didn’t support the Gulf war in 1990. And I don’t support the current one either. And I also don’t support muslim migration to Sweden.

        1. “Europe could and should have stayed homgeneous, just like Japan did”?!

          How Europe could be homogeneous with so many diefferent languagges, so many different ethnic groups that have fought each others?

    4. When Timothy McVeigh used a truck bomb in Oklahoma in 95 killing 168 innocent people and injuring 100’s. Why teh press never invocked his is an Irish or Scottish American???
      It seems to me that each time a 2nd generation of north african origins (hence not 100% Moroccan nor whatever) ends up getting involved in this kind of bad choices, “the country of origin always get highlighted”. Why???
      A 2nd generation born in a country X IS a citizen of country X. Period.
      Otherwise we should then blame Italy for mafia terror in the US, blame Scotland or Ireland because of Timothye McCveigh etc.
      Enough is Enough!

      1. The basic flaw in your argument is to assume that Sweden is historically an immigrant-descended country like America was. This is simply not true. Should Japan have millions of migrant muslims?

        1. The Japanese don’t think so. And that’s THEIR RIGHT. Ditto Sweden. Go social engineer your own country. Google ‘In praise of homogeneity’ by Jared Taylor. I don’t see what Sweden gains by becoming less Swedish. I don’t see where Sweden is ahead by allowing third-world muslim migrants to settle in its land. I must say I am surprised by the ridiculous replies my comment has received (one reader suggested Swedish immigration policies – assuming Sweden should even have any immigration at all – should be related to 15th century Mayan Indians. WTF?) Immigration, particularly non-White immigration should not be a taboo topic, nor should it invite such knee-jerk responses. One of the reasons I like and support it financially is because it goes against the grain and is not politically correct. Or so I thought. After 9/11 I questioned the Bush administration’s versions of events including its contention that the terrorists motivation was “hatred for us because were free”. I thought that was ridiculous and said so. I was virtually ostracized at my work and even accosted on several occasions.

        2. Actually, J. doesn’t have enough young people to man their factories, hence employ Chinese students, Filipino guest-workers, etc. and then whine chauvinistically.

          Lester Ness

        3. Actually Japan is one of the most homogeneous countries in the world, with extremely low crime rates. Japanese can walk safely alone at night in their capital city Tokyo. How many Americans would dare to walk alone at night down the dark grim streets of D.C.?

        4. If you’re going to gon about supporting racial homogeneity (i.e., racism) being the panacea of any coutnry, Japan or otherwise, I’d like to ask you two things:

          How do you explain Canada’s peace and prosperity?

          Are you aware that the Japanese are themselves immigrants and that they repress the native Ainu population? And the Korean minority, etc.? Finally how do you respond to the fact that Japan’s homogeneous country became militarist dictatoriship bent on regional domination and which led to a policy of self-destruction at every level? By your arguments anything that happens in Japan or Sweden seems to happen there ‘because’ of their racial make up. You’re cherry picking ‘good’ examples, no?

        5. Canada’s prosperity existed long before the flood of third-world immigrants that the Liberal party let in beginning in the 1960’s. Canadian cities now have much higher rates of crime. You all seem to act as if immigration is a right. IT IS NOT. Immigration is a privilege.

  3. I agree Richard, it’s hilarious how many “major Al qaeda” operatives there are. Kill an “Ay-rab” and write him up as a big shot. Anything to sustain the illusion of “progress in the war.”

  4. Inbreeding among 300 million Europeans? Cmon, get your genetics staight. There's nothing wrong with letting people in, but you dont have to tolerate their religious/violent horsesh*t. The parents will be religious, and the children will find it in conflict with music and sex, just like immigrants in the past. Islam is a threat to Europe, however, and liberals need to admit it, and I'm a liberal. Liberals dislike religious nutcase christians, and Islam is as bad if not worse. Europeans dont need that many immigants to stir up the gene pool anyway. What they need to do is pay their own women to have children, preferably with an American immigrant like me.

    1. I wonder who has been thraetening whom for several centries?Who has been waging wars against the other,invading the other’s countries?killing millions,and displacing millions other in just the past few years?

      Islam has nutcases ,therfoe it is a threat!But Christianity is not even it has nutcases!

        1. You haven’t been listening to Rod Parsley et al.! The Armegeddonites are genuinely dangerous, especially as one of their own controls nukes. Pray that Sarah Palin doesn’t become C-in-C!

          Lester Ness

      1. Just published in the Careers section of the Army Times: ”Applications are invited for the post of second-in-command of Al Qaeda. Applicants should note that the post will be awarded posthumously to the successful candidate. To qualify for this post you must be situated in a safe house currently under surveillance by US drones.”

  5. Don’t assume that he’s genuinely a top leader, just because his killer said so.

    Lester Ness

  6. Just more “war on terror” propoganda from the militarists. And I will read Heimskringla, (thanks Lester) because I still wonder if during the 70’s, I should have immigrated to Sweden.

    1. I got my copy fo Heimskringla from Project Gutenberg, if I remember right. At present, I enjoy life teaching English in Kunming, China, but I sometimes wonder if I would not be better off if my grandfather had not returned to Norway around 1920, as he originally planned.

      Lester Ness

  7. Abdel-Hay Alami, a lawyer who represented Abu Qaswarah in Sweden, told Swedish breakfast radio that he doubted his former client could have been such a key leader.
    He was simply ‘a religious Muslim’ who wanted to live according to his faith, Alami said, adding that his former client had little formal education and worked as a waiter in Sweden, speaking poor Swedish and simple Arabic.

    A waiter!?

  8. The EU has no choice but to let in immigrants. Immigrant workers represent the only hope, if one exists at all, to finance the retirement part of Europe’s celebrated cradle to grave welfare system. Just as in the US, the number of retirees is now growing, and will continue to grow, relative to the number workers who can be taxed to fund the pay-as-you-go pension system. The Europeans, along with prosperous people everywhere, are failing to reproduce themselves in sufficient numbers.

    So the options available to prevent a collapse of the pension system are to raise taxes, reduce benefits and or delay retirement, which is political suicide. A more politically palatable option is to encourage immigration to increase the number of young taxable bodies relative to the number of seniors. However, in the long run, which politicians are indifferent to, this option is cultural suicide. The EU has opted for the latter as has the US which is facing the same retirement crisis.

    One money raising advantage that the US possesses relative to Europe is that the US can liquidate its empire and drastically cut back on military spending. This, of course, requires a stiff political spine that is notable for its absence.

    1. Not only cultural suicide, but financial ruin too. When that next generation retires an even larger host will be needed to support it. George Gilder favored open borders in America partly because of the looming Social Security crisis. He apparently lacked the wit to understand that the newcomers will themselves have to be supported someday–perhaps by all the rest of the world coming to America?

  9. No matter what those ‘moslims’ do they ain’t never gonna top what those lovely German Christians did to those 6 million Jews.

  10. “Columbus was made governor of the new territories and made several more journeys across the Atlantic Ocean. He profited from the labour of native slaves, whom he forced to mine gold; he also attempted to sell some slaves to Spain.[citation needed] While generally regarded as an excellent navigator, he was a poor administrator and was stripped of the governorship in 1500.[citation needed]

    On his immediate discovery of the Taíno people (one of three local Arawak-speaking indigenous groups), whom he met right after arriving on the island of Guanahani in the Bahamas on his first voyage, Columbus got the impression that he could conquer these people easily. In his journal he wrote, “I could conquer the whole of them with fifty men and govern them as I please” – and he proceeded to do just that.

    He kidnapped some ten to twenty-five Indians and took them back to Spain. Only about seven or eight survived this journey but with the parrots, gold trinkets and other exotic loot Columbus displayed to the Spanish government he was able to persuade them into providing him with seventeen ships, nearly 1,500 men, cannons, crossbows, guns, cavalry, and attack dogs for the voyage.

    He returned to Hispaniola and the Taíno (Arawaks) in 1493 demanding food, gold, spun cotton and whatever else they could get from the Indians. Cooperation was ensured by a punishment system: any minor offense by an Arawak would result in a Spaniard cutting off his ears or nose only to be sent back to the village as living, breathing, bleeding example of the work expected and the brutality the Spaniards were capable of.”

    1. How does any of this mean that muslim immigration to Sweden is a good thing? Or any immigration at all? I am at a loss to see why Swedish policies should be predicated on the actions taken – over 500 years ago – by an Italian in the employ of Spain. Not one single poster has addressed MY QUESTION or responded with intelligent commentary. I suspect some of them were non-White immigrants living in the west trying to ‘justify’ their presence here. Everything they have said is just rationalization and self-deception. I don’t know what other posters motivations are but inviting the world in can be every bit as dangerous and undesirable as invading the world. The west needs to BOTH get out of the third world – AND GET THE THIRD WORLD OUT OF THE WEST.

      1. This in response to your brinning the subject!!
        “Comment by Andy
        2008-10-17 17:33:15
        Largely a historical myth and certainly not true for the Spaniards who had their hearts ripped out on pyramids by the Aztecs. In any case this doesn’t answer my question. How does muslim migration to Sweden – which the Swedish people never asked for or voted upon in referenda – benefit Sweden? Why shouldn’t Sweden act in its own best interests and stay homogeneous? Do you really believe it is wise for Sweden to allow a large ethnic or racial foreign-minority group to develop in its borders, where historically it never had any at all? If you believe it is wise state WHY.”

        1. You keep bringing old history,but you attack any one who does the same!

          And you’re so much fixated solely on muslims immigrations.And turned the subeject of disscussion to something else.As forthe case of Sweden ,I never been to Sweden and therfore I can about the specifics.But since,you must be a citizen of Sweden you can tell us why ‘Muslims immigrations’ is bad for Sweden,but not other immigrations.

        2. I’M BRINGING UP “OLD HISTORY”???? Your the one who keeps referring to the 15th century, not me. And YOU NEVER DID ANSWER my QUESTION. How deos Sweden BENEFIT from muslim migration? What does Sweden HAVE TO GAIN from becoming less Swedish? Nobody has addressed my questions.

        3. Why is it only the Muslims immigration the problem for you?wouldn’t Polish,Hungarian,Russian,or any other European immigration to Sweden change the demography of Sweden.What problems you see with muslim immigration to Sweden since you are a Sewdish citizen?

        4. No. These would be ETHNIC, NOT RACIAL, minorities. In a few generations they would be visually indistinguishable from other Swedes, except, perhaps, by their surnames. These peoples would also be Christians so there would not be the kind of massive social and cultural dislocations one would find with Islamic immigration. You are either very naive or a non-westerner engaging in rationalization and self-deception. I see no gain at all to Sweden from allowing muslims or foreign racial groups into their country.

        5. Since we’re all human, aren’t we all the same race?

          Anyway, to attempt to answer Andy’s question. Here in Australia immigration is needed because our population is actually decreasing – as is most of Europe’s if I am not mistaken. Apparently (I’m no expert) our economies rely on growth to be successful – growth which at the moment can only come from immigration.

          So if all or most Western countries need immigrants for growth, it follows that these immigrants will be from non-Western countries.

          Another answer is probably the fact that Sweden is very generous in accepting refugees.

        6. Muslims are of so many racial groups not one racial group!Albenians are Europeans and also Muslims,so are the Bosnians who lived in Europe for centries.What would you suggest to do about them since they disrupt the homogeneity of Europe!?

  11. Can any one elaborate on the concepet of “European racial homogeneity.”?Are all European countries of the same race ?Are Guals,the franks,the vickings,saxons….etc all realted?

  12. “Born to missionary parents in Japan, Taylor lived in that country until he was 16 years old. His parents were conventional liberals, and so was he until the age of 30…

    He is the author of Shadows of the Rising Sun: A Critical View of the Japanese Miracle (1983) ISBN 0-688-02455-6, in which he wrote that Japan was not an appropriate economic or social model for the United States, and criticized the Japanese for excessive preoccupation with their own uniqueness.”

    Why would the Japanese have allowed Christian missionries into their country and chnage their religion?

  13. Nationalism is a 20th century malady. My Grandfather was a journeyman butcher in Europe before emigrating to the US in 1912. He had told me how he was able to travel all over Eastern Europe without concern for national borders. Closed and protected borders must have come with the war hysteria and general madness of “The Great War”. Tribal and ethnic hostlities have always been around, religious hostilities also. But hostilities arising from which side of an arbitrary geographical boundary one lives on is sheer craziness. Why should a Cuban be my enemy but if he climbs on a raft and floats to Florida, he is now my brother. Ditto the Arabs, the Russians, etc. What else is nationalism except emotionalism based upon geography? Einstein called nationalism an infantile disease similiar to measles in that it affects mostly the childish. When I see a person like Lou Dobbs getting so steamed up about “illegal immigrants”, I just see an unhappy person totally confused as to his real place in the universe. A few friends, knowing my attitudes, ask “Well, Richard, what are you going to do when all of the Mexicans are up here”? My answer is “Move to Mexico when it gets too crowded”. It will be a happy day for the World when we get over nationalism, and people like Ms Palin are treated as the sociopaths that they are.

  14. Note: Just because I dislike hostility based solely upon geographical nationalism doesn’t mean that I approve of hostility based upon religious or racial differences. Religious hostility like that between Shiites and Sunnis is just more craziness. Hostility based upon race, a prime example being Zionism, is just a throwback to an earlier evolutionary time – like maybe the Stone Age.

  15. There is no “Al Queda in Iraq.” The very name was the basis of a US propaganda campaign, initiated with al Zarquawi in 2004. This fake boogie man was already dead before he supposedly made a splash in Iraq. US military sources have admitted that they “exaggerated” his role as a psyops tactic, yet our servile press (and blinded populace) accept whatever they are spoon fed.

    Get it straight: “Al Queda” is an American invention. The crew of muslim zealots, drug dealers, and guns for hire was organized by the US military intelligence for use in Afghanistan, the former Soviet republics, and later in Bosnia, Kosovo and even Lebanon. There is ample evidence through the Clinton years that even the infamous “Osama Bin Laden” was on the US payroll for his work with the Kosovo Liberation Army, the gang of muslim drug dealers and murderers who were eventually rewarded with the keys to that province.

    The idea of “Al Queda in Iraq” is neither logical (a murderous Sunni movement allegedly fostering indiscriminate murderous rampages against Shiites, and Americans in Iraq in the name of fostering divisions) nor factual. Please, dear readers, think two, three, ten times, or whatever it takes, to decipher reality from these reports. Whose interests do they serve? Does the occupying army gain by the idea of a Al Queda in Iraq, on whom it can blame all the assassinations, indiscriminate murders, and sectarian atrocities happening in that godforsaken land? Of course they do. This is why they made it up.

  16. Check the BBc story about Yemen arresting a terrorist cell which Yemen says is linked to the Israeli intelligence.

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