If the Shoe Fits, Duck!

Which is exactly what President Bush did, twice, to avoid shoes thrown at him by an Iraqi journalist today in Baghdad:

He said: “It is the farewell kiss, you dog.”

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  1. too bad he isnt as good at dodging neocon con artists as he is at dodging shoes…

    but i have to admit that he showed lots of athletic cool… all reflexes, no brain.

    1. That was awesome! It would have been great had it hit him dead on right in the face! It still does not serve as justice to all the thousands of civilians that have died in the Iraq genocide:(

    2. We already knew he is good and dodging. He dodged the draft in Vietnam war, he dodged the SEC investigation into the companies he ran to the ground. then he dodged the challenges against his phony presidency, all successfully, he dodged the charges of obstruction of justice in several congressional inquiry (Cheany’s energy task force, 9/11 commission) then he dodged the whole Plame-gate and the intelligence-gate, and Nigerian yellow cake, two elections, and to top it all, he dodged two shoes thrown at him.

      He is a master dodger.

  2. The president has some great reflexes for an old man! That shoe would have nailed him if he didn’t duck just at the nick of time

  3. some folks are going to throw shoes at the white house – or mail bush a shoe.

    I am going to put a picture of the bottom of my shoes on a postcard, with the Iraqi’s message and mail it in. Postcards can be made out of stock card paper or cardboard, and cost 27 cents to mail. I put wide clear tape over the picture and the writing.

    If I lived near by, I would throw a shoe over the white house fence.

    1. Well Said, Fan of Raimondo and Garris! The statement made by the journalist was spot on. This was the voice of Iraqi people, both Sunni and Shia.

  4. Too bad he missed. Seriously, the incident may also have had some symbolism. In Arab culture hitting someone with your shoe is considered the gravest insult.

  5. I’m sure he is being justly rewarded at this minute in some dark dank cell awaiting the next beating.

  6. That journalist is a hero. The only thing better than a direct hit would have been if the other Iraqi journalists had joined in.

  7. The strait-laced Iraqi journalist is solely responsible for getting the upper hand, throwing at that heel Bush.

  8. This video is hilarious and has already gone viral on the net. It will go down as one of the great moments in journalistic history.

    Judith Miller and the rest of the in-bedded US media, eat your hearts out.

  9. Anyone get that Iraqi’s name? Shoe dude should get a Nobel Prize for spontaneous honesty.

  10. Folks, as much as we all dislike Bush and he deserved this absolutely, let’s not make him the scapegoat for it all.

    Shoes/heavy items need to be thrown at, “if you will”, Cheney, Wolfowitz, Perle, Abrams, Rumsfeld, Feith, Podhertz, and more… While we are at it, why not throw some at Lie-bermann and Madeline Alberight (for her “worth it comments” about Iraqi children dying back in the ’90’s). I think Colin Powell deserves them too for his so-called WMD testimony against Iraq at the UN in ’03. He had his doubts then, but no cajones to say “NO, This is a lie!” He lied, people died.

    Who knows, we may see shoes being thrown at Obama in Iran or Georgia in the coming years.
    You can probably tell I am not hopeful at Obama’s “change” and am cynical. He has surrounded himself by people who should be shoe-d. Maybe I should have majored in journalism so I could do it too!


  11. As the journalist was hauled off, he yelled: “This is from the widows, the orphans and those who were killed in Iraq.” You’ll notice that the American media is not reporting those words. I guess it makes Bush look bad, and the media has fallen all over itself during the past eight years trying to make Bush look good.

    I suppose we can now say that “the insurgency is in its last ‘throws'” … (Hubris Sonic)

  12. Wow! Very quick reflexes! Is this the same Bush that choked on a pretzel and passed out and nearly died?

  13. Finally, an unscripted moment from the Emperor! Those ducks were the only honest thing I’ve seen the man do in public, ever.

    1. He has had plenty of practice in ducking and dodging responsibility for his actions for his whole life. The shoes were easy to avoid.

    1. Thanks for the link
      Info in the evil empire is hard to come by, AntiWar and its contributors are the exception to the rule!

  14. Shoe Dust For the Mammon Trust

    Bless that shoe hurling hand
    give that journalist a medal
    The outgoing dog of dirt has no metal
    those incoming farewell shoes were so becoming
    a truly fitting W farewell tribute
    for the puppet dog’s last shoe stand duck
    for the ‘duck and cover’ empire dog

    ‘Shock and awe’ didn’t bring flowers
    The ‘born again bomber’ didn’t bring security
    The ‘greatest purveyor of terror’ in all the land
    where ‘guns and butter’ profit had the upper hand
    with the W led walking insult to Homo Errectus
    (as Homo Sapiens was far far behind)
    the soulless chimp of the Bagdad bust
    leaves with little more than shoe dust
    for the empire of the mammon god we trust.

  15. So you don’t like President Bush, fine, I get it. And that is certainly your right. But some shmuck throws his shoes at our President and it does not offend you? Where is your sense of patriotism? I did not vote for Barack Obama but if he were to travel overseas and some lunatic would throw his shoes at him I would be pretty pissed off nontheless.

    And BY THE WAY, President Bush helped to remove Saddam Hussein from power, I wonder what would have happend to this guy if he threw his shoes at Saddam Hussein? Hmmmm????

    1. Bush is a war criminal. He started a war for no good reason that has killed at least one million innocent Iraqis and displaced four million more. If there was such a thing as justice in the world then Bush would be swinging from the end of a rope for his crimes. He is lucky to get off with just getting a couple of shoes thrown at him. I just regret that one of those shoes did not hit its target.

    2. You can’t be serious. Can you?? I don’t think it’s “patriotic” to support an obviously bad president who did an obviously terribly wrong thing. What WOULD YOU DO if an Arab leader had invaded and occuppied America, killed millions of Americans, wounded still millions more, displaced millions of others and all on a trumped up false charge? For a war criminal Bush has gotten off very lightly indeed.

    3. “Where is your sense of patriotism?”

      It died long ago and was replaced with a sense of anger, shame, and hopelessness.

    4. Tim R,
      I only wish that I had been the “shmuck” throwing the shoes. And the only thing that offends me is that this ass—e has been our President for the last 8 years

    5. Fine, Tim, the next one chucked at him will be painted in the Stars and Stripes.

      And, no, it’s not offensive. It’s appropriate. The guy deserves more than just shoes chucked at him: eggs, tar and feathers, indictments, impeachments, prison clothes, etc. He not only lost America’s respect, but he flushed the world’s respect as well.

      And the same would hold true for any interventionist statist scum, no matter what his name. He ought to be happy it was only one pair of shoes and not the entire collection from the local Payless.

      There is now a movement afoot (no pun intended) to send photos of shoes to the White House, and to tie pairs of them to the outside fences at the Ellipse. Empty combat boots, preferably.

    6. Patriotism?

      I’d like to read your definition of patriotism.

      Are there any values higher than “patriotism?”

      Bush is a traitor to so called American ideals. Is he still a patriot?

    7. Bush was lucky that the journalist was humane enough to throw only shoes and not some of the explosive stuff that Bush has ordered thrown against the Iraqi people.

  16. If there’s any justice left in this nation, Bush (and a number of his cronies) will be made to do a post-term perp walk, and have a deputy take his shoes away while he awaits trial for defrauding the USA into a war of aggression (later, they can try him for war crimes).

    1. Di quella pira,

      I’m guessing but this rendering by Pavarotti’s of di quella pira to which you link us had to have been a product of the early part of his career. It seems to me too disciplined to have come out of his “commercial” period. In any case, you are a man of surpassing tastes. In the presence of such great art as Verdi serves up to us, who has time for someone tossing a shoe at Bush. :-)

      Here’s a Christmas gift for you in return, the maestro, Alfredo Kraus, Ecco ridente in cielo from Il Barbieri: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BqCAiti3HD8.

  17. it is necessary to say that in Islam “dog” is a very dirty animal ( of course not a bad one) and you have to and it is needed to wash your hand if you touch it !

  18. I think a shoe in the hand is worth two in the bush
    Sadly the man was a sole trader perhaps he might grow who knows?

  19. It would have been sad if no cameras had caught this ballistic attack, but this is gold! I do wonder what will happen to that journo; surely he’ll become a hero among the ppl.

  20. If Bush had the presence of mind, he wouldn’t have ducked. Don’t forget that he is the Commander in Chief. If he had been hit, he could have awarded himself a Purple Heart for injury sustained in a war zone. Bush could have ended his presidency as a war hero! Which other President has such bragging rights?

  21. The scum of Iraq have infiltrated the media – what a surprise!!! I see the ex-journalist is up on charges of up to 7 years. Had he done that to saddam the coward would have been fed to the lions – literally – while saddam watched. Maybe saddam was right in some ways on how to deal with traitors and cowards…..
    Peace hasn’t worked, give war a chance.

    1. “Peace hasn’t worked, give war a chance.”

      Wait, are you being sarcastic? I can’t tell because I’ve met people like this who have so little brain to work with it’s a wonder they can actually function.

    2. How exactly does an Iraqi betray an American president? There are so many wackos like this guy out there.

  22. pro-american you completely miss the point of what it means to truly be pro american. What will it take for you to realise your leaders have been working to ruin your life for the last half century. Look around you. Can you honestly be happy with the current state of affairs. At one point the US was the strongest economic power in the world, where most of the world’s innovation took place. What has it become now in the name of profit and power for the elite? A service based economy means the people don’t create much of anything. The biggest US exports now are US dollars and weapons/wars. That’s why there’s a recession, that’s why the government and people are broke, and that’s why people throw shoes at the president.

    1. The day is fast approaching when many Americans will be sorely tempted to toss their shoes at public officials. However, they will refrain from doing so not because of fear of punishment but because they will be too poor to afford losing good shoes!

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