What’s the SOFA Say About Shooting a Deaf Girl?

Just hours after the Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) in Iraq took effect, we reported that American forces shot a civilian woman in Baghdad.

Such a shooting was expected to be a big test for the SOFA, which ostensibly was meant to prevent the US from shooting and arresting so many civilians. But the US now has an explanation, and that seems good enough for the Iraqis.

See, that woman, an employee of Biladi Television, seemed suspicious, so they screamed at her to stop. When she didn’t, they fired two warning shots into her stomach. All perfectly innocent, right?

Except of course that the woman they shot couldn’t hear… now it’s been awhile since I read the SOFA, but I don’t recall there being an exemption for shooting deaf people in the question of legal immunity for crimes against civilians.

16 thoughts on “What’s the SOFA Say About Shooting a Deaf Girl?”

  1. It explains the results of occupation .Fearful and fast on triger fingers of the occupation soliders.

      1. It is true, but it is a given that whatever character is president of America, there will always be this kind of behavior by the American military. It is the American military that has played to the fullest its role in pushing for such a policy. In their view, there is nothing more pathetic than the sight of a soldier with nothing to kill. Semper fi, they scream, and they mean it. The American soldier has destroyed enough Iraqis under its boots to know by now, what is wrong and what is right. still, they keep shooting the innocent. That woman was deaf, but nowhere it says that she was also stupid and did not know after six years of occupation how to approach professional murderers when going to work or coming home from work. Still, I understand you all. It is the thought of having to live with these murderers, who have tasted blood and are addicted to it, that somehow psychs you into assuming that they are somehow innocent and can be regarded as ordinary citizens when they are back in your midst. So, they went thousands of miles to the other side of the world to kill Iraqis for a college education in return. If they get their way, and it seems that they are, American colleges will soon be full of blood thirsty murderers, who will go on to fill the next generation’s policy makers and administrators who will in turn infect the next generation of American kids with their disease. I do not envy you. America is a now a model and a concept to be avoided at all costs by other nations of the world.

        1. Ali, I usually agree with you on your postings. However, in this case your assuming that war affects all people in the same way. Yes, some of these Joe’s will come back messed up and bloodthirsty. Most of them will not. In fact many of them will come back as war protesters. I have read enough of your postings to know that your a smart person. Please don’t make yourself appear ignorant by claiming all US soldiers are simply out for blood. I served in the US infantry and was deployed for combat twice. I am now one of the most anti-war people you will every find, and I am not alone. Most of the people I served with hate war with a passion unmatched by the average US citizen. Blaming brainwashed scared children for the destruction of Iraq is shortsighted. No, I wouldn’t call any of them heros nor would I suggest anyone should join this murderous action, but it is also wrong to say that every member of the military is simply out for blood.


        2. I do worry about the long-term consequences of the war, both in terms of Timothy McVeigh’s being created, domestic violence, cost of caring for wounded soldiers and Iraqi children and youth who will be future “terrorists” because of what has been done to them, their families, communities and Iraq. The people responsible for this will be safely retired and living very comfortably. Cheney and Bush will undoubtedly return to their Wyoming and Texas ranches like retiring Prussian Junkers returning to their country estates. The neocons will melt away into academia or whatever passes for “journalism” in the United States today. Such a miscarriage of justice…

        3. Andy, Your right of course Bush and Cheney are murdering criminals and should be tried for thier crimes. What really gets me is that the murdering daddy Bush who got away with killing thousands of Panamanian civilians along with his Secretary of Defense Cheney is still walking around free. And to top it off he gets his idiot son elected President and appoints his man Cheney to run things. If the public had given a rats behind about the slaughter in Panama they would both have been put away and we wouldn’t be in the mess we are now. We probably would not have even had the first Gulf War because daddy Bush wouldn’t have been around to tell his embassador to give Saddam the go ahead to invade Kuwait.


        4. Brad,

          The story about Panama and Noriega was unknown to me until I read Confessions of an Economic Hit Man by John Perkins a few years ago. I recommend it to anyone who hasn’t read it about how political and economic meddling in Latin America has truly hurt us. Chevron has a current environmental lawsuit against them in Equador that is also mentioned in the book and it is really an eye-opener.

          It also sounded like Noriega had the “goods” on the La Famiglia Bush too.

        5. Brad Smith,

          Thank you. I have also read enough of your posts to know of your sincerity. Thank your for reminding me that it is always wrong to talk in absolute terms. Not every soldier comes back from Iraq a bloodthirsty waste. However, I would like to ask you to consider how many of them end up like you. Five out of one thousand? One hundred out of one thousand? I would say a lot less than ten percent. Maybe another fifty percent just refrain to go there for a second time, but still think that what they did was right. For certain, the rest think that what they did was right and they are ready to go again, or if not contribute to the same or a similar venture. Just consider a military culture where the uncorrupted guy only found it safe to slip a CD of souvenir photos of Abu Ghraib torturers under a superior’s door, to the rapists and murderers who after raping a girl and killing and burning her and her family come back to base and brag about it to everyone, to the platoon commander that surrounds the house and with his soldiers spends all night raping the women of the house. These are just some of the reported cases. God knows how many innocents were killed like that deaf woman. Fallujah, where a systematic premeditated murder of the male population of a small city. By some accounts around 6,000 were killed. They were not killed from the isolation of fighter cockpits but by soldiers on the ground. There are definitely thousands of unreported cases. Two or even one suicide bomber a day, for six years tells a horrific story. There was no suicide bombers in Iraq. We fought them for eight years, and not a single case of suicide attacks by Iraqis was reported. None whatsoever. Add them up, and it is a lot. A lot, lot more than people like you. But you are right. Making sweeping statements like that is wrong.

  2. I don’t even want to think about the consequences of a 5.56 NATO round (or two) through the abdomen. At close range, the round causes tremendous tissue damage. If she lives, I expect she’ll never be able to bear children and will use an ostomy bag for the rest of her life. Another crime the Bu’ushists have to answer for, but probably never will.

  3. This is really depressing me. These gangsters(Bush 1 & 2, Cheney, Oliver North, etc.) get away with all kinds of bs and nothing is ever done. All these books that have come out, all the blogs, and websites that report all these crimes but nothing ever happens. These guys go on to have grand retirements, become pundits for Fox, CNN, MSNBC, become presidents of colleges, etc. What’s the point when nothing is ever done to bring true justice?!

    1. The flip side of the coin, however, is that these scumbags will live the rest of their lives looking over their shoulders and sleeping lightly at night.

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