Obama’s Torture Coverup

Does President Obama have a vested interest in covering up the crimes of the Bush administration?

His decision to block the release of photos of U.S. troops abusing detainees in Iraq and Afghanistan is a reminder that the nation may still be running on “Cheney time.”

As long as the photos are not released, former Bush administration officials can control the narrative – if not the entire debate. They can continue denying that the US government engaged in torture – at the same time they make specious claims about the vast benefits from using ‘extreme interrogation.’

Obama will be damned by the torture masterminds regardless of what he does. His suppression of evidence of their crimes merely aids their efforts to vilify him and makes other Americans – and much of the world – distrust him.

Unfortunately, as with the torture scandal itself, it may be years until we know why the Obama team is colluding with people almost certainly guilty of war crimes.

33 thoughts on “Obama’s Torture Coverup”

    1. The change is in equality, African Americans are just as capable of Torture, Terror and War Crimes as their former Masters.

      They taught them well, didn’t they?

      1. Obama did not have a former North American master. He is an African and American in one. These super people can think and identify with either black or white.

  1. A simple explanation for the cover up: we have a one party system in this country. There may be two heads to the monster, but it’s the same beast.

    It’s also worthy of note that the Democrats are complicit in their support for the war, because it offered them a perfect opportunity to grab power. They knew that they would eventually regain the reins, at which point they could use it for their own benefit. Exposing the malfeasance would upset that strategy, as the sheeple might begin to question their betters in Washington. They might even decide to throw the rascals out, and we can’t have that, can we?

  2. I’m not sure what Bovard’s opinion is, but I think it’s about time for people to stop saying that the Dems are caving into the threats of the Republicans and start looking at the actions of the Dems as indicative of their true agenda. By their fruits ye shall know them. The two parties all run in the same packs, attend the same parties, have the same campaign contributors and read the all the same newspapers. They’re professional politicians and their jobs are dependent on being elected, so they are all attuned to the way the wind blows in Washington because that has been the tried and trued way to remain electable for the past 30 to 40 years at least. If someone decides to try and divert from the conventional wisdom, the parties deem them non-viable and pull their support and money. Theirs is a world of inbred ideology and myopia, one in which the two parties reinforce each others support for policies that are counter to the wishes of the majority of Americans. But, as the only true organized political forces, they haven’t had to reevaluate the truly idiotic policies they’ve enacted. Instead they’ve continually cheered themselves on as they go from one disaster to the next with the press serving as royal ass kissers that revel in their sycophancy and help spread this idiocy throughout the country. So, my point is that Obama and the Democratic Congress aren’t backing down from threats from the other side of the aisle. Hell, they have all the political capital they could ever ask for! Instead, the rhetoric is what it is, rhetoric, and the policies that they’re attempting to mask with it are exactly what the Democrats really want: war and less laws and enforcement of the laws that restrict government official.

  3. Being on top for so long, America believes that things will never change; it will never run out of money; it will always prevail. Things are changing; we are running out of money; we have made too many enemies; are wrong on so many issues, but damn, if we will see it. Through it all, we remain so cocky – almost delusional. The only politicians who can elected are those who contribute to this prideful delusion. No, we can’t admit to torture lest we bring into question our heroic self-worship. No, we don’t need to cut military spending or raise taxes – the world needs our leadership so bad that they will always pick up the tab. Who cares how many Muslims we kill, our God is stronger. Who cares if the Palestinians are getting a raw deal, the Israelis are our allies.
    And so it goes – this constant, gravity-defying show of ignorance wrapped in a flag. The radio talk show clowns, both aisles of Congress, and even Obama all saying the same stupid feel-good lies. It is painful to see and hear. Makes one almost wish for the inevitable fall.

  4. Obama does not want the pictures to get the debate about torture going again because the Democrats were not just passive enablers during the Bush years — and because the military and CIA are now committing the same sorts of war crimes under Obama’s command that they did when Bush was C-in-C.

  5. Bush, Clinton appear on stage together in Canada

    The Republican and Democratic ex-presidents defended each other at a Toronto forum on Friday, disappointing some in the crowd of 6,000 who expected a more heated debate.


    1. The elites know enough to cover for each other. They are all the same. Bush invaded Iraq? Clinton bombed Serbia! Its all the same. By the way they each scored a cool $150,000.00 for their one-evening lame performance. Pretty sweet!

    2. Now, I ask you: Is there any better proof of one-party (i.e. DemoPublican Party) rule in this country? Clinton and Bush are two sides of the same coin.

      Why doesn’t President Obama The Divine want the torture photos released? He’s an unprincipled douche bag, and he probably wants to keep his administration’s criminality under wraps, too. Obama’s looking ahead: He wouldn’t want, say, President Rush Limbaugh in 2013 calling for investigations of his, Obama’s, presidency.

      The DemoPublican Party looks out for its own.

  6. No sense being upset with Obama's unwillingness to deal with the perpetrators of war crimes while one writer whose articles appear at this site with some frequency, Pat Buchanan, finds no difficulty in justifying torture morally. Said so in one of his most recent blog entries. I don't know anyone else here at antiwar.com feels about this but I don't know how comfortable I'd be supporting a site who publishes the work of torture advocates. Someone that knows Buchanan from this site needs to take this jackass aside.

    1. You mean this story, with the variant on the “torture the terrorist quickly to dismantle the ticking time-bomb” fallacy, complete with movie references, this time not being “24” but “Taken”.

      The line of reasoning is pseudo-logical. The pseudo part lies therein that the assumption that Buchanan makes that torture could ever get you valuable intelligence is false. It doesn’t! What it does is get you confirmation of your suggestions. Therefore his “moral” case collapses. You could get the same results as with waterboarding by hypnotizing them and the “intelligence” would be equally valuable + you’d retain the right to call yourself human.

      Whoever condones torture or makes up excuses for it, or tries to construct moral cases for it, has not only lost his rationality, but lost his humanity as well.

      There aren’t that many things that clear and simple in our Universe as this.

      1. Albert,

        No, Albert, here’s the piece to which I was referring:


        And here’s the text of the offending statement:

        “A moral case can be made that, given the murderers we confronted, the prospect of more U.S. dead, the non-lethality of the techniques and the value of the intelligence acquired, it was the right thing to do.”

        To attribute the status of “moral case” to any such combination of alleged “facts” is both to find merit in it and tacitly to find agreement with it. Nothing surprizing here I suppose from a man perfectly happy to support George Bush for re-election in 2004 after having so vocally opposed the Bush Administration’s aggression in Iraq in the years just prior. Buchanan appears to suffer from a terminal case of anti-Democrat, a strange admixture of orientations in which one’s commitment to one’s faith – the very lynchpin of moral reasoning – becomes clouded by a more fundamental loyalty to ideology. A similar disability reared its head in the so-called “just war” and stem-cell reasoning of the late Fr. Richard Neuhaus when his personal political loyalties brought him into conflict with clear Church teaching and/or the unequivocal guidance of the last two popes. Public prominence often begets impairments of vision that humility would never permit. I, for one, would find it hard to justify financial support for antiwar.com if a torture supporting author could continue to find the welcome mat out for his articles.

        1. Buchanan does this song and dance time and again. He’ll roar and denounce this and that and almost as if by some invisible cue he snaps back into line and parrots the same old propaganda. He is a noisy trumpet that gets people worked up and off topic then pulls the rug out from everything. Never fails. Every single time!

        2. MoT,

          I’ve stopped taking Buchanan seriously. What I’d hope is that this site would deal with him and this affection for torture of his in some important way. Antiwar.com won’t get another dime of my money should it host his columns anymore. I can manage his pretentions at being an historian, no serious student of history would ever take his half-baked notions of a benign Hitler as credible anyway, but not a moral failure of this degree, its too basic, too fundamental. I’m finished with Pat Buchanan.

        3. Many years ago I bought into Pat’s so-called “conservatism” because I was young and stupid. But after a while you begin to see this pattern emerge that more than makes the man a political sock puppet with a veneer of “just-war” Christianity. He must practice some amazing moral gymnastics for all the back flips that he does. Simply astounding.

        4. MoT,

          Well, just got my answer. I see another of Buchanan’s articles showcased at this site again today. Looks like the principals at Antiwar.com consider it a matter of monumental insignificance that their site is associated with an author that can find ways to consider torture “moral”. Perhaps they’ll be equally unconcerned now about doing without my contributions. Do you think I’ll be spared the desperate quarterly appeals. :-)

  7. “Unfortunately, as with the torture scandal itself, it may be years until we know why the Obama team is colluding with people almost certainly guilty of war crimes.”

    Ah come on Jim, ain’t it obvious???

    Obango is colluding with big Dick ’cause Obango is doing the same damn thing now…or close too it. He’s all in favor of torture…er… I mean advanced interrogation techniques.

    But hey, Jimbo, it’s OK. Torture is perfectly OK when Obanbgo does it ’cause he’s one of those nice Democrats who are here to help!

  8. The fact that Obama is preventing the release of the photos is a pretty good indication of what is in them. I think the American people really need to have their noses rubbed in this. Of course, the real reason for keeping the photos hidden is not to protect the troops, but to protect the politicians who are ultimately responsible for all these activities.

  9. While I am against torture, not releasing these new pictures does have one good excuse. They could easily lead to a new outrage among radicals and, rightfully so, moderates, which could lead to many more deaths of americans abroad and soldiers. Besides, Rush will just say these are the typical antics of college kids, (just kidding).

    1. “Besides, Rush will just say these are the typical antics of college kids, (just kidding).”

      What college did Rush go to?

      Lester Ness

    2. The notion that realsing those photos would lead to more US causilty is totally absurd.They simply want to keep many Americans from seeing how realy degenerate the US military personals were.And in turn,maintaing the false and the delusional belief held by so many of the US people that they better than any other people.Because the US is so special,we can not ,do not want to,nor care to face the truth.The truth would destroy the masks we wear,and expose who we realy are.

      1. Self-deception is at the very core of American foreign policy and military action.

  10. Hi everybody:

    Just want to remind people here that any bad stuff that Obama does like torture, bombing Afghan villagers, or waging wars of aggression on false pretexts … it’s all Bush’s fault.

    Bush is evil. Bush is bad. Blame Bush.

    Liberals are morally incapable of torture. Only those nasty Neocons/Repubs are capable of such atrocities.

    Oh sure, there was that little thing with the Vietnam War and Operation Phoenix but that was just a minor kerfluffle.

    I know that I speak for all grassroots Obamazoids when I say:

    Obama does not torture.

    Obama is Love.

    Thank you for your time.

  11. America is getting so many skeletons in it’s closet…that they are starting to throw out the bill of rights and the constitution to make room for the photos showing abuse, torture, cruelty,
    ….AND the RAPE of CHILDREN to “encourage” their mothers to tell where their husbands are…

    This is the NEW America….compliments of the boosh/chainey/obama/biden CABAL….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. The other day I was thinking about how shamefull it was to be a white male. Every one of our presidents has been a white male. Isn’t that discustin, it was if my minority had a monopoly on power and the abuse of power. Well now I don’t have to feel so bad. I feel much better knowing that it’s not just a white male complex. It’s about time that those Afro emericans can feel a little shame too! (sarcasm implied, kind of)


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