Flickr Deletes Account of Man Posting Torture Photos

San Francisco Chronicle: Man critical of Obama wiped off the face of Flickr

Gawker’s Ryan Tate chronicles how Yahoo obliterated the Flickr account of user Shepherd Johnson after he blasted Obama over a policy on torture photos.

Johnson, of Virginia man, is none too pleased with the Detainee Photographic Records Protection Act of 2009, otherwise known as the bill that would allow the Obama administration to withhold torture photos. Johnson apparently expressed his disdain for Obama’s support of the law on the White House’s official Flickr photostream. The comments were deleted. Johnson posted more comments, including another Flickr user’s photo of a naked bleeding detainee lying on the floor (warning: graphic). Without warning or explanation, the site erased Johnson’s handiwork along with his account and his 1,200 photos, many of which he did not back up.

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(Jeez, I hope mine don’t bother them.)

Author: Scott Horton

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