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  1. Inside a North Korean Labor Camp

    Conditions in camps for political prisoners are even harsher and feature such pleasantries as “prolonged periods of exposure to the elements; humiliations such as public nakedness; confinement for up to several weeks in small ‘punishment cells’ in which prisoners were unable to stand upright or lie down; being forced to kneel or sit immobilized for long periods; being hung by the wrists; being forced to stand up and sit down to the point of collapse.” Variations on these themes occurred at CIA secret detention facilities, Guantanamo Bay, and, in certain cases, in Afghanistan and Iraq as the result of the Bush administration’s interrogation and detention programs — which, at their root, were modeled on methods taught to U.S. troops to resist torture of the sort practiced by, among others, the North Koreans. So former Vice President Dick Cheney, for instance, can’t call what Euna Lee and Laura Ling may face “torture” on pains of inconsistency. Moral clarity in action.


    1. “So former Vice President Dick Cheney, for instance, can’t call what Euna Lee and Laura Ling may face “torture” on pains of inconsistency. Moral clarity in action.”

      Yeah, so how does Dick Cheney, the closest thing the American political system has ever produced to Hermann Goering, feel about these two young ladies? Is it “torture” they face?

      These reporters are accused of spying, are they not? Let us suppose that the charges are true, that they were, in fact, spying. If a North Korean spy were to be apprehended in this country spying, do you honestly think in light of the recent past that he wouldn’t be tortured? After all, he might know the wherabouts of a “ticking bomb”. Then why shouldn’t the North Koreans torture these women? Maybe they know the whereabouts of a “ticking bomb”. God knows, we’ve threatened them enough with nuclear annihilation and are quite capable of a first strike. And after all, with Stalinist Communism, you’re apt to get a more colorful staging of the whole affair than you would with the CIA.

      1. It is well known that the US has for a long time used repoters,bussinessmen ,overseas teachers,etc as spies against other countries.

        The US has held many repoters without any charges inGuantanamo,Afghnistan,Iraq,etc.It even attaced TV sitations,and killed reportes covering the US wars!

      2. He may well think that “gooks” are not real Americans or real human beings.

        Lester Ness

    2. The North Korean government has recently abrogated the armistice agreement ending the Korean War in 1953. That is a remarkable and very ominous step, yet American officialdom continues to treat these people with an arrogant condescension much as they do with Iran. These are half starved, pollution sickened pigmies led by a first class nut case to hear any and all press commemtaries. How could they possibly have legitimate aspirations? See if you can find any pigmies on this utube:


  2. Yup and Obango will make sure the Amerikan army and all it’s mercenaries are in Iwreck as long as he’s Commander in Thief. They don’t call him Iraq Obombya for nothing.

  3. U.S. Weighs Intercepting North Korean Shipments

    The reference to interdictions — preferably at ports or airfields in countries like China, but possibly involving riskier confrontations on the high seas — was made by Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton. She was the highest-ranking official to talk publicly about such a potentially provocative step as a response to North Korea’s second nuclear test, conducted two weeks ago.


    Talk about the real pirates!

    1. I seriously doubt other countries would allow the US to use their ports to interdict N. Korean ships. Definitely China would not. I’d be surprised if even S. Korea or Japan would.

      Lester Ness

  4. Boumediene said he endured harsh treatment for more than seven years. He said he was kept awake for 16 days straight, and physically abused repeatedly…
    …Boumediene described being pulled up from under his arms while sitting in a chair with his legs shackled, stretching him. He said that he was forced to run with the camp’s guards and if he could not keep up, he was dragged, bloody and bruised….

    ….Oddly, Boumediene said no one at Gitmo ever asked him about the alleged plot to blow up the embassies in Sarajevo. They wanted to know what he knew about al Qaeda and Osama bin Laden, he recounted, which was nothing.

    Boumediene said it was in his interest to lie to the interrogators, who would reward the detainees if they admitted guilt.

    “If I tell my interrogator, I am from Al Qaeda, I saw Osama bin Laden, he was my boss, I help him, they will tell me, ‘Oh you are a good man,'” he said. “But if I refuse ? I tell them I’m innocent, never was I terrorist, never never, they tell me. ‘You are, you are not cooperating, I have to punch you.'”


  5. As I understand it, we have prisoners at Gitmo that we have no desire to try whether they are innocent or not; however, should they choose to become martyrs, they will be allowed to plead guilty to capital crimes (again without trial) and we will accomodate them by summarily executing them. Would we stand for American citizens being treated this way? We have truly become a nation of gutless ass—-s.

  6. Most “Americans” have no problem with any of that.To them,any one being held by the US is without any doubt is terrorist!They are Muslims after all.They can not be innocents,Cheney,said so!

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