Bill Marina, RIP

Revisionist historian William Marina died this morning of a heart attack. Bill was a great libertarian and friend of the late Murray Rothbard.

I encountered Bill several times in the 1970s and always enjoyed his wit and wonderful conversation.

Thanks to Gary North for this sad news. Check out Lew Rockwell’s brief obit. Gary North has a longer obit on Wednesday’s

Check out a few of Bill’s articles:

The Anti-War March on Washington: The Real Issue Is Empire

Holding Up a Mirror to the Face of U.S. “Exceptionalism”

The Three Stooges in Iraq, and the U.S.’s First Stooge

Empires as Ages of Religious Ignorance

Here are Bill’s archives at

Bill Marina, we will miss you.

Update: Read David Beito’s post at The Beacon (Independent Institute)

8 thoughts on “Bill Marina, RIP”

    1. Couldn't agree with you more. Imagine if the situation was reversed. Imagine the outrage.

  1. I didn’t know him personally but had read his work online and thought him to be a conscientious and decent writer.

    The world could use more like this man, and fewer Gingrinch’s, but I wonder if he’s not the fortunate one now between you, me, and the rifle butt. (Looming U.S. Police State/Dictatorship)

  2. Our behavior to Iran is outrageous-we (and our Israeli buddies) talk casually about bombing them, economically strangling them, interfering in their internal governance, and pressuring the rest of the world to join in on the fun. I have yet to determine Iran's crime other than being an object of Israeli envy and, of course, being Muslim.

    1. Iran is only "guilty" of the following "crimes". It refuses to accept American hegemony. North Korea, Cuba, Russia, Venenzula, and China are also "gulity" of this crime too. Iran is also "guilty" of being in the cross hairs of Israel and the Israeli lobby in Washington because it will not accept Israeli hegemony in the mideast. Being a muslim country is the icing on the cake.

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