13 thoughts on “NPR Host Confirms Stereotype”

  1. I didn't even know about this article until I read of the lawsuit in the blog just now! Thanks Guy Raz (White House-NPR) for alerting me to it! It was a delight to read!

  2. RE – "New Think-Tank Seeks to Regulate Historical Analogies", Talking point for analogy #5: It must always be remembered that the only people licensed to make analogies between the horrors of Nazism and any present-day cataclysm are Israelis themselves and their many supporters in the American press.

    SEE – Peres: Iranian nuclear bomb akin to 'flying death camp', Ynet News (Israel), 08/18/09

    (EXCERPT) Russia's President Dmitry Medvedev hosted Israeli counterpart Shimon Peres for talks Tuesday that were focused on the Middle East and the Iranian nuclear standoff.

    During their four-hour meeting, Peres and Medvedev discussed Iran's nuclear program. Peres said, "A nuclear bomb in the hands of Iran means only one thing – a flying death camp."

    ENTIRE ARTICLE – http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-3763694

    PS. Jacobo Timerman opined in "The Longest War" that WWIII would probably be precipitated by the use of an inappropriate analogy.

  3. Maybe Antiwar.com could sue NPR for being fraudulent. NPR certainly is undeserving of being called "National" or "Public." NPR abandoned journalism and adopted propaganda as news, long ago. So let the pompous freaks sue. The PR would be good for Antiwar.com and the reporting of any feud between mainstream media and Antiwar.com could be worth it's weight in donations. No pun intended. NPR is radio for arrogant/ignorant elitists. They've drank the Koolaid, swallowed the red/blue pill and they figure their crap don't stink.

  4. Perhaps they should re-brand themselves N-PR.

    I realized the con and stopped listening a while ago. I feel used and like an idiot for believing I was receiving "real" news coverage by listening to NPR. Another cop out.

  5. Miscellaneous tidbits from Guy Raz's bigraphy: BA from Brandeis, personal assistant to Daniel Schorr, former Jerusalem correspondent for CNN.

    I can't imagine him taking any notice of this satire if it hadn't specifically mentioned Israel.

  6. We used to listen to NPR. We haven't listened to them for years now because of people like Guy Raz who turned it into "Pentagon Radio" and an" Israel first"radio station. I wouldn't give them a dime for their propaganda.

  7. I wish to defend NPR. NPR does serve some useful functions -they provide first jobs for a lot of interns from rich and influential families; they provide green pastures for old Zionist warhorses like Daniel Schorr; and they are surely a godsend to manufactureers of tote-bags and coffee mugs.

  8. Piss on National Propaganda Radio. They just spew statist bullshit.

    Guy Raz sure is touchy about any ridicule or criticism directed at the boys in Tel Aviv, now, isn’t he?!

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