12 thoughts on “Vidal Turns Against Obama: ‘We’ll have dictatorship soon’”

  1. I don't understand why Vidal couldn't see that Obammie was a phony from the start. Before last year's election Vidal shoulda known that DemoThug or RepubloCon, they're just different wings of the same murderous bird of prey.

  2. Vidal always has interesting things to say and I like him. I am disappointed, however, that he thinks so highly of Hillary Clinton. If she had become president, then he'd hate her by now. I am also surprised that he didn't acknowledge McVeigh's contemptible, inexcusable act of mass murder. McVeigh killed ordinary people, including children, not the psychopaths responsible for government policy.

  3. McVeigh had help probably from the BATF. They put the plastic explosives around the interior support columns. An acquantence knew of the reported who reported this and he was driven from the USA.


    Bob is right – Vidal shoulda known that DemoThug or RepubloCon, they're just different wings of the same murderous bird of prey.

  4. Actually, the Obombaton just ‘extended’ Martial Law which went into place under the Bush bastard. How much more DICTATORSHIP does it need to get, Vidal?

    do you think he needs to make a FORMAL DECLARATION?

    shit. get real, will ya? I mean, this nation has been sliding into DICTATORSHIP for more than 46 goddamned years, culminating in this marionette and JACKASS who squats in the WHORE HOUSE NOW.

    so Vidal, better you wake up and smell the TREASON. not a moment too soon, I hope!

  5. I think Vidal grieves at the unraveling of the Obama myth – the myth that Obama is anything but a flash in the pan. A brilliant, so civilized, straw of a man that ultimately reveals that he believes in nothing, and will not fight for anything. Obama is not a thug, nor does he have the stuff to be a dictator. But, he will allow all of the destroyers of America to run over us. All of the liars, hustlebuck artists, and militaristic fascists will get their way. We will continue to scourge the Muslim world for the benefit of the Zionists and real thugs like Blackwater. We will continue to serve vested financial interests like fossil fuel holders even as our environment destructs. Wall Street will get their billions while tent cities crop up over America. We will continue to degrade into an aristocracy of the crooks and corporations, and all the while, Obama will give beautiful speeches.

  6. I think as a general policy, its important to not support or vote for a presidential candidate unless you're prepared to be disappointed. Vidal most likely understood this, but that doesn't mean that elections don't have consequences, or that it's not sometimes appropriate to speak up if you believe one of the candidates to be a positive outlier on the very narrow spectrum of acceptable presidential platforms.

    The view that the outcomes of this presidency were predetermined before the election is utterly naive. Yes, in many of the most important ways Obama is a complete disappointment. But the fact remains that given our state of multi-crises, and given the amount of political capital Obama carried into office, it's clear that there was at least a real possibility for things to have been significantly better. There are still many very restrictive and essentially iron-clad constraints on the president's behavior, but even minor changes can have a huge impact when you're the worlds dominant military and economic power.

    It seems to me like most of the people who paint the ruling class of this country as a single, completely homogeneous entity arrive at their views in order to satisfy a desire for the world to be simple. These people convince themselves that nothing they or anyone else can do matters, and then proceed to forfeit the little political role they have, knowing that they are safe from ever being responsible for the things that go wrong. They are secure in a level of certainty shared only by birthers, creationists and other such fundamentalists. These views are also partly based on an overestimation of the actual power of the president, since it's naturally difficult to grasp the kind of pressures that can be brought to bear on the worlds most important human actor. Or, in some cases, maybe they understand this but see it as a moot issue, since of course the president is part of the same amorphous blob and thus doesn't need to be influenced.

    Currently, the president is reviewing Afghan policy and is reportedly unsure how to respond to the generals request for a dramatic escalation. I wonder how many of the people I'm talking about have bothered to try contacting the white house, or a senator, or writing a letter to the editor, or really done anything at all. Oh, it wont make a difference? Are you so sure it wont matter that you can't spend 60 seconds typing two or three sentences about the issue, considering that it will decide the fate of our country and 30 million afghanis? Maybe its the obsession with individualism that obscures the idea there could be utility to collective action. If so, its a real shame.

    I know there are quite a few people who have views like what Im describing who aren't nearly so bone-headed about it, but in a disturbing number it looks a lot like a kind of intellectual cowardice.

  7. Gore Vidal: "Obama would have been better off focusing on educating the American people. His problem is being overeducated. He doesn’t realize how dim-witted and ignorant his audience is." That made me lol!

    The Public Sewer System – Oops…I meant School System – produced the "dim-witted and ignorant" audience that you speak of…and that is by design, Mr. Vidal.

    The US is slipping toward Civil War as we speak…it's unavoidable at this point. So, yeah, a military dictatorship is inevitable.

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