GE On the Anti-Iran Bandwagon

In another ominous sign in the run-up to war with Iran, General Electric announced earlier this month that it was jumping on the bandwagon of hawkish non-profit “American Coalition Against Nuclear Iran, Inc.” (ACANI) signing a pledge to never conduct business in the nation and also pledging not to do business with anyone who owns any property inside Iran unless that property has been abandoned.

ACANI, which regularly runs commercials on all the major cable news channels (including GE-owned MSNBC, which has also been spreading anti-Iran hysteria) accusing Iran of developing nuclear weapons, keeps an “Iran Business Registry” which lists companies in the US and abroad which do business with Iran and urges visitors to contact elected officials to press for action against those companies.

The group’s president, Mark Wallace was the deputy campaign manager of Bush-Cheney ’04, but they also boast two co-founders who are highly placed in the Obama Administration, including Ambassador Richard Holbrooke and Dennis Ross, who is Hillary Clinton’s “special adviser for the Persian Gulf and Southwest Asia, including Iran.”

One thought on “GE On the Anti-Iran Bandwagon”

  1. A key organ of the Military-Industrial Complex agitating for war (and, of course, the potential to reap obscene profits from it)? Gosh, who'd'a ever thunk it possible?

  2. I recall a discussion which I had with my professor many years ago, during the days of the cold war. We were talking about peace and disarmament. He said that the US can do it but in USSR their generals will never let the government give up all that military hardware. I said what about our generals here — General Motors, General Electric, General Dynamics etc. He said, one-man-one-vote will take care of all that. But, alas, he was wrong. How easy it is to fool the voting public, just show them some bugaboos and they will fall in line.

    1. The military-industrial complex is to America what the mafia is to Sicily. It has sunk deep and intractable roots into the country.

  3. Ever since Obama became president, isn't it interesting how Olbermann and Maddow don't seem as concerned about war as they were when W was prez? And I guess that civil liberties have returned to America with the election, too. I figure that's why they spend all of their time making fun of, not neocons — dem and repug, but any old repug they can find. Gee, all we needed was a dem in the White House to make everything OK. Silly me, not to know how good the dems are. I guess just like the '06 House elections got all those other dems elected so they'd make Pelosi the Speaker and end the wars. That really worked, too, didn't it? I'm sure that's why Olbermann doesn't figure he needs John Dean or Jonathon Turley as guests any longer. MSNBC — a joke, not journalism!

    1. Its like pro-wrestling Bob. Maddow The Man and Hair Piece Ken are now Heels for Obama just like they were Faces against Bush and Cheney. I don't even bother to watch anymore. They all suck.

    1. Interesting. Dennis Ross also founded the JPPPI, a think tank funded by the Jewish Agency, which is funded by the Israeli Government.

      The GE Military Industrial Complex with a strong dose of Zionism. What a toxic mix. Good for missile sales though.

    1. Anything for the dear little Holy State. America is committing suicide for Israel. And not even to "save" Israel, which is not in any existential danger from Iran.

      It would be bad enough if we were ruining ourselves in order to save Israel from destruction. After all, why is our self-preservation less important than theirs?

      But Israel is not in any danger of being destroyed by Iran.

      No, we are committing national suicide merely to maximize Israel's strategic latitude, to facilitate its continued strangulation of the Palestinians, its continued assaults against its neighbors, its continued land-grabbing. We are destroying ourselves in order to increase Israel's already over-weaning power to do whatever the goddam hell it wants.

      1. It shows you two things. Just how powerful the Israeli lobby is in Washington and just how corrupt and dysfunctional American politics really are.

      2. If there's one principle in the unprincipled District of Corruption, it's this: Give unquestioning support to those Zionist darlings in Tel Aviv. We owe it to our "51st state."

        Now, get with the program.

        1. And dont forget to cough up that annual THREE BILLION bucks in shake down money, er, I mean "foreign aid".

      3. You're forgetting the Rapture! If the current nonsense provokes the Rapture, it benefits the Real Christians (TM). As for the rest of us, well, we are predestined for Hell anyway. (Along with the Jews, which w'd please some here.)

  4. What?! A major "Defense" contractor is helping to spread war propaganda? Stop the presses!!

    General Electric's CEO, Jeffrey R. Immelt, is a Zionist Jew…I wonder if that might also have something to do with GE's decision? Who else is likely to be spreading anti-Iran/pro war propaganda in the coming months? Hmm, let's see…

    Time Warner CEO Jeffrey Bewkes is Jewish.
    The Walt Disney Co. CEO Robert Iger is a Jew.
    Viacom Sumner Redstone (aka Murray Rothstein) Chairman; Philippe Dauman, CEO. Both are Jewish.
    News Corp. (President and COO. Peter Chernin is a Jew)
    Paramount Pictures Chairman Brad Grey is Jewish.
    Sony Pictures Chairman Michael Lynton is Jewish.
    Warner Bros. Chairman Barry Meyer is a Jew.
    CBS Corp. Chief Executive Leslie Moonves is Jewish.
    MGM Chairman Harry Sloan is a Jew.
    NBC Universal Chief Executive Jeff Zucker is a Jew.

    I wonder…

    1. Exactly, and the list goes on and on. The real enemies of our nation are within and the ignorant masses support them!

  5. I'm actually beginning to believe that Iran is subtly goading Amerika into war, knowing that we've stretched ourselves beyond the breaking point and that one more major military offensive will be the straw that breaks the proverbial camel's back. To wage a war against Iran while still mired in the twin Vietnams of Iraqghanistan, combined with an economy that is on its very last legs, will result in the collapse of the Amerikan Imperium, with a lot of the ugly side effects on other fronts. Yes, Iran would probably suffer horribly in the short term, but in the long run they would emerge victorious, as Amerika would burn itself out trying swallow the Persian Pearl. If I were Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, I'd be saying "You wanna piece of me, suckers? Put'em up and come and get me!"

  6. Given the trumped-up and transparent call for war by the aforementioned scribes, when are the American people going to wake up and smell the coffee? Our history confirms that we are a warlike nation and our many wars have been justified by the above scribes and others like them who feed at the government trough. At Nuremburg, propaganda was prosecuted as a war crime.
    In the instance of Iraq and Afghanistan there should be numerous indictments, but lets not hold our collective breath waiting for this to happen.
    To me. the most disturbing thing is that the avergae American doesn't give a rats behind about the scores of innocents we have killed in the name of democracy, anti-this or anti-that.

    When will this madness ever stop?

  7. I fear it will end with more serious economic collapse, after which the different factions in the US will turn on each other. Instead of torturing and killing foreigners, we will do it to each other, like China in the War Lord era.

    Of course, predicting the future is a fool's game. I'd be glad to be wrong.

  8. What about boycotting GE? How would they like that? It's disgusting that private industry lends itself to supporting this warmongering. I hate to say it but the madness won't stop anytime soon until a Higher Power steps in, and forces the issue.

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