Ron Paul on the Anti-Iran Hysteria

Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) explains:

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  1. The point of sanctions is NOT to change the behavior of the targeted country. It is NOT to catalyze the people to overthrow their government. The point is to weaken the targeted country in a prelude to an attack. That's the pattern that was used on Iraq twice.

    Iran is being targeted because it operates independently from the United States. Any country outside the US orbit is deemed by American megalomaniacs to be a rogue state and an enemy. Also, Iran opposes Israeli expansion and supports Hezbollah.

    The United States is by far the world's most belligerent country. Israel is #2.

    1. Absolutely. The only "crime" Iran is "guilty" of is that it dares to defy American hegemony and Israeli supremacy. Iran refuses to be a puppet on the string for the Washington foreign policy establishment. It actually has the gall to believe it should find its own way in the world and chart its own course independent of Washington. Other countries guilty of this "crime" include Cuba, Venezuela, Russia, China, North Korea and formerly Iraq. All of these countries are or are on the cusp of being "rogue states". America's drive for global hegemony and Israel's drive for regional supremacy constitute the greatest threat to peace in the world today. In a sane world the Bush administration would have been charged with war crimes for their illegal invasion of Iraq in 2003.

      1. This comment shows lack of understanding of the nature of Ayatollahs and mullahs who took power in Iran since 1979. Ayatollahs are targeting Israel first and call for destruction of Israel The second target would be Europe. They dream of establishing Islamic state as it was once before in Spain. The ultimate goal for them is Islamization of the whole world and imposing barbaric laws such as lashing, stoning and other none sense of laws of Islam. This has been their agenda since they took power in Iran.

        1. Iran has not yet established an Islamic state modelled after the first, in their own country, i doubt they care to do it anywhere else

          1. Because they don't have enough power at this stage, but once they posses nuke, they do care to establish Islamic Emarats (states) and expanding ideology of Islam through Middle East and Europe. Ayatollahs spent a lot of Persian Gulf oil money in African countries to expand Islamic Shiasm at this time. Needless to say they were able to influence in muslim brotherhood party in Egypt especially after recent Gaza incident which leaded to losing 1300 palestinians live.

        2. In fact the Ayatollahs and mullahs have attacked no country since taking power more then thirty years ago. Iran had a democratic government which America OVERTHREW. Iran has attacked no country in approx 250 years. America has attacked more countries then I care to mention.

          1. How about massacre of over 30,000 young Iranian opposition in prison in summer of 1988 according to Khomanie decree ( FATWA )? How about not ending Iran-Iraq war and wanting to take over Al-Ghodes by the order of Ayatollah Khomainie which was leaded to lose lives of over 1 million Iranian youth? Saddam frequently asked for peace and Ayatollahs refused to end war.
            Northern part of Iran was occupied by Stalin and red army during 1946 and America and Brits were the ones who helped Iranians to get ride of Stalin and kick red army out.. In 1953, the rapid influence of communist party leaded to America intervention which save the country from the hand of Soviet Union. Steven Kinzer and similar writers made million, million dollars from misery of Iranian people under Islamic oppression by misinforming Americans regarding events of 1953.

          2. Yes, they did, but in few months Saddam realized he is not able to win the war. Saddam asked for peace frequently, but Ayatollahs refused to make a peace. Every day Iran official T.V chanting: the way to get to Ghodes( Israel) is from Iraq. In other word, Ayatollah''s goal was to conquer Iraq and then Israel. That has been their strategic since day 1 these monsters took power in Iran. Whole world were behind Saddam and prevent him to fall down. Now, If Ayatollahs reach Nuke power at this time, surely they pursue their goal. Fist target would be Israel and second target is Europe.
            Once George w. Bush said : next generation will ask the problem was there, how come our fathers didn't see it.
            I say Mr. Bush problem was there since 1979 when Ayatollahs took power in Iran and you guys didn't see it. Hope U.S doesn't get deceived this time and stop these criminal gangs to access Nuke power. World will be safer place for all of us.

          3. Yeah sure, Iran is going to just drop a bomb on Israel, even though Israel has hundreds of bombs of its own to counter with. Then Europe is going to just sit there twiddling its thunbs while Iran then drops a bomb on it? Wow! You are really bent out of shape. Just out of curiousity, which particular country In Europe are those mad Mullahs going to attack first, acording to your inside master Iranian plan?

          4. Just take a look at Ayatollahs functions for last 30 years. Any rational person will see the threat is real.
            Blown up Marin corps military base in Lebanon in 1983 resulting 256 Americans death. Creating Hamas with full financial and military support, ordering frequent bombs toward israel , provoking Israel attack back which resulted to 1300 innocent palestinians death.
            Blowing up buses in London and train in Madrid resulting over 200 innocent people death ( Where did the financing of this plan coming from ? ) Blowing up military base in Saudi Arabia. Blowing up Jewish cultural center in Argentine ( Buenas Aries ) in 1994. Frequent attacks to European Embassies in Tehran such as France, Germany and British.
            British Embassy in Tehran looks like a war zone because of frequent attacks by these criminal Islamic gangs. "Death to America " chant is yearly practice for pilgrims in Mecca mastermind by Ayatollahs in Iran. Frequent attacks to American ships in Persian Gulf in 1987 and 1988. Gasber Winberger lost his job as a result of that. Using Salman Rushdie as a tool to provoke other Islamic nations against westerners. In respond to your question I must say, England would be second target after Israel once these monsters posses Nuke power.

          5. Those American troops should NEVER have been in Lebanon in the first place. The rest of your post is not worthy of commenting upon.

        3. Everything in your post is pure fantasy. Iran has not invaded another country in about 1,000 years. Israel has attacked its neighbors many times in its 61 years of existence. The US has invaded EVERY country (including Canada) in the Western Hemisphere at one time or another, some (like Nicaragua) more than once. The US has invaded various other countries as well.

          The current regime in Iran has never threatened to attack anyone and has adopted a no-first-strike policy. It, unlike Israel, is signatory to the nuclear NPT and has its facilities regularly inspected by the IAEA.

          Your comment shows a gross ignorance of Iran.

          1. …The current regime in Iran has never threatened to attack anyone ….
            That is a joke. Needs big laugh. Is the writer of above statement ever listened to news?
            I doubt it.
            Since this criminal Islamic gang took power in Iran they frequently threatened America and European countries. Please read my write up to Andy (the previous comment.). This criminal Islamic gang frequently attacked Germany, France, and British Embassies in Tehran. Ayatollah Khomaini following riot in Mecca, Saudi Arabia in 1987 blamed America saying it was American's plot and we will revenge. They
            frequently attacks American ships in Persian Gulf in 1987 and 1988. Regan was saying that is international water and that is our right to be there.
            Blowing up Marin corps in 1983 and killing 256 American in military base. Provoking other Middle Eastern countries against America and it's European alliances is common practice of this criminal Islamic gang since they took power in 1979 in Iran. Have you forgotten Salman Ruchie death decree.?
            Once they have Nuke power, for sure, they will use it against westerners after eliminating Israel from the map.

    2. Cuba was under U.S sanction since 1962 and attack never took place.
      What about human right which has been violated for last 30 years
      under criminal Islamic gang?

      1. What prevented a full-scale military attack was the protection offered Cuba by the USSR after the Bay of Pigs assault. That led to the Cuban Missile Crisis. That was resolved when the USSR agreed to remove its missiles in exchange for the US doing the same in Turkey and promising to not invade Cuba. It's a very different world since the end of the Cold War.

        Iran's human rights problems are not our problems to solve, though our government is partly responsible. The CIA and MI6 organized a military coup that overthrew Iran's democratic government in 1953. The Shah was an even worse human rights abuser and he was overthrown by his people. The current regime in Iran may have been overthrown by now if not for the threats by Israel and the US that keep Iran's people united behind the government they have.

        1. You hit the nail on the head. It was the Soviet "response" to the Americans placing missles in Turkey that brings about the "crisis" in Cuba. How ironic yet typical that the US sees fit to down play their part.

        2. In 1953, there were rapid increasing number of communist party members. They were chanting on streets of Tehran, calling for establishment of "Democratic Republic". The communist party was fully supported by Soviet Union. U.S and British intervention prevented Iran become part of Soviet Union. Shah return in 1953, made country modernized and it also brought a lot of wealth and progress especially in late 70's Needless to say that Iran under shah was richest and the most modern country in the Middle East.
          The current regime is a group of Islamic criminal gang that has no connection to Iranians people, Iranian history or culture. They based their establishment on killing, torturing Iranian oppositions and innocent Iranian people. At his time, the Iranians are their victims, but once they reach Nuke power, the westerners would be their victims.

          1. If the Shah was so wonderful why did the Iranian people have a revolution to get rid of him? In fact he was a brutal despot.

          2. Ayatollahs lied to people. Spread the rumor that shah give "FREE OIL" to U.S. Provoked people, especially uneducated ones against shah. For example, They burned Cinema Rex in city of Abadan and blamed it on shah and his secret police S.A.V.A.K. 500 innocent people lost their lives and burned to death inside cinema. That was major terrorist attack before 9/11. Ayatollahs are mater of deceive and trick. Just take a look and see what game they are playing with the Europe and America regarding Nuke facilities. They even spreading rumor that 9/11 was created by Bush and Mosad. They are master of trick and lies. They knew how to manipulate people's mind and their faiths. Educated Iranians are well familiar with their tricks. If they access to Nuke power that would be disaster for whole humanity. Obama and Bush administration who receive more accurate information through F.B.I and C.I.A are able to see the danger more clearly than simple American people.

          3. If the USA would TRULY leave Iran alone, it would be no more of a threat to America then it is to Mexico, Argentina, China, Vietnam etc. The PROBLEM is that Washington – not the "simple" American people – just loves to fish in troubled waters.

  2. I completely agree with Ron.
    Just this week I was thinking to myself of the similarities between Amadinnajacket's nukes and Saddam's WMD. BS all around!

    1. Ahmadi Negad make clear threat to Israel destruction. Other nations such as India, Pakestan that posses nukes power never made a threat for destruction of any nation on the earth. Any rational mind can see the differences.

          1. Freedom fighters in Iraq did it to get rid of Saddam and
            U.S helped them to do so, why not for Iranians?

          2. Because I don't want another 5,000 dead young Americans and 30,000 wounded, young men and women maimed for life, that's why. I don't want another 3 trillion bucks added to our national debt that's why. I want American troops defending America not playing "Dirty Harry, enforcer" all around the world. Iran is not a vital interest. Certainly the complexion of Iran's government is not a vital interest. By the way I don't think most Iraqis are better off now then they were before America "liberated" them.

          3. Sure, If you don't want that happen, try to help Iranian oppositions to get rid of Ayatollahs, because once Ayatollahs get Nuke power, more than 5000 American live would be in danger. That is atomic bomb and you know how this
            criminal Islamic gang think of Americans. you guys better harry up before it gets too late.
            Saddam used chemical weapons and massacre thousands kurds in 1988.
            their sons were raping innocent high school children in Iraq. The monster didn't even have mercy on his son in laws and killed both of them. Are you
            still thinking Iraq was better under him? you mean more rape and more massacre?

          4. I mean that AMERICA was better off with 5,000 ALIVE young Americans and 30,000 UNWOUNDED ones, (not to mention the 3 trillion bucks the war has/will cost us).

          5. In short, Islamic Republic of Iran is an issue for modern world and sooner or later they have to confront with modern societies like America and Europe. The same as Taliban in Afghanistan. George W. Bush once was watching video from Al-ghade and wanted to know what is their rationality and then he spoke to American on T.V saying that these people (Islamic Extremist) are against civilized world. Educated Iranians found out in 1979 once Ayatollahs took power in Iran and imposed barbaric laws of Islam such as cutting hands and lashing people in public and stoning people. That was an issue for modern world since then and westerners couldn't see it. Now they start to see it because Ayatollahs want atomic bombs. All manuscripts from Al-Zakawi (one of top Al-Ghaede figure) who was killed by American troops in Iraq talk about establishment of Emarats (States) of Islamic and executing Islamic laws. Now imagine what if this monster access to the atomic bomb.

  3. The thing that really irritates me is that the issue with Iran has absolutely nothing to do with nuclear weapons. If it did we would be jumping up and down over the real, illegal nuclear weapons programs in India, Pakistan, Israel and North Korea. Even Saudi Arabia and Brazil have announced the likelihood of pursuing programs and that doesn't seem to be a problem. But the nation that is the big threat is the one that doesn't have a program (according to every factual investigation), doesn't have any weapons and hasn't had any territorial aspirations beyond it's own border in about 250 years and hasn't threatened anyone offensively. The nations that are somehow being threatened are ones that have spent the last half century or so invading peaceful nations, stealing their land, overthrowing their democratically elected governments and destroying their economies at will to get unfettered access to their natural resources. If this whole preposterous notion that Iran was somehow a military threat wasn't so tragic it would be funny. The real reason is so painfully obvious. This whole miserable business has never been about anything but oil. Back in the 1870's Oil fields in N. America fed the industrial revolution here in the US. By the 1920's geologists realized US oil fields would be reaching peak oil in maybe 40 or 50 years so they needed replacement fields. In the 1920's oil was discovered on the Arabian peninsula. In 1932 the US government made a deal with one of the tribes living there, the Saud's. The deal was that the US would guarantee the Saud's dictatorship as long as they supplied oil the the US. By the 1970's we had reached peak oil in the US so The Arabian peninsula was critical to the US economy by maintaining a supply of oil, but more importantly the US dollar hegemony that the control of that oil facilitated. By the 1970's as oil was peaking in the US, geologists were mapping peak oil on the Arabian peninsula in the 2000 to 2010 time frame. It was clear that new fields had to be found. It was also key to seize geo-strategic control of major supplies needed by a resurgent Russia and an economically exploding China and India. This control would give us levers of influence into their economies. Because they are all nuclear powers the military option was off the table because they could fight back. The obvious targets were the underdeveloped fields in Iraq and Iran. So the plan to replace the Arabian peninsula was grand indeed. Invade and destroy Iraq and Iran and install puppet governments so we had unfettered access to the oil and could maintain it's debt settlement with US dollars only to maintain hegemony. But it doesn't stop there. The resurgent Russia and it's commercial proxy GazProm has access to massive deposits of oil and gas in the Caspian basin. Free access to western markets would provide a counter to the full spectrum dominance described in the PNAC documents written largely by Dick Cheney. Enter Afghanistan. Looking at a map Afghanistan is the land bridge between the fields of the Caspian basin and the warm water ports of the Persian gulf through Pakistan, a US proxy, Bahrain, a US proxy or Iran, hoped to soon be a US proxy again. Back in the 70's UnoCal with local executive Hamid Karzai (what are odds) and BP mapped 8 pipeline routes through Afghanistan to connect these fields to the sea.
    Without these piplines GazProm would have to build pipelines 4 times as long over the Urals putting them at an economic disadvantage. We control the pipelines we control access to markets for Russia's Caspian basin oil and gas. That is why we are in Afghanistan BTW. After we built the Taliban to get the Russians out of Afghanistan they turned out to have morality and integrity and didn't want to accept the deal we had given the Saudi's so we invaded them. So getting back to Iran. Iran is the lynch pin in this grand scheme. If we don't control Iran we have (2) major problems; 1) Iran has huge oil supplies that it will sell to China for Euros undermining US dollar hegemony and our lever of power into the Chinese economy. 2) Russia can ship it's oil from the Iranian border with Turkmenistan over pipelines now being built in Iran by Russia directly to Karg Island, eliminating our control of Caspian basin oil. That is why we are so desperately trying to drum up an excuse ANY EXCUSE to invade Iran. That's why I get so irritated when I hear this hysteria about Iran's nuclear program.

  4. The only thing wrong with Ron's presentation is that it is based upon rational thought processes, a solid understanding of contemporary global geopolitics, and plain common sense. Unfortunately, the audience that it most needs to target –the Beltway Class, their brainless 'I-Support-The-Troops-No-Matter-What-They-Do' enablers, and the MSM– possess none of these three qualities.

  5. agreed to all. Also, the argument that terrorists would have a better chance at accessing nuclear weapons from Iran is ridiculous considering that a) Pakistan and other have nukes that are just as "accessible and b) 99.9% of the "terrorist" threat is not from nukes but from things like 4 ounces of water. A strong Iran would stabilize the mideast – bomb Iran and you can guarantee another war of worlds.

  6. Perhaps we'd never had an Iraq with its Saddam as "threat" if it wasn't for a decade old policy to weaken Iran by proxy: the Iraq-Iran war. Before that we had the staged coup that made Iran distrust Western intentions for many decades to comes (and justifies to quite some extent the "paranoia" of Venezuela and North Korea).

    Anyway the large majority of the Iranians appear to stand behind their nuclear program and a smaller majority are behind its leaders. It's time to accept this development shouldn't be interfered with because exactly the same crippling and hostile actions led to some of the largest tragedies of the last century in terms of wasted blood, destroyed capital and overall increased the suffering and ignorance of the world immensely.

    1. NOT majority of the Iranians are stand behind Ayatollahs. NO, only the ones who are
      on payroll from Ayatollahs. Majority of the Iranians are against these criminal gang who took Iranian people in Iran as a hostages for last 30 years and dictate them Islamic laws. Last 30 years is the darkest period of time in Iran's history. Referendum in free atmosphere by intervention of international observers will prove that this Islamic criminal gang are not representative of Iranian people. You got that all wrong. U.S intervention is urgent. Jimmy Carter time shouldn't happen again. …Jimmy Carter weak administration and suffering Iranian people for 30 years.

      1. "U.S. intervention is urgent",,,,

        WHY should the USA fight Iran? Why? What for? Iran is not a threat to America. Iran has never threatened America. Iran has neither the means or capacity to attack America. If you want America to fight a war for Israel, at least have the HONESTY to admit to it.

        1. BECAUSE U.S is the leader of the free world. FREEDOM has been honored by U.S throughout history more than any other country in the world. Democracy and basic human right has been violated since this criminal gang by the name of Islam took over Iran and take charge of Iranian people since 1979. Forceful disappearance of opposition, raping virgin the night before her execution according to Koran, mass execution, mass graves, torture and murdering any opposition voice is common practice of this criminal Islamic gang which took power in Iran since 1979. Now, you tell me any descent people with rational mind can stay quiet, especially those who value FREEDOM throughout the world.?

          1. It's not the job of Americans to fight or die to bring "freedom" to Iranians, even supposing this was even remotely possible. Given the historical record, Cuba in the Spanish-American war, our tragic intervention in WW1 which led directly to the disastrous treaty of Versailles, which led to Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, and WW2, our equally disastrous intervention in WW2 which led to the Iron Curtain and the Cold War, etc, I would say that any country that desires freedom is better off giving the USA a wide berth indeed.

          2. Freedom? Are you insane! Thats just a seven letter word, more like four to me, and nothing else to our purported "leaders". And it certainly isn't our responsibility to police the world, and die, for such nebulous ideals. If you personally feel so strongly about it I suggest you pack your guns and head over to that part of the world thats begging you for "freedom" and get after it. You'll soon learn a lesson.

          3. Freedom? Are you insane? Thats just a seven letter word, more like four to me when its vomited out of the pie holes of our purported "leaders". And it certainly isn't our responsibility to police the world, and die, for such nebulous concepts. If you personally feel so strongly about it I suggest you pack your guns and head over to that part of the world thats begging you for "freedom" and get after it. You'll soon learn a lesson.

  7. Democracy and human right has been invaded in Iran for last 3 decades. The criminal
    gangs brutalizing any voice of oppositions. Tortures, murders of innocent people in
    mass grave is typical behavior of this criminal gangs and as soon as U.S as a leader
    of free world speaks out, it gets blamed for looking for free oil and because Iran is
    not America's puppet. Shame on you that you call yourself American.

    1. I can understand your confusion, Sia. You see, Americans haven't really been behaving like Americans for a very, very long time.

      You should read the works of Jefferson, Franklin, Paine, and Washington. Any one who reads and understands the words of these Founders would see you for what you truly are, an enemy of the American People.

      In other words, Sia, if the Americans who lived 75, 100, 150, or even 200 years ago could somehow see what is going on in the world today and then read your words, there is absolutely no doubt in my mind those millions of patriotic Americans would tell you to go to Hell.

      1. If the Founding fathers could see American foreign policy today they would turn in their graves. When America had a non-interventionist foreign policy (say pre-1898, certainly pre-1917) it went from strength to strength. Now America is buckiling under the strain of imperialism just so Washington insiders can get their empire-on.

      2. Well, a group of Islamic criminal gangs by trick and manipulating faith, religion of uneducated people in Iran came to power in 1979. They started to exporting Islamic revolution throughout Middle East since then. Ayatollahs Khomaini frequently said our youth have goal of put the flag of Islam on the top of Washington D.C Capital. Sending tapes to Persian Gulf countries provoking those nation against western value in general and America in specific. They have a dream of taking over Europe countries. For example, they have a dream of occupying Spain once again as it was occupied by Islam army and has been called Endules for 800 years.
        The name was changed to Spain later on. Imposing barbaric laws of Islam such as forceful Hejab (veil), attacking women who were sloppy to covering their hair on streets in Iran , lashing people in public, stoning and other savage and barbaric of Islamic laws. Now, on the other side of coin, we have great country such as U.S.A which honor Freedom and human dignity. It doesn't matter Americans of 150 or 200 years ago, they will stand against all these none sense premitive Islamic people either in Iran or Afghanistan. As Obama said once history is on the side of people who wants to build,not on the side of people who wants to destroy and kill. Talibans in Afghanistan and Ayatollahs in Iran are destroying, not buildling anything.

          1. Basic human right has been violated in Iran since these Islamic monsters took power in 1979. It hurts the heart of any descent human being. Iranian oppositions need outside help. Criminal Islamic gangs who are in power kill any oppositions in brutal way.
            That's it. Hope this is coherent enough…

          2. About 2 million Iranians were on streets of Tehran protesting against the government after june 12, 2009 presidential election in Iran. They were being killed
            or arrested by government officials. They were protesting with bare hands and their chests were target of government soldiers bullet. They need outside power like America or British help them to fight against their illegitimate government.

          3. American troops are in next door countries (Iraq and Afghanistan) , just make a short trip to Iran and fight shoulder to shoulder with Iranians against Ayatollahs. June 12 was the best day to do so. Or at least provide weapons fro oppositions.

          4. Yeah sure. It'll be a "cakewalk". Real men go to Tehran, etc,, where have we heard this garbage before?

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