Students to Protest Afghan War on 25 Campuses (Oct. 7)

From the Students for a Democratic Society Antiwar Working Group:

Demonstrations mark 8th anniversary of Afghan War–demand immediate U.S./NATO withdrawal

Students on 25 campuses across the United States will protest eight long years of war against and occupation of the people of Afghanistan, on Wednesday October 7. Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), a nation-wide student organization committed to activism for peace, justice and equality, are organizing the protest.

“We are outraged by the daily loss of life and devastation caused by the U.S. military in Afghanistan,” Daniel Ginsberg-Jaeckle, a member of SDS in Milwaukee, WI. “For eight years this occupation has brought nothing but misery, poverty and suffering to the Afghan people. The U.S. and NATO need to get out now.”

The protests come on the heels of the largest loss of life for U.S. occupation forces in a year. On Sunday October 4, anti-occupation fighters in Afghanistan killed nine U.S. soldiers in a series of attacks. So far, 869 U.S. troops are dead in Afghanistan since the occupation began in 2001 – with over a quarter of those killed in the past ten months alone. There are over 4,000 U.S. wounded.

U.S. and NATO occupation forces do not keep track of civilian casualties, but many estimate that U.S. air strikes and gunfire have killed tens of thousands of Afghanis. Just last month, U.S. air strikes killed over 90 Afghan civilians in the northern Afghan village of Omar Kheil. A similar strike in Farah province on May 4 this year killed 147 civilians.

“The U.S. occupation is a disaster for Afghanistan, just like it is for Iraq. The Afghan people will never have stability and peace until the U.S. leaves”, said Stephanie Taylor, a member of SDS at the University of Minnesota.

The organizers of the October 7th protests note that the war and occupation of Afghanistan is linked to U.S. interests in controlling strategic energy resources and markets in central Asia. Jenae Stainer, an SDS organizer in Tuscaloosa, Alabama explains, “Our government wants to keep us ignorant about the real reasons and true costs of war both at home and in Afghanistan. That is why organizing to stop the war is so important.”

Organizers of the October 7th actions say they will continue to initiate demonstrations to protest the occupation of Afghanistan until all U.S. and NATO forces leave the country. “We will keep speaking out and organizing to support the people of Afghanistan in their struggle for independence from U.S. occupation,” said Ginsberg-Jaeckle. “We will continue to demand that the U.S. government stop spending money on war and occupation, and fund people’s needs here at home, including education, housing, jobs, and healthcare.”

U.S. Out of Afghanistan Now!

Fund Education, Not Occupation!

The SDS Anti-War Working Group exists to help coordinate national SDS anti-war activity. For more information, please contact Daniel Ginsberg-Jaeckle at 608-658-5480. More information, reports, and organizing materials are available on the SDS Antiwar Working Group’s homepage.

29 thoughts on “Students to Protest Afghan War on 25 Campuses (Oct. 7)”

  1. SDS? Is that the same SDS that was a radical leftwing organization in the 1960's and whose members include domestic terrorists the "Weathermen"?

    “The U.S. occupation is a disaster for Afghanistan, just like it is for Iraq. The Afghan people will never have stability and peace until the U.S. leaves”, said Stephanie Taylor, a member of SDS at the University of Minnesota.

    What a tool. And a hypocrite too. Yeah the Afghan people (especially girls and women) had so much "stability" and "peace" under the Taliban… when they weren't being denied basic human rights.
    Once again the antiwar movement discredits itself.

  2. This is an excellent example of Controlled Opposition.

    On February 15th, 2003, 20,000,000 of us took to the streets of the world to protest against the US invasion of Iraq…it was the largest protest in human history. They completely ignored us and invaded Iraq about a month later. So, to think that these protests will have any impact at all is just ludicrous!

    The actual agenda is to waste even more time, money, and energy on these pathetically weak activities, and to further demoralize the anti-war movement.

    An example of an effective anti-war effort would be for 300 university students (preferably 30 high-GPA students from each of the "Big 10" schools) to stage a hunger strike. They would call themselves "The 300". The impact of an effort like this would be especially painful and devastating to this administration!

    Another example of an effective anti-war effort would be a call for an academic strike all across the nation: thousands of high school/college students refuse to attend classes until the occupations end…the better the students the more effective the effort will be.

    Hey, Eric, the next time a group of Jewish kids announce another lame-ass "antiwar" protest…keep it to yourself, brother, 'cause you'll only wind up looking like a dupe.

      1. True enough, I suppose…but what does that have to do with fake anti-war protesting, Andy?

  3. Not at all. Are you saying that American troops are in Afghanistan to safeguard womens rights?

    1. Afghan girls and women are now able to go to school. Of course its still a fundamentalist Islamic country so their women won't have the same level of civil liberties as in the West but their life is better now than under the Taliban.

      Women make up about 50% of Afghanistan's population.

      It's dishonest and hypocritical for the so called "anti-war humanitarians" to claim that Afghanistan is worse off today than it was under the Taliban regime. Who are they kidding? Under the Taliban 50% of Afghans had virtually no human rights at all.

  4. I think your views are disingenuous. The Taliban (odious or not) did NOT attack America. Nor was – or should – the reason for the presence of U.S. troops there, be because of how women are treated.

  5. The Taliban provided a sanctuary to Al-Qaeda long before 9/11. The Taliban knew that Al-Qaeda was at war with America since at least the U.S. embassy bombings in 1998 and they still had no problem with an Al-Qaeda presence in Afghanistan. They refused to expel Al-Qaeda from Afghanistan after 9/11.
    That makes the Taliban an accessory to mass murder. No amount of anti-war revisionist history is going to change these facts.

  6. You talk about revisionism? How about this? The Taliban never would have come to power without support from the U.S. government. They were also willing to turn over Bin Laden to an international tribunal. They simply wanted to be shown some evidence that he was guilty of what the U.S. said he was. The arrogant Bush administration refused. By the way, groups like Al-Qaeda can operate out of almost anywhere. The USA is going to be defeated in Afghanistan, just like it was defeated in Vietnam. And for the same reason. The U.S. military is not designed to fight 4th generation warfare aginst an indigenous opponent.

    1. The Taliban came to power in 1994-1996. U.S. support for the mujahadeen ended in early 1992 after the fall of the communist regime. Pakistan is the country that really helped the Taliban to seize power in Afghanistan, not the U.S.

      "They simply wanted to be shown some evidence that he was guilty of what the U.S. said he was."

      How about his declaration of war on the U.S. in 1998, then the fact that he was already wanted for the Embassy bombings, and that he had promised more attacks. Is that not enough evidence?
      The Taliban were never going to arrest Osama Bin Ladin. The Taliban knew that Bin Ladin was a wanted terrorist long before 9/11 and they didn't care about it. Do you really believe that they were going to extradite him after 9/11?
      They asked the Bush administration to "show some evidence" to buy time so that Bin Laden and his men would have the time to escape from Afghanistan before the U.S. invaded. It worked.

      1. If their not in Afghanistan then why are we there for? Actually he got away because we didn't commit American troops at Tora Bora. Regime change in Afghanistan was neither necesarry or even feasible in relation to catching Bin Laden. Now the USA is stuck in a long, draining and unfocused war. Trust me the USA is going to lose. The Taliban don't have to do anything to win. They just have to endure. And they will. Their not going anywhere. What has happened in Afghanistan shows all the signs of traditional political and military incompetence in Washington. Firstly the focus on "regime change" instead of just going after Bin Laden and the military's inevitable "mission creep".

  7. Many Americans continue to labor under the delusion that the war in and the occupation of Afghnistan is about human rights,women rights,democracy,free election!?,Karzai was put in power by the US ,or the so many reasons that keep changing all the times. The Afghan people are the ones who know that the best.History of the US interventions in Cuba,the Philippines,Central and South America,Korea,and Vietnam.The American People were sold the same lofties reasons,but the reality were farther from the truth!Some would rather live delude themselves than face the reality.

  8. 15 March 2001 ,India joins anti-Taliban coalition

    India is believed to have joined Russia, the USA and Iran in a concerted front against Afghanistan’s Taliban regime.

    US planned war in Afghanistan long before September 11


    1. Don't forget about the Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India (TAPI) natural gas pipeline that the Israelis need to transport their vast natural gas holdings in Turkmenistan to the market in India. TAPI = several trillion dollars to Israel. Of course we have to consider the fact that the US also controls 85% of the worlds heroin production…another $120-150 billion in profit each year! And what about the hundreds of billions freely flowing into the "Defense" industry every year? Or, how about the billions in profit from the buying and selling of human flesh? Good gawd! The list goes on and on!

      So, just looking at the numbers we see that both Israel and the US stand to gain immensely from the continued occupation of Afghanistan…and Iraq for that matter.

      The "anti-war" movement is a sham…a PsyOp.

  9. As a Pro-War Libertarian I gotta do a little gloating here on the AntiWar so-called "Libertarian" blog. That interview with that Code Pink lady was quite amusing. She really painted you guys into a corner; force you all to admit that you could care less about human rights and most especially women's rights.

    Unbelievable that a Leftist who follows a Fascist like Barack Hussein Obama would prove to be more Pro-Liberty on the issue of Afghanistan than self-professed "Libertarians."

    You guys have just been royally punk'd! And we Pro-War/Pro-Defense Libertarians are gigglin' our asses off at your enormous embarrassment.

  10. human rights and most especially women’s rights ,like patriotism,have become the last excuse of the scoundrels.

    Why is it that those who claim to support the war in Afghanistan because of human rights are so silent about human rights abuses in so many other places?

    The fact of the matter that the war in Afghnistan has never been,or ever be about human rights or woman rights at all .It is nothing but ever-shifting of reasons to justify the continued occupation of that unlucky poor country.It is nothing more than a delusional self-aggrandizement .It is a way by which many Americans avoid to face truth about the consquences of the actions of their government and escape responsibilties for such actions.None beileve such justifications but those Americans who support the wars.History is full of exampels of such attitudes.

    “In the United States, doing good has come to be, like patriotism, a favorite device of persons with something to sell.” H. L. Mencken

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