America’s Next Top Nazi

If this isn’t the craziest thing you read today, then you must be scrubbing graffiti off the walls of a padded cell:

While the sixth season of the fashion reality show “Project Runway” is fast-approaching its climax, it’s become a running joke in my house that the show’s host, German supermodel Heidi Klum, would have made a good Nazi.

It’s an unfair comparison, to be sure, but the choice of a blonde-haired, blue-eyed German as host of this particular show was, for my sensibilities, an unfortunate one. It might not be so bad if Klum didn’t deliver these life-changing decisions with so much glee. Granted, no Nazi ever kissed a Jew on both cheeks after sending him or her to certain death, but most of the time Klum administers those kisses with as much feeling as a robot, and enunciates the words “you’re out” in tones that could send a frisson down the spine of even the most detached observer.

Aryan supermodel Heidi Klum with her husband
Aryan supermodel Heidi Klum with her husband

That’s from the Forward, one of the less berserk purveyors of reliably pro-Israel commentary in America. The author, Rebecca Honig Friedman, concludes the piece with a dash of ha ha, this mannequin’s probably not going to commit genocide, but I was stunned to find such weird prejudice and paranoia in a relatively vanilla venue. If the Forward‘s contributors and readers are this terrified of the “entertainment” industry, then what are we to make of their views on Iran, the Palestinians, and – brace yourselves for the frisson – Mearsheimer and Walt?