Ron Paul: Afghanistan Is ‘Obama’s War’

Congressman Ron Paul spoke with CBS News John Dickerson on why Afghanistan is Obama’s war, sentiments shared by RNC Chairman Michael Steele, that has caused controversy in recent weeks.

37 thoughts on “Ron Paul: Afghanistan Is ‘Obama’s War’”

  1. Bush's war and Obama's war–and Ron Paul's war for standing around with his finger up his ass and not joining the impeachment motions against Cheney and Bush.

    And most of the Congress' war too, and most Americans' war for being the docile morons they really are.

  2. most Americans' war for being the docile morons they really are.

    Most Americans as usuall cheered and supported the war becuase WE ARE NUMBER ONE!

  3. Americans wanted revenge with vengeance and vindictiveness .It did not matter upon whom they unleashed their revenge.

  4. "Bush's war and Obama's war–and Ron Paul's war for standing around with his finger up his ass and not joining the impeachment motions against Cheney and Bush."


    Right, because the way to get Congress to close the purse is to impeach the president. Impeach the prez, end the war.


    Don't be so naive.

    1. You are obviously quite ignorant of the Constitution, as is Paul.

      Not that it matters much anymore.

      Have a peachy day.

  5. Afghanistan is "Obama's War"?

    RAND PAUL is Ron Paul's legacy.

    Palin/Paul 2012 on the Tea Party ticket? Ron Paul's legacy will be more of a disaster than Afghanistan.

  6. I, too, agree that Afghanistan is not Obama's war. It was not Bush's war or, for that matter, Tony Blair's war either. Obama and Bush and Blair are political puppets who were/are just following orders. And just who is it that gives orders to American presidents and British prime ministers to take their respective nations into unjustified, immoral, murderous and aggressive wars so that they can make enormous profits, and maintain their control of the world's natural resources, and maintain their control of international finance and business? Look no further than the Wall Street – London Banking and International Corporate Crime Syndicate. That is who gives the orders to their American and British political puppets to take their nations to war. Afghanistan is their war.

    1. You mean its the capitalists of London and Washington who are waging war for profit and control? Who'd a thunk it? Someone please inform the capitalist loving libertarians that their advocacy of capitalism is advancing imperialist war!

        1. Swami, you are 100% correct. The multi-billionaires who control the international central banking system, the international corporations and the governments of the United States, Europe and Japan are not classic capitalists who support real competition, real free markets and honest monetary systems. In fact, they are monopolists who hate competition, hate free markets and hate sound (non-inflationary) money systems. They, and the fascist national political leaders they control, are the worst collection of disgusting liars, thieves and murderers that history has ever recorded.

          1. The only "competition" ANY Capitalist supports is competition in commoditized labor.

    2. very good for v, you left out the banking cabal which is the top of the orders.
      bank of international settlements (BIS), WTO world trade organization, WB world bank
      and i'm sure the US Fed, fiqure out what 4.63% interest on the deficet annually.
      an ass load of money averaging 177M dollars a day going to whom ??? and whose bonus????

  7. The Afghanistan War is ugly – no-one wants to claim to have fathered it. . It is lucky enough to have a doting Step-Dad in Obama, however.
    What about the Iraq War – who fathered that monster? Bush, Blair, every Zionist in Washington, every moron waving the flag – the list of suspects is long.
    What about the coming Iran War. With that one, we are still in the coitus stage and from my view, the party really putting it to America is that old war-randy goat, Israel.

  8. Yes, it is Obama's Good War. It also belongs to the 63 Million people that voted for him because he made it quite clear he was going to escalate the Good War. Any future war with Iran will belong to them as well, since O-Bomb made it quite clear that nothing was "off that table" wrt Iran.

  9. Whose fault? There are bigger forces at work here. Start with the fact that nobody is walking in the States anymore…. One hundred yards and people are driving..

    1. Yes, as one summarized when the US attacked Iraq in the Second Gulf War, "American suburbs invades Mesopotamia."

      Suburban drunk driving checkpoints and Mad Max military contractor convoys as well.

      But at least a lot of Iraq is flat.

      The same suburbs in Afghanistan is almost mind-boggling in its absurdity.

    2. So, it was Christmas the other day, you know, and the wife and I were watching It's a Wonderful Life. The scene where Jimmy Stewart calls on Donna Reed after she's arrived home from college because he has nothing else better to do had us transfixed. Why? Sure, the acting and the pacing was fine, but the scene's depiction of people walking in all directions on a suburban neighborhood street was like something out of science-fiction. Was that at all accurate? Did people really used to walk that much? I was born in the late 70s and I do not recall people ever walking that much, though they certainly seem to do so less now than even when I was a kid.

  10. C'mon, people: Afghanistan is the Military-Industrial-Corporate Complex's war, as has been every other war/intervention in which this nation has ever been engaged. To ascribe responsibility for any belligerent action to any one of the fungible marionettes occupying the Oval Orifice at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is an exercise in sheer stupidity. When are people going to wake up and realize that NOT ONE of these pathetic, soulless creatures is responsible for ANYTHING that comes out of his/her mouth or pen? The second any of these creatures exercises any initiative or individuality is the day that they find themselves impeached and out on the street or on a slab (just ask JFK's ghost about that one).

    Bottom line: Obama is prolonging the Afghan catastrophe both because he wants to continue to enjoy the perks that go with being the Establishment's puppet stooge and because to do otherwise might actually jeopardize his ability to continue walking and breathing.

  11. To date no one has asked the central question about Obama and Afghanistan.

    Consider: Obama as early as 2002 publicly and vigorously opposed the war in Iraq.

    This was very popular in Illinois, which at the time may have been the most anti-war state in the nation.

    At the same time he also vowed to continue the war in Afghanistan, implying that it had to be "won" and that he would prosecute it more efficiently than Bush.

    Now after almost two years in office, and with his Senatorial service, it is fairly clear that Obama is only slightly above average in intelligence.

    He is educated as lawyer and he betrays no real grasp of foreign affairs.

    He also seems to know nothing beyond the usual cliches about war, either the US's wars or war in general.

    He seems almost completely ignorant of history.

    Question: did Obama, do you suppose, come up with this straddling of bar stools in regard to Iraq and Afghanistan?

    It is perhaps psychologically possible–his pattern is split issues, for example.

    But it does not seem likely.

    Clearly he has only a vague idea of Afgghanistan in the first place.

    The question then is this: who is the genesis of Obama's Afghanistan policy.

    It might be an individual or a group–but who framed this for him in the first place?

  12. If you pay close attention Obama always connects the war in Afghanistan with 9/11, "Al Qaeda", and so forth.

    Almost a reflex.

  13. On this AntiWar site, today, there is an article by Robert Logan, on character disorder, which describes the absolute lack of morality in current American life. How can Americans blithely accept our needless destruction of Iraq? The hundreds of thousands killed, the millions of homeless, the simultaneous loss of American treasure and lives, and the perversion of patriotism and human liberty. No anquish, no regrets (G W Asshole “Sure we waterboarded”). The answer is that we have become as souless as the silent burgers living outside Nazi concentration camps. Our motto may as well be “We’re number One and we don’t give a F–k”.Like our even more souless ally, Israel, we are pathological tumors.

    1. A theme repeated by Victor Davis Hanson, among other neocon intellectuals: Not being constrained by what mere mortals call 'morality' allows one to act in the cause of a higher morality. This is the 'bizzaro world' thinking Justin has mentioned multiple times.

  14. Just so you folks don't get any ideas, however much Obama is Bush Lite or Bush Heavy or the Village Idiot, for that matter, there is NO justification for ever voting a Republican or Right Winger, including Paul, into the office of president again and every reason for eliminating them utterly from American political life.

    Granting that, there is also every reason to cede Obama himself the presidency, as a kind of ceremonial office, while also voting out every other Democrat and Republican in national office, and exerting oneself to put in Greens, Socialists, Communists, genuine Libertarians (not Paulistas or Teabaggers)) and anything else you can think up that has a chance of winning a Congressional seat outside the structure of the duopoly.

    This is a purely tactical analysis.

    1. "The reality is that there can be no “good” American president."

      Alexander Cockburn

      An incisive observation that.

      And for that very reason, tactically Obama might as well be ceded four more years of potential disaster, rather handing the whole system back to the Right Wingers that caused it in the first place.

      There are a few unseen benefits in that over the long run.

      On verra.

  15. The US is bankrupt.

    The total of all private and public debt is more–with continuing interest–than can ever be paid.

    And in fact infinite debt credit is part of the theory and practice of Finance Capitalism.

    USD is no longer the world reserve currency–merely a choice.

    The genuine economy is comatose, and producing for export and even domestic consumption has long ago been gutted by the Finance Capitalists.

    The US is involved in two obscenely expensive, losing wars, and seems to be interested in starting two more (Pakistan and Iran).

    The infrastructure is not only aging but it is wasteful, obsolete, and was ill-conceived in the first place.

    The US is technologically perhaps thirty years behind Japan, and is doing nothing to catch up.

    The whole society is systematically dysfunctional–politics, finance, economics, the military, the education system, the legal system–just name it.

    There is no solution within the system. In fact the system is incapable of doing anything but intensifying the problems to the point of final catastrophe.

    Right now the only question is how bad is going to be the next stage.

    Only radical restructuring from the ground up has even a small chance of moderating the continuing collapse.

    But that too is likely now too late.

    Bon appetit!

  16. The most likely scenario extrapolating from the behavior of incompetent elites in past and analogous historical situations, is that the elite will blithely keep on course until there is a mass confrontation, and their very physdical existence is threatened.

    Their first reflex will be to suppress with overweening violence with their goons.

    When that does not work they will escalate the force until they produce a situation in which, one way or another, they are eliminated as a class.

    That is not the only scenario but it is the most common historically.

  17. "July 16, 2010

    WASHINGTON (JTA) — The Department of Homeland Security released $19 million to secure non-profits, the vast majority Jewish.

    Of 271 institutions named in a list released this week by DHS, 254 are Jewish, including synagogues, schools, community centers and offices.

    The funds were released as part of a congressionally mandated program in place since 2005 that targets institutions that are vulnerable to attack.

    Security measures funded include "blast proof windows; reinforced doors, locks, gates, and fences; video surveillance; and other equipment and enhancements" as well as training, according to a release by the Jewish Federations of North America, the federations umbrelaa body that lobbies annually for the funding.

    "The Nonprofit Security Grant Program is a proven resource that helps supplement the work of local and federal law enforcement to help keep us safe," William Daroff, JFNA's Washington director, said in a statement."

    Come again?

    1. Free blast doors and surveillance systems from Homeland Security–wow.

      Wonder what enterprising free market Israeli Corporation is getting most of the contracts?

  18. If those who post to Antiwar want to know the truth about who is responsible for America's destructive domestic and foreign policies then I urge you to go here while America's fascist Federal government will still allow you to do so: I wish all of you well.

    1. Moveon, Truthdig, Common Dreams–none of these sites are "Left".

      That's the usual extreme Right Wing calling the other half of the doupoly "Left".

      Anyway it doesn't much matter.

      The resolution is no going to be virtual.

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