A Real Foreign Policy Debate

This Wednesday a debate between Bruce Fein (former associate deputy attorney general in the Reagan administration and author of American Empire: Before the Fall) and radio host/Washington Times columnist Jeffrey Kuhner. It will be moderated by American Conservative editor Daniel McCarthy.

The smackdown begins at 12:30 pm on the 6th floor of the Americans for Tax Reform offices — 722 12th Street, NW, Washington, DC 20005.

With RNC Chairman Michael Steele calling Afghanistan Obama’s war, there’s an opening, however small, for a true foreign policy debate on the Right for the first time in over a decade. The Fein/Kuhner event will give a taste of what’s in store. It’s free, and food and drink will be provided, so drop by if you’re in the area.

16 thoughts on “A Real Foreign Policy Debate”

  1. Bruce Fein’s a lawyer who believes in–well, the law. He’s the polar opposite of lawless sonsofbitches like Jay Bybee, John Yoo, Roberto Gonzales et al.

    1. The "law" in the US is just another purchasable commodity.

      Lawyers too.

      You can count the "antilawyers" on one hand.

      And Nader is not a among them either.

  2. "A Real Foreign Policy Debate"

    (Now picture Johnny Carson, beturbaned as "the Great Karnak," opening up the envelope and reading
    "Name the one thing that never has happened and never will happen in Washington, D.C.")

  3. anti-war is part of the controlled opposition..notice their ignoring Israel-and agentsof-central role in 9-11..CENTRAL>

  4. Sure, it's going to get difficult for Israel when Americans come to the inevitable realization of it's Central Role in all this but they deserve it…Ehud Barak, Dominc Suter, Dov Zakheim, Michael S. Goff-people like this need to be waterboarded so we can get to the bottom of what REALLY happened on that fateful day..Within minutes of the attack Barak was in a BBC studio pointing the finger at the appointed villains, calling for the invasion of Afghan ( look into the Merhav Group and who controls the gas of Turkmenistn ) and Iraq..This is how false-flag terrorism works; the perp points the finger at his enemy in order to shape public opinion-which is the real purpose of these atrocities in the first place…Yes, things may get hot for Zionists when people realize what really happened but Sharon wants all these poor pawns in Israel anyway so maybe they factored that in too..I doubt it, but it's possible..

  5. Socrates sd that unpunished criminals become worse people–that's the problem with the Zionists..They're never punished for their atrocities so they just push the envelope ever further.

  6. Ehud Barak resigned and came to the U.S. in March of '01..Ostensibly he came to work for SCP Partners..but he really came to complete the planning for the new Pearl Harbor..America's Reichstag Fire..Attached to SCP is a co. called AMG, Advance Metals Group..just the kind of outfit that could produce nano-thermite; the stuff that was supplied to Dominic Suter ( Urban Moving Systems ) and his imported IDF demolition experts…

  7. And this week Israel celebrated ( with a plaque ) the Irgun terrorist attack on the King David Hotel that killed some 28 British citizens and soldiers and 91 people altogether…they claimed in the original plaque ( since ammended ) that they had phoned in a bomb warning but " unknown to anyone besided the british the bldg was not evacuated.." According to th UK govt there is no credibility to the claim of any bomb warning being sent or rcvd..

  8. Dov Zakheim has hired lawyers to address his misplacemnt of an enormous amt of $$ fm the Pentagon budget ( reported the day before 9-11 and forgotten ) the purchase of 757's…questions about whether Flight overtake technology ( the kind developed by Systems Planning corp ) had any role in the attacks and any possible involvemnt by Mr. Zakheim…Former Asst Sec of Def..etc

  9. http://www.theinfounderground.com is also helpful..but really, we should all know this stuff by now…it took me several yrs to really embrace the overwhelming ( yet very depressing ) truth that 9-11 was the work of Mossad, it's agents and rogue elements of western ( MI-6, CIA ) intell..

  10. A Real Foreign Policy Debate? That will only happen when the present Washington-FED-Wall Street Crime Syndicate is totally stripped of all power.

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