Stop Congress From Green-Lighting Attack on Iran

Nearly one third of the Republican Caucus in the House of Representatives has introduced a resolution giving Israel a green light to attack Iran. H.Res.1553 declares unwavering support for Israel to “use all means necessary,” to “eliminate nuclear threats” posed by Iran.

The game plan of these Members of Congress was spelled out by John Bolton in the Wall Street Journal just two weeks ago: “Having visible congressional support in place at the outset [of an attack] will reassure the Israeli government, which is legitimately concerned about Mr. Obama’s likely negative reaction to such an attack.”

The National Iranian American Council is urging people to contact House Republican leader John Boehner urging him to block this measure.

You can go here to automatically contact Boehner.

I also urge you to contact your individual member of Congress and Senator to oppose H.Res.1553. You can go to to get contact info.

2 thoughts on “Stop Congress From Green-Lighting Attack on Iran”

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  1. Both Israel and the US are good at throwing “sucker-punches” (air strikes and missile launches). Who is going to provide the proverbial “boots on the ground” to follow up and ensure that the guy so sucker-punched doesn’t get back up and start swing a barstool.
    If you think that Israel is going to invade Iran, and fight man-to-man, thou are truly dreaming. The way it will go is that Israel will launch a missile strike and America will have to invade to prevent a massive retaliation and we will lose a surprising number of ships and troops in the process. Either that or Israel will go nuclear with its first sneak attack.. Both scenarios are absolute madness. But then about 80% of the Israelis and about 40% of the Americans are certifiably insane.(another 40% of Americans are as Zionists correctly discern just cattle).

    1. USA, Israel and NATO prefer fighting unarmed, helpless and weaponless civilians, that is where their "bravery" shines, they also enjoy starving populations and denying them access to medicine and other needs to live normal life.

  2. What's congress got to do with it? US foreign policy is run out of the Pentagon. State dept handles bureaucratic issues like visa applications. President, I'm not sure what the President does any more. Seems like he does do something. We don't hear from him much anymore.

  3. Like Congress cares what the American people want or do not want. The majority of the American people want to end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and yet the United States government seems determined to fight those wars until the dollar reverts back to its orignal value. The majority of the American people did not want Obama Care or bailouts for the banksters, but they got both. Calling your congressman or Senators will not accomplish anything. It is one of the biggest lies in the world that Congress somehow represents the voice of the American people or is responsive to what they want. With the exception of Ron Paul, they are nothing but a bunch of crooks, perverts, whores, and murdering warmongers.

    1. Excellent, Mr. Epstein! I associate myself with your comments.

      The U.S. Government in general, and Congress in particular, is controlled by Israel, Wall Street, and the military welfare complex. Joe & Jane Sixpack get lost in the shuffle, now, don't they?

    2. Well said, Ira.

      Really, Eric, I would have thought that you and the rest of the staff, of all people, would know better than to regurgitate the "write your Congressman" nonsense. If any group of people should have the good common sense to know what a childish waste of ink, bits, and life hours that exercise is, you would be it.

      Bottom line (and I don't know why I should think it necessary to repeat this here, of all places): If –no, sorry, make that WHEN– Israel decides to attack Iran, they're going to do it, with or without Amerika's "blessing." As a matter of fact, any publicly declared "resolution" that "authorizes" such an attack will be nothing more than a PR exercise carried out on orders from Tel Aviv.

      So if it makes you feel better to sound off at your Congresscreature, and if you have the energy and life minutes to waste, then go right ahead. Just don't expect anything other than a boilerplate form letter (or email) in response, and be prepared to join the ranks of Americans persecuted by the federal police state, as happened with this guy recently when he decided to sound off on outgoing Senatard Jim Bunning.

    3. I thought you were on to something, but when you brought up rank paul and the fact that you are wrong about Health Care Reform. I knew then that you were misinfomed.

  4. Time to document who is doing what. Time will come after the fall when we pick up the pieces that maybe we will be able to try all these people for treason and hang them all. Almost makes you wish for the end, doesn't it.

  5. I can agree with most of the sentiments expressed thusfar , but I think it a bit disingenuous to not hold Iran just a "little bit " responsible for what may in fact occurr . When their uranium enrichment for "peacefull purposes" exceeds the percentage and that wil be obvious to the experts, , and Iran starts producing weapons grade uranium and testing long range missles , coupled with more ranting to wipe Israel off the face of the Earth… you really think Israel will wait for US approval ?

  6. Unless of course , you believe th Iranians [that is the regime in control ] is just kidding about all of this .
    And let's be realistic , it would be logistically impossible, and strategically foolish for Israel to wage a ground war with Iran .
    Nope, if there is a war between them , it will be strictly "Airmail " .

  7. …and the wiki leaks might actually add to the probability of that "green light ' , as it further exposes Iran's role in Afghanistan . Althought this was known to the military , now it is known to all , including the politicos up for elections ….not a good thing .

  8. Iran will be attacked. No doubt about that at all. Lebanon as well. In fact, remember that picture of Neil Armstrong planting the US flag on the moon? Well even if Iran is turned into a dust bowl after they have destroyed it, it does not matter. They want something, they get it. By any means. I do think that the USA is on its way out- but it's going to take most of us with it.

  9. i am iranian and a student of medicine.i just wanted to know if you have thought about all nuclear weapons that western countries produce.our governers have told thousands of time that we are against war and terrorism and nuclear weapons because we belive in freedom and peace as have been said in our holy book.

    which country has started wars against other nations in the past 100 years?
    dont you think that a percent of your militry costs for war all around the world can help palestinians to stay alive? they are starving to death and all the roads to there is blocked by israelean.why? because they want to have a government just like any other nation in the world.
    is this your freedom that you talk about?
    i have been brought up in europe and i know the people there are awesome though i am baffled about the seems that they get instructions from israel directly.i would be happy to get my answers and if you belive i am wrong please tell me.

  10. An Oxford Research Group report released recently reinforced those findings and also warned that an Israeli attack would be disastrous and would be unlikely to stop Iran's nuclear program.forensic odontology

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