WikiLeaks Files, Now Organized in html

WikiLeaks now has the Afghan “war logs” up in html, which you can browse a number of different ways: be sure to read the introduction for navigation instructions (it’s easy).

And, again, thanks to Wikileaks, Julian Assange, and – especially – Bradley Manning, who sacrificed his career (and his freedom) so that we might know the truth.

21 thoughts on “WikiLeaks Files, Now Organized in html”

    1. Incorrect. They ran ads showing issues where CFL and the candidate agree based on answers he gave to a CFL survey.

  1. I think the wikileaks provide a great revelation to the American people . It exposes the fact that we are defacto financing Pakistan to kill our own troops . We are giving billions to this duplicitous and double-crossing "ally " , and the people NEED TO KNOW THIS SHAMEFULL DISGRACE .

    1. Of course Pakistan has always backed the Pashtun faction in Afghanistan, just like Pakistan has always allied itself with China against India & Russia, just as India has always backed the opponents of Pakistan's allies in Afghanistan. These are geopolitical forces that can't be turned off by diplomatic happy talk and a visit by Hillary. To phrase it a differently, an alliance with the Pashtun tribes of Afghanistan is what Pakistan is. That's the equilibrium that allows the thing we call the gov't of Pakistan to exist. Without it, "Pakistan" probably wouldn't even be strong enough to be the government of Balochistan, Punjab, &c. Don't be so naive.

  2. R/T — it's not about Pakistan. Some in that population are of course fighting the American invaders. The real news in Wikileaks is the egregious war crimes committed by America. Prosecute the bastards in a war crimes tribunal.

    1. Yes , and we can also prosecute the "egregious war crimes " of the Taliban , you know , the one's blowing up schools , throwing acid in the faces of school girls , blowing up market places ,.You know as well as I that the Taliban are a creation of Pakistan , whose oiginal purpose was to take Kashmir . Or you have forgotten history ? Maybe you have also forgotten the 11/26 attack in Mumbai ….backed by the iSS You also seem to gloss over the FACT that the Taliban have killed ten times more civilkians in Afghanistan than the Americans .

      1. These documents merely make official what thinking Americans have long suspected , the duplicitous nature of Pakistan , it's ongoing and historic war on India and Hindus , and the fact that the location of Bin Laden and Omar is indeed in Pakistan and is known by Pakistan .
        And what about the "egregious war crimes " being committed in Pakistan itself ? Almost on a daily basis .
        Yes the US should get out of Afghanistan , but only after capturing or killing Omar ,Bin laden and his second in Command . Then leave the region to it's own historic devices .
        Perhaps the release of these documents will hasten those events .

        1. …and speaking of "war crimes " has anyone in Pakistan ever taken responsibility for the War Crimes committed by Pakistan in the 1970 War with India , where the victims , almost two million were slaughtered in East Pakistan [ now Bangladesh ] ? Was that even considered a war crime ?

      2. So you agree, prosecute those involved in war crimes. Good. I always thought neocons were unreasonable.

  3. All honor to WikiLeaks and Julian Assange. I hope they publish every document they have. Because the lying, duplicitous U.S. Government won't give its citizens the straight goods, we'll have to go elsewhere for our information, right?

    Private First Class Manning, AUS is a young man of conscience. He saw evidence of his country's criminality, and revealed it. Saint Barack The Blessed owes him a pardon.

    1. Kim is Dear, Obama is Dearest Leader, "liberals" and "progresives" will support him to the last Palestinian, Iranian, Pakistani and all the other stanis.

  4. R/T,

    You say we need to get out of Afghanistan, but first, we need to capture or kill Omar, Bin Laden and his second in Command? I don’t know about Omar, but Osama is most likely dead already. And his Second in Command? Well we have (according to the managed news releases) been killing Bin Laden’s Third in Command by the pallet loads for years, but not a single Second in Command. I suspect that there simply is no Second in Command for Bin Laden. How duplicitous of the bastards! An already dead guy running the organization, no Second in Command and the rest of the staff all Third in Commands; every man jack of them. That is why this whole Afghan War is a bloody f–ked up mess – we can’t get our hands on a decent organization chart of our “enemy”.

    But, I agree wholeheartedly with your first thought – let’s get out.

  5. The US, as we have seen before ,would find someone else to blame for its failuresand misguided wars.This time is Pakistan.The accusations about Pakistan are not new .They are coming from the same people who told us repaetdly about Iraq weapons of WMDs and its role in regards to9/11.Could these reports put there in order to justify a direct military attack on Pakistan by the US some time in the future?Remember cambodia and Loas.

    The US sees its so called interests extends thousands of miles beyond its borders to countries in every corner of the world far and wide.For Pakistan ,for its own existence and survival that a government that is not allied with India as the current one exists in Afghnistan which it share a long border with Pakistan.

  6. It is intersting that some would bring unrelated past events or something that happened some where else to justify present action taken place somewhere else.

  7. In November 2009, Richard Barrett of the UN's al-Qaeda-Taliban monitoring team said that while attacks by al-Qaeda and its operatives were decreasing in many parts of the world, the situation was worsening in North Africa. He was referring specifically to the Sahel region of southern Algeria, Niger, Mali and Mauritania.

    While the UN statement fits the catastrophic image being portrayed of the Sahara-Sahel region by the US, European and other Western interests, the truth is not only very different, but even more serious in that both the launch of the Saharan-Sahelian front in the 'global war on terror' (GWOT) and the subsequent establishment of al-Qaeda in the region have been fabricated.

    These two deceptions have one key feature in common, namely that they were both implemented by Algeria's secret military intelligence service, the Département du Renseignement et de la Sécurité (DRS), with the knowledge and complicity of the US.

  8. A Saharan front in the GWOT was planned by the US and Algeria in 2002 and launched in early 2003.

    The pivotal incident that justified the launch of the new front was the abduction in February-March 2003 of 32 tourists in the Algerian Sahara, ostensibly by Islamic extremists of Algeria's Groupe Salafiste pour le Prédication et le Combat (GSPC) under the leadership of Amari Saifi (aka El Para). However, it transpired that El Para was an agent of Algeria's DRS and his false flag operation had been undertaken with the complicity of the US department of defence.

    The idea of creating false flag incidents to justify military intervention is not new in US history. In 1962, for example, the US joint chiefs of staff drew up and approved plans, codenamed Operation Northwoods, that called for CIA and other operatives to commit acts of terrorism on innocent civilians in US cities and elsewhere, thus giving the appearance of a Communist Cuban terror campaign in Miami, other Florida cities and even Washington that would create public support for a war against Fidel Castro's Cuba. The plan was ultimately rejected by President Kennedy.

  9. I explained how and why this complex relationship between the US and Algerian security services developed in my book, The Dark Sahara. But to explain it in a nutshell: for the US, the presence of terrorism, fabricated or real, in the Sahara-Sahel region would legitimise the launch of a new front in the GWOT in Africa. This, in turn, and as explained subsequently by numerous US government officials, would justify the 'militarisation' of Africa (seen in the authorisation of AFRICOM in 2006 and its establishment in 2008) and the securement for the US of African oil resources.

  10. With no 'real' terrorism in the region, the US, through the region's repressive regimes, sought to provoke what it called 'putative terrorists'. Algerian police, acting as agents provocateurs, provoked riots in the city of Tamanrasset; in Niger, a trumped up murder charge against a Tuareg minister was designed to trigger a Tuareg rebellion, while in May 2006, the DRS, accompanied by some 100 US special forces, flown covertly from Stuttgart to Tamanrasset, crossed into northern Mali to support a short-lived Tuareg rebellion.

    Increasing political instability and insecurity, generated primarily by this fabricated front in the GWOT, the increasing repression of US-backed regimes and the associated damage to local economies and livelihoods, led to the outbreak of Tuareg rebellions in Niger in February 2007 and in Mali a few months later.

    The problem for the US was that the Tuareg rebellions were proof that political unrest in the Sahel, contrary to Washington's disinformation, had nothing to do with Islamic extremism, but was the outcome of the US' own duplicitous policy in the region – what Americans call 'blow-back'.

  11. The U.S. Defense Department is unable to properly account for over 95 percent of $9.1 billion in Iraqi oil money tapped by the U.S. for rebuilding the war ravaged nation, according to an audit released Tuesday.

    The report by the U.S. Special Investigator for Iraq Reconstruction offers a compelling look at continued laxness in how such funds were being spent in a country where people complain basic services like electricity and clean water are sharply lacking seven years after the U.S.-led invasion that toppled Saddam Hussein.

  12. It is very interesting that the New York TImes, and defenders of war immediately switch off the shocking news of killing innocent civilians and maniacally focus on their little game with Pakistan, desperately trying to dodge the big question: Why we are in Afghanistan? why we are fighting the Taliban? because of Osama Bin Ladin? then Why the government says capture of Bin Ladin is not improtant any more? The crime starts from the ill minds then turns into action. We have to stop their crime right when they defend it just like RT here.

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