As Heads Is Tails, Just Call Me Lucifer

In news that should stun those of you who just awoke from a seven-decade coma, Dave Weigel, recently fired by the Washington Post, has just been hired by… a subsidiary of the Washington Post Company. Slate Group chairman Jacob Weisberg, who rose to journalistic prominence compiling minor gaffes by George W. Bush, was apparently miffed by the Post‘s decision to can Weigel. You didn’t realize that those ads in which Coca-Cola executives plot against Coke Zero were actually media satires, did you?

On a related note, I think I’ve just stumbled upon the single best argument for decentralization, devolution, “states’ rights,” or whatever the hell you want to call the transfer of powers from Washington, D.C., to lower political units, and it’s not to be found in the Constitution or any musty old book of political theory. Simply put, such a transfer would scatter the fraternity of political “journalists,” think-tankers, and the like to the four winds, or at least to Augusta, Tallahassee, Sacramento, and Olympia.

Note: My self-authored rebuttal to my last post will work just fine for this one too, #teamweigel. And if you still haven’t read Arthur Silber’s twoparter on the Journolist fracas, then do it now.

4 thoughts on “As Heads Is Tails, Just Call Me Lucifer”

  1. Slate also recently hired Schmuel Goldstein, straight from the Jerusalem Post, to explain events in the Middle East to its readers. His VERY FIRST column for Slate mocked the concept of holding any sort of investigation into the slaughter on the 'Mavi.' Talk about balanced 'journalism.'
    Personally, I had the gall to mock the media coverage at Slate of those CIA spooks killed in Afghanistan just before Christmas – and was promptly banned from the website. Not believing the 'you have been banned' banner that came up when I tried to post, I contacted Jacob Weisberg and alerted him to what I felt must have been a technical problem – only to receive an e-mail from the man assuring me I had indeed been banned for unnamed 'abuses of the rules of the road.' Apparently, calling bull on the portrayal as 'heroes' of the deaths of a bunch of guys involved in slaughtering the locals in Afghanistan is 'abusive.' LOL!

  2. On the subject of the WaPo and related publications, here they give space to one strain of naivete common in the Left in the US, as epitomized by Jim Wallis of Sojourners and the 'Network of Spiritual Progressives':

    Short version: The Afghan war — the way it's currently being waged — is evil, but the Taliban are a bunch of backward women-haters, so we can't just walk away. Wallis says the military can't win a war of counterinsurgency, nevertheless we should mount a 'humanitarian surge' of goody-two shoes Western NGOs (protected by the US military) to transform Afghan culture to our liking. This sort of thinking in part explains why the Left has largely grown quiet in its opposition to the war: The Left is opposed to purely military action, but can accept social work at gunpoint.

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