More on Shahram Amiri

Gareth Porter and Philip Giraldi both have new articles out on the case of mysterious Iranian defector(?) Shahram Amiri.

Porter’s new one is here, in RawStory.

Giraldi’s is here, in The American Conservative magazine.

Author: Scott Horton

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7 thoughts on “More on Shahram Amiri”

  1. truth of the matter is , no one knows exactly what went on . least of all the public . there are double agents and double-double agents , so make a guess….but remember , what is released for public consumption is just that .
    In the spy buisiness , nothing is as it seems , and that's the object of the game . Yes books are written , based on hearsay , gleened from "sources who are in the know " and dissemnated half-truths ….and that too is part of "the buisiness " .
    So enjoy the books .

    1. I think that you are complicating a pretty simple matter here. It's clear that Amiri was kidnapped and brought to the US against his will. Read my post below.

  2. Philip Giraldi just won't stop spewing his nonsense about Amiri being a "defector." I guess he has an agenda and just won't quit. Here's a very simple question that Giraldi doesn't want to answer: why in the world would Amiri "defect" to the United States and leave his family in Iran at the mercy of the Iranian government? This guy is a nuclear scientist so he's smart enough to have known right from the beginning what would happen to his wife and child if he were to defect and become a traitor.

    The argument in Giraldi's new article doesn't even make sense. He claims that Amiri chose to return to Iran when "he heard through the local diaspora Iranian grapevine that his wife and child were in protective custody in Iran and were in danger." What nonsense! If this guy Amiri cared about his family so much he obviously would never have defected in the first place. Amiri had to have known that his family would be threatened. Was Amiri so stupid that he just thought "oh yeah, I'll just defect to the West and be a traitor and my family here in Iran will be just fine." Come on people, think. And this leads to another question that Giraldi won't answer: if Amiri cared about his family so much and wanted to return to Iran because they were "threatened" then why didn't he just take them with him to the United States? Come on Mr. Giraldi let's see you answer all of these questions.

    Amiri was kidnapped in Saudi Arabia at gunpoint, drugged and then flown into the US. If these claims are such lies then why are the Saudis so silent about it? Why don't they come out and say publicly that we weren't involved in the kidnapping of Amiri?

    Giraldi you are a bald-faced liar!! And your claims about Amiri are based on 100% lies.

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