Droning On. And On & On & On

Unfortunately, that’s not just Mr. Obama’s speeches – – –

AMY GOODMAN: "…the Obama administration’s drone war in northwest Pakistan is continuing. There have been at least nine drone attacks this month, the latest killing five people in North Waziristan Sunday. The United States has carried out at least sixty-three drone strikes inside Pakistan this year, killing an unknown number of civilians."

KATHY KELLY: …the United States is, at an alarming rate, moving into robotic warfare, kind of a mission creep, that could lead us into perpetual war. … children are among those who are being killed. And this is happening with such regularity in Pakistan and Afghanistan. … It’s clear that targeted assassinations, these arbitrary killings, extrajudicial killings, are not allowed and that citizens have a duty, a responsibility, to prevent it….

There certainly is a constant construction. Our friends at the Nevada Desert Experience tell us that the cement trucks are arriving every day, … in Ellsworth, South Dakota, Whiteman, Missouri, those bases are now developing the technology so that drone attacks can be operated by people inside of those bases, and also, of course, at Hancock Field, where people in Syracuse are demonstrating on a daily basis. –Activists Go on Trial in Nevada for Protesting Obama Admin Drone Program

It’s not here, it’s there. It’s not us, it’s them. It’s not murder, it’s collateral damage.

And it could NEVER happen here.

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  1. The military-industrial complex political puppets (both major parties) in Washington spends nearly one trillion dollars per year for military/intelligence puposes. These expenditures finance an enormous worldwide empire of military bases and perpetual wars in the Middle East. Below are statistics that were recently cited by the Census Bureau of the U.S. When you vote this November, consider the following horrendous costs in human suffering to our fellow Americans so that the U.S. government can maintain its status as globo-cop and the world's miltary superpower. Census Bureau statistics:
    Americans living in poverty rose sharply to 14.3% from 13.2% in 2008.
    Poverty level is the highest since 1994.
    43.6 million Americans are living below the official poverty threshold.
    Inflation-adjusted income of the median household fell 4.8% between 2000 and 2009.
    The number of 25-to-34-year-olds living with their parents rose 8.4% to 5.5 million in 2010 from 2008.
    Child poverty rose to 23.8% for kids under six in 2009, compared to 21.3% a year earlier.

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