At Least the War Criminal Lost

Ilario Pantano, the Republican candidate for Congress in North Carolina’s 7th district, was defeated 54-46%.

Ilario Pantano shot and killed two unarmed prisoners in Iraq while serving in the Marines and survived charges of premeditated murder before returning to America to run for Congress in North Carolina this year.

According to Pantano’s version of events, the men moved toward him in a threatening way and he opened fire in self-defense, shooting up to 60 rounds and killing both of them. He then put a sign next to the bodies with a Marine slogan: “No better friend, no worse enemy.” Pantano told New York magazine: “I believed that by firing the number of rounds that I did, I was sending a message” to other potential insurgents.

Thankfully, the voters sent Pantano a message.

11 thoughts on “At Least the War Criminal Lost”

  1. He got 46% of vote, that is a message that he can try again. Shame on those who voted for him.

  2. Thanks for this update. I was wondering about this race. Despite that one bit of good news, I still don't have any reason to be "a proud American."

  3. This is a country that watched an American soldier murder an injured man in cold blood in a Mosque in Iraq a few years ago with most of the nation applauding that action. The only thing surprising is that this super tough guy hero who likes to shoot unarmed men wasn't made speaker of the house.

    We are a wretched indecent amoral people.

  4. This Pantano sonofabitch isn't exactly Sheriff Andy Taylor of Mayberry, is he? And, yes, he's the kind who'd mistreat helpless people.

    Police work attracts assholes, the kind who are dangerous when armed with authority. They don't stand behind their badges, they HIDE behind them.

    1. Yep, exactly. "Law enforcement" is truly a self-selecting profession, one that attracts ONLY the insecure, narcissistic, belligerent assholes with the most profound of anti-social personality disorders. Scum like Pantano are the only kind of candidate that contemporary "law enforcement" wants in its ranks. No other kind of creature is capable of exercising the violence that will be needed to keep us proles in line once we decide that we've had enough of the status quo.

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