Travelers ‘Feel a Little Safer’ Seeing Rape Victim Dragged Across Airport by Police

In an example of how quickly many members of the public have become not only comfortable with by comforted by the harsh and seemingly arbitrary treatment received by others at the airport, 56-year-old rape victim Claire Hirschkind was hurled to the ground and dragged across the airport by police yesterday, reassuring others that the TSA was right on top of things.

It makes me feel a little safer,” noted Emily Protine, one of the other travelers who witnessed the arrest, the consequence of Hirschkind not wanting her breasts felt by TSA agents. “It is for our protection so I have no problems with it,” added another witness, one Gwen Washington.

Hirschkind was apparently singled out because she has a pacemaker implanted in her chest, but objected when TSA officials announced they intended to feel her breasts. When she argued there was no due cause “the police actually pushed me to the floor, handcuffed me,” Hirschkind report, prompting the extreme comfort of fellow would-be passengers Washington and Protine.

The TSA insisted that Hirschkind’s arrest and her treatment were perfectly in keeping with their orders, and an airport spokesman added that she had the option to “not fly” if she objected to having her breasts groped. The TSA added that only about 3 percent of travelers are actually subjected to the treatment. The other 97 just get to feel a little safer because they didn’t get singled out.

One thought on “Travelers ‘Feel a Little Safer’ Seeing Rape Victim Dragged Across Airport by Police”

  1. This makes me sick. The fact that this is happening and the fact that people don't care enough about their neighbors to stand up for them. Was there nobody who objected? Did the reporters only pick those who agreed with TSA or was there really no one?

    The one true hero is Ms. Hirschkind. She stood up for her rights.

    1. Since expressing opposition to a groping got the last woman dragged across the airport in chains, one can only imagine what expressing opposition to the dragging would get someone else.

    2. I wholeheartedly AGREE with you, David.

      The one true hero is Ms. Hirschkind. She stood up for her rights.

      I'm VERY outspoken. I stay out of airports because I know I will be arrested because I can not go along with these sanctioned rapes of American citizens who have done no wrong. It is very sad to see Americans just go along with these blatant violations of our Constitutional Rights.

      America is finished. This is a free country no more. It is not unfree because of what these fascist thugs do to our fellow citizens in airports in the name of so-called safety – It is unfree because we Americans REFUSE, Categorically REFUSE to stand up for our rights according to the Constitution. Use 'em or LOSE 'EM.

      1. I've been tempted to fly but since these devices, and the subsequent TSA abuses, are on the rise, I see little reason to anymore. Driving has been a pleasure…. until the ass hats get the idea to ruin that as well in which case I'll be leaving the country for good if not earlier.

  2. If/and/or/when America wakes up and decides to NOT fly, maybe this gestapo crap will stop. Silly sheeple.

    1. Uh no. They will simply move the police state tactics to buses and trains and eventually private autos just as the brits have.

    2. It won't stop because it has nothing to do with security it has to do compliance to control and giving up our rights. If we stop flying this scanners will show up at the supermarkets, are we going to stop eating. What happened to Hirschkind has nothing to do with any threat it is done as an example to the other sheeple.


    1. Exactly, bunch of pussies! Stand up for your rights and for others. F the TSA, F the police, and F anyone who disagrees!

      1. Does 'F' stand for "Fight" or for "F*ck"? I mean "pussies" and "F" in one post… The problem is that I doubt people who didn't get upset by Abu Ghraib can get upset by the "F" word". Whatever the completion.

        Sorry. —->[]

    2. Yeah right, big guy. You do that and see how fast you're in cuffs, and how long you're held.
      Don't get me wrong. I would love to donkey punch one of those gropers in the nuts, and I am afraid I would.

      Not gonna fly until this is corrected. I can't believe these sheeple "feeling safer" because a RAPE VICTIM REFUSED TO BE GROPED.

      Americans, grow a pair and hurry. Fascism lies in the future for people who just roll over every time the gummint says so.

  4. It’s relatively easy, I guess, to choose to look the other way. But of those who did, will they remember when their time comes (and it will unless they die first). how much more painful it is to know our “fellow earthlings” are right there watching and don’t even raise an eyebrow. uncle sam is turning into Big Brother and his hand is quite oppressive.

    1. Yes, hundreds of these women have blown up our planes. Uh, wait; NO women, of any description, have blown up our planes. Muslim airport workers have unrestricted access to baggage and the inside of the planes, yet not one plane has come down since 9/11. Doesn't this tell you that the specter of Muslim terrorists swarming over our country is phony? How can you be so gullible after everything that has been revealed about airport security? If they wanted to get us, they could have done so thousands of times over; but they haven't, have they? Hmmm?

    2. it is well known that Al-Qaeda never existed till the main stream media and CIA mad it so….they have just raised the terror alert from not really true to blatant LIE….but dont worry governments of the world have you best interests at hear they look after us all (if we have money and shares in their companys)

    3. You're fear of death is why you think it's ok for them to do that. There is nothing you can do to prevent when it's your time to die. What they did to her was excessive. I, as a woman, who also happens to be married, would not want a stranger touching me intimately. That is not their place. The TSA have those wands that can do the job just as well. Shame on you for thinking it's ok to treat another human being like that. I wonder what you would say if it happened to you, but instead they groped your balls?

      1. I do hope I'm not the one you answered to. Because, if I am, you got my comment completely wrong. Actually, if my comment is what you answered to, you have everything wrong.

        Please, read what I wrote, carefully. Have you ever heard of the term "sarcasm". Some people, having no other mean to ward off the horrible thoughts some other people inspire them, resort to a form of humour called "sarcasm", in order to preserve their own mental sanity.

        Is it clearer now?

  5. That Americans will go along with this speaks volumes for this country. I am truly ashamed to be an American. And I feel nothing but disgust towards the majority of Americans.

    1. You are right Bob! I am ashamed to be an American too! Stupid, ignorant, American sheeple will wake up one day on their way to the FEMA Camps and believe they are being taken to a nice resort. History always repeats it's self sooner or later.

  6. This is why I don't go the F*** to the airport!! I am PISSED OFF at this neo Fascist administration!! You know what makes me spluttering angry as a heart attack!!! TSA agents groping a three year old child!! Everyone in America should be angry enough to chew nails!!! These TSA THUGS get off on feeling out children!! If they tried to do that in the 'hood that would be the last effin' thing they'd EVER do!!!

    This makes me ASHAMED to be an American. I can hardly wait to get the h### out of this country!

    1. how about that 12 year old little girl whos first experience at being felt up was by TSA you people are really screwed up allowing this behaviour in your country by so called authorities. I'm not coming to your country ever soon it will be the same at train, bus and all other public places. Paranoia is rampant time to revolt or suck it up and just do what your told

    2. One better; what is wrong with any parent that would allow this to be done to their children? Going to visit grandma would just have to be put on hold until enough freakin stupid people quite flying and the government figures out we are not going to tolerate this crap!!!!!

  7. Bob – I feel as you do. The majority of these sheeple that call themselves Americans are as disgusting as the TSA thugs. In the olden days people who are cowards were taken out back behind the shed and beaten senseless until they learned to stand up for what is right. Cowardice was not tolerated in the past. I will go on the record and state that approximately 75 percent of so-called Americans are cowards. They are so paranoid that they should immediately be institutionalized for LIFE. This country deserves what it gets and I am definitely getting the hell OUT as soon as I can. Amerika is well beyond saving. There is no hope whatsoever for this country. These sheeple are so scared that is makes me want to throw up for a billion years.

    1. Look in the mirror, jackass. Beating people up for disagreeing with your view is the conduct of a thug.

  8. People also feel secure when they see the police harass black kids. So at least people aren't racists and only feel secure when white women are harassed.

  9. I get searched a few times a month as I travel frequently and have an artificial knee which always sets off the metal detector. I'm not particularly sensitive about people touching me (I competed in a physical sport for 14 years). The TSA people have never been anything but very polite to me. They call me ma'am, explain what they are going to do (even though I know the drill by heart), ask me if I want a private screening. I don't feel as if I am being groped or raped. I just feel as if it is a complete waste of my time and I can't imagine it does a thing to make me or anyone else safer.

      1. Thought and self-examination aren't your strong point. You'd make a good thug — if you aren't that already.

    1. You were treated fine because you didn't protest at all and it didn't bother you. If it bothered you and you protested at all…you would have a much different experience. As this lady did. The excuse that we give up our "inalienable" rights (lol!) when we purchase a ticket is just another nail in our Republic's coffin. If you object to getting groped at the airport they drag you out…arrest you…tell you you're kicked out of the airport for good and threaten you with a $10K fine. This is the land of the free? You don't even have the freedom to say who can and can not touch your own body.

    2. Maybe my daughter is particularly sensitive, or maybe I'm particularly sensitive to someone assaulting her, but, the first one to put their hands on her will be searching for his teeth. Promise.

    3. I'll try to be more polite than people who already answered you and I'll try to explain why your reaction is so wrong. To my discharge, I relish in watching the US becoming more Communist than the Soviets.

      My answer risks to be long. It's because truth requires more than a few words.

      You don't mind to be touched. You're a woman, I'm a man, and yet I do. There's a convention in France. People kiss the air while they chuck cheeks when they meet in the morning. I got labelled as hoity-toity because that ritual made me feel uncomfortable. I only rub cheeks with people I'm really acquainted with.

      So, if you don't mind to be touched by people you don't know from Adam or Eve, there are people who do. And if you don't mind unknowns to palpate your intimacy, there are people who do. Especially if it's a three year old baby, if you had a breast removed or if some a**hole has raped you.

      Please, abstain from stupid comments in the future.

    4. Your self-centered attitude doesn't leave much room for anyone but you, does it. Big deal, doesn't bother you. It apparently bothers other people, like the guy whose catheter got groped and spilled urine all over him, the children, the mastectomy victims, the rape victims, autistic people and others who cannot bear to be touched. Sure, they could choose the scanner, what's a little radiation? Houston drinks it, and they're okay.

      Maybe your attitude would be a little more generous if you were a rape victim instead of some selfish git with a gammy leg.

    1. And when TSA is abolished due to the public outcry, it will be replaced by the "efficient" privatized "service", and even more expensive, elaborate and instrusive processes and technologies, all justified in the name of security. Our legislators will dutifully fill their coffers year in and out. But there will be no money for local governments, school buses or teachers, and property taxes are sure to go up to pay for the money black hole our lives are being sucked into. But most people do not see it, or do not get it. Say "security", and everyone falls into neat marching formations. The nation of Borg, wired and assimilated. Resistance is truly futile.

      1. Bianca, there is such a simple solution that would NOT be intrusive at all, very inexpensive and capable of a total and complete search for any type of explosive materials. You wouldn't have TSA moronic thugs in existence, (they would go back to their respective loony bins and prisons) nor would you need scanners to that Chertoff can get richer. The answer is; DOGS. Yes dogs. They have the snoz to find over 13000 different types of explosives. Each dog costs about $8,000 and are far more effecient and safer, yes safer, then Michael Chertoff's expensive boondoogle. Yea, GO DAWGS!!!! Sincerely, Geheimish

  10. It is coming. One more major terrorist attack and the government will place the US under lock down: Fascism with a happy face.

    1. I'm afraid you're right. I am poised near the border, ready to scoot off to some beach in Baja where I can laugh at the dumb Americans who still think they're the arbiters of freedom while submitting to draconian "anti-terrorist" measures.

      If they don't fight now, it won't get easier later on down the road.

  11. What you have here is the thinking of a vast number of people. I'll shamelessly use Niemollers famous quote as a template: "First they came for the activists but I wasn't an activist…..Then they came for the 4th admendmentists but I wasn't….."

  12. Sad , sad world . There have always been a few psychopaths willing to blow up an airliner while at the same time accomplishinjg their own suicide . NOW , we have an entire cult , which preaches and promises paradise to any man women or child who does the same And , in addition gives ever creative instruction on how to do so . Yes , it is inevitable there will be " a success " sooner or later .The reactions will vary , and no doubt be offensive to some , even abusive ….oh well .
    There is no solution . Nor will there be . ….happy flying !

  13. I understand they're going to be giving TSA agents tasers and guns and approving executions on the spot when mothers don't have their breast milk bottled properly or if their children cry. In cities near train stations they'll be loaded onto trains and trucked off to be gassed and cremated for disturbing the peace. Now do you feel safer?

  14. "An ABIA spokesman says it is TSA policy that anyone activating a security alarm has two options. One is to opt out and not fly,"

    It thought that was precisely _not_ an option, because "you can't just walk away" (wasn't that Big Sister who said that?). You will at least get fined if I remember correctly.

  15. Annie wrote: “It’s relatively easy, I guess, to choose to look the other way. ”

    That is what happened in Germany in the 1930’s and 40’s. They were Good Germans. Now you have Good Americans.

  16. And don't forget, while you're hot with annoyance at this "authoritarianism training", that in DHS tests of the airport security screening system, MORE THAN 90%OF THE KNIVES, GUNS, AND BOMBS USED TO CHECK/TEST THE SCREENING SYSTEM GOT THROUGH UNDETECTED. YES!!!! NINETY F*CKING PERCENT GET THROUGH. So not only do they violate your dignity and your person, but they fail utterly — catastrophically even — to achieve the goal of providing safety from terrorists — if there were any, which clearly there are not — by preventing lethal materials to be carried on board commercial passenger aircraft.

    Not pissed off enough? The DHS keeps the results of these screening effectiveness tests "classified" (though the results have been leaked, surprise surprise). You may have your own opinion as to why, but my opinion is that the DHS and TSA clowns are rightly apprehensive about the public outcry that would result if the public knew — I mean REALLY knew, UN FLIPPIN-DENIABLY knew — the totality of the "terrorism" hysteria taxpayer ripoff.

    1. There's even more blatant fact that this. Even if TSA did detect 100% of everything in these tests – still, for the ten years of their existence, they have not stopped a single real terrorist. That this simple fact does not immediately and completely wipes TSA out of existence, is more descriptive of the society than of the TSA itself. TSA after all only takes whatever it can.

  17. Go to any police state in the world, China, Russia, Viet Nam, Israel, and you will see the same treatment, that we are receiving at our airports. Haughty, facist, authoritarian thugs, in uniform, dishing out abuse to law abiding citizens. After awhile, we will have to tolerate all sorts of indignities from uniformed personnel, from sadistic petty cruelties to having guns pointed in our faces everywhere we go. The USA is becomming just another facist police state.

    1. Funny, I've been in a few 'police states' and there is a lot less policing at the airport than there is in America. Maybe what you meant was a police state 'under seige'.

    2. You obviously have never been on T.A. international airport. I come there once a month and I can assure you that in 99% of the cases you are barely able to notice that there is any security at all! No visible guns, no aggression, no intimidation. Send the morons who run the show on US airports over and have them educated. But first lift the IQ threshold for TSA staff as it would be a waste of time.

      1. Perhaps the Cliff Notes version you read left some things out…The Looters are the ones who just crashed the world economy – and are still in power and still looting. Mouch (Greenspan and his ilk) doesn't need help from fanboys. The entire story is more relevant today than it was when written in the 1950's.

        We need a Galt to stop the madness.

  18. QED: The average citizen is now a legitimate target. You want a little security? How about knowing that your next door neighbor wants you dead? And why are we not pulling military out of their beds in the middle of the night, why are we not fucking tossing these wastes out of the control tower and onto the tarmack? You are whiners. The doers are making plans!

  19. “It makes me feel a little safer,” noted Emily Protine, one of the other travelers who witnessed the arrest, the consequence of Hirschkind not wanting her breasts felt by TSA agents.

    “It is for our protection so I have no problems with it,” added another witness, one Gwen Washington.

    Part of me hopes that both of these two bitchtards experience very public rape at the hands of the TSA goons they apparently view as “protectors.”

    1. I always say this to Americans when arguing with them. I follow it with…last of the frightened snivelling cowards is more like it. It would be a good thing to be taken over by the Taliban. They would toughen us up a bit maybe. Give us a backbone again. We are all jellyfish.

  20. Zombies deserve ALL the protection and more Nazis are providing to them. Hopefully Messiah and his henchmen come up with "enhanced" protection real soon!

    1. You were all gung-ho for the Bushit criminal enterprise and the crime of torture. Their crimes only matter when the victims are sufficiently white.

  21. Could someone contact this woman and have her contact the ACLU and file suit against those criminals?

  22. All the shrill comments would be more so if a bomber got through the screening….comments like, "lazy TSA not doing their job!"….well if you do not want to go through the security process, then take the bus or charter yourself a private jet. As mentioned in the article, TSA gives you two options: not to fly or submit to screening. This woman chose neither and got what she deserved.

    1. Freakin' right the response would be shrill, all those billions wasted and a bomber still gets though? Lord love a duck!

      The more security there is, the shriller it will get. Eventually, though, as long as they keep on letting people get on airtplanes, something's going to happen. I'd like to think it will be because somebody really hates our freedoms or some other political ideology, rather than because somebody wanted to 'outfox' security. The effect will be the same, as will the response.

      1. None of the terrorism — real and imagined — has anything to do with "hating our freedoms". It has to do with opposing imperialist/colonialist bullying outside the country of its origin.

        But none of that matters when the victims are insufficiently white: THEN they "hate our freedoms".

        We so enjoy telling bogus stories to ourselves about how wonderful we are, while shutting eyes and ears to all evidence to the contrary.

    2. A man on the sidewalk in New York City keeps howling like a wolf. A woman walks up to him and asks him why he is howling.
      "To keep the tigers away," he responds.
      "But there are no tigers here," she points out.
      He smiles. "See, it works!"

      This country is not safer due to our fascist security systems in airports. The fact that no "terrorists" have gotten through tells us nothing. The fact that many, many guns and knives have gotten through undetected despite the fact that the Gestapo get to feel us up and look at our genitals tells us volumes.

    3. Bottom line is the TSA & DHS has NEVER caught anyone trying to blow up or hijack a commercial flight . For all the billions of our hard earned tax $$$ spent, not one. Feel better now.

      How about they give you the option of come through nude or don't fly?

      How about complete strip searches before boarding, will you protest then?

      How about when it gets to the point that when you make a reservation the TSA/DHS comes to your house to inspect what you MAY bring on that trip. Will you protest then?

      Franklin said, "They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." Boy that pretty much describes you.

    4. @Jason- That was really ignorant of you: "She got what what she deserves" you say?? No One Deserves To Be Treated Disrespectfully, PERIOD!! This is not about them being "lazy TSA not doing their job", it's about them performing a procedure that is in every sense of the words, Sexual Harassment!! Your Local Police is NOT allowed to do this (and they would face severe consequences), yet you're OK with strangers sexually assaulting you??

      If your Mom and Dad or Sister and Brother decided to "opt out" and they got thrown to the floor (and quite possibly hurt or killed) for no reason, Did They Deserve That???? Would You Stand There And Let It Happen????

    5. Think about this, the last three "attempted bombings" in the US were all overseen (setup) by our FBI. They supplied the bomb (fake) material, instructions, collaboration, support, and, instigated the whole plot. The other two were stopped by civilians, not TSA.
      And who said they're "not doing their job"? The problem with TSA is they violate the constitutional rights of all Americans, along with the law.

    6. Jason you too are a pathetic excuse for a human being. And if you don't know it then it makes you even more pathetic. But really I like one of the other responses. Hope your wife gets raped. Then see how she feels going through the groping at the airport. You pathetic piece of shit.

  23. It’s not just about compliance and control, although conditioning citizens to be the governments bitches is a big part of it.
    It’s also about stealing from the public. Remember that after Michael Chertoff set these things up as head of the DHSS, he set himself up with a contract for $350Million to provide naked scanners to the airports. Never forget pure rapacious greed on the part of these criminal tyrants, too.

  24. If the 3 percent who are subject to this abuse stop flying, that means the security apparatus will have to find another 3 percent to work on. If nobody's buzzing because of implanted medical hardware, they can start screening for eye colour, nose size, or 'funny looks'. There will alway be that 97 percent who like seeing somebody else get shafted so they can feel better. Until the last 100 doofi who are lining up for the treatment.
    After that there's no need or security at all.

  25. She’s just mad because she didn’t get that phone call the next day.

    She should just be glad they still want to grope her, even if it’s just a fling.

  26. Couldn't happen to a nicer people. Amerika has wished evil on the world, invasions genocide & propping up cruel dictatorial regimes. The middle east is awash with Amerikan puppet rulers who torture and enslave the people ruthlessly. Once upon a time – Amerika tried to be good. NOW as a nation, you have changed your hearts to do evil in the world. So, what goes around comes around. Enjoy.

    1. As an evil American, I couldn't agree more. The US government has gone insane with control over every aspect of our lives. I'm sickened by our government, THEY are the real terrorists. Our puppet obama has shown his intentions are to destroy America by bankruptcy, and tyranny. Our entire government has turned criminal under his watch. The day he was placed in his position, was the day America as we know it ended. We're a third world nation, with an evil dictatorship that we asked for. Apparently we like it.

  27. The sheeple who are quite alright with this crap will eventually be on the receiving end themselves. I hope they get the living crap beat out of them.

  28. By the time people wake up and realize this country is turning into Nazi Germany, it will be too late.

  29. As an American who is now a expat living in Amsterdam NL. I'am truely feel free for the first time in 30+
    yrs. travel is fun again,the US is soooo behind ,I can get on hi-speed trains go to Germany,France,
    Spain in hrs for 35 eruo no hassel, I can smoke hi-grade in my pvt.state rm. if I want to pay a little more
    I'am thinking you sheeple should change the words to one of your fav songs;"land of the free,home of
    the brave" do not really aply any longer.The school system is training the kids to be just smart enough
    to fill out the paperwk on low pay jobs. 12th.grade in states is about 9th or 10th. in NL.& Germany and
    Nordic countrys all learn 3 lang's & can drop one in 11th grade. As long as teachers union has a strangle hold (re;lobbyist in Wa/DC) on schools your done US is going to be a footnote in history.At lease European people have enough balls to protest against the bs in thier gove!

  30. This is the price of Empire. If you don't like it then be a Patriot, get out a club and start take aim at Pax Americana…

  31. I'm almost sure the reporters did not cherry-pick these two, and nine out of ten Americans would say something like this, especially on camera. Including many of those who post these very comments here – it's one thing to post anonymously, and another to expose yourself to coworkers, neighbors, etc. as anti-government type.

  32. What would George Washington have done if the redcoats did this to Martha?
    OMFG, if this happened when I was a kid every newspaper in the nation would have suggested the cops involved might better move to Russia than keep working as cops in a Free Nation.

  33. I think the title of this needs to be corrected to "Sexual Coersion victim", there appears to be no rape or intention of rape involved. The intent to sexual assault, on the other hand… or sexual coersion… definitely.

    Further, a lot of these pat downs are assumed to be 'safe and harmless' with no sexual intentions, because they are done by the same sex. In an era where homosexualism / lesbianism is widespread and rather widely accepted to be mainstream, such an assumption is laughably quaint and pure rot.

    A lesbian woman touching a woman's breasts or grouping and feeling her body against her will, is just as equivalent as a heterosexual male doing the same to the same woman. And a homosexual male patting down a heterosexual male, is equally an assault as a heterosexual female patting down a male. Now, you add in people who consider themselves to be bisexual, and anyone they pat down of any gender becomes a potential or direct sexual assault. They only way you can discern is by the person's intentions, and how can you see that. Such a thing exists only in their mind.

    1. I know it's a lot of words but Read the entire article…the woman had previously been a rape victim. They were not talking about the groping by TSA as "rape". Crikey!!

  34. Fat goofy Americans will never get it. Just a whole few generations of spoiled and brainwashed idiots with a political IQ of 0. Things will never change here because those who could stand up and derail the fascism have been employed by the ruling class to feed off the rest of us and keep the ruling class entrenched. See this video, it explains EVERYTHING:

    When I see the masses take to the streets and rise up in Europe and then contrast that with the complacent American, it makes me cringe and realize the fact that this country has seen better days and now is simply the sunset of its time.

  35. U.S.A. To Get that “PERSONEL FEELING” from the TSA, FLY AMERICAN! Do you think that other countries dont do this! NOT!! ONLY COUNTRY IN THE WORLD THAT DOES IS THE D.S.A, “THE DISUNITED STATES OF AMERICA….To protect the WHITE HOUSE & other FEDERAL SITES INCLUDING “A.

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