Santa Tracking as National Secret

NORAD officials are adamant that their annual Santa-tracking exercise does not interfere with their ordinary operations, and officials have made on-again, off-again claims that the operation costs either nothing or very, very little (which in Pentagon terms could be anywhere from $20 to $20 billion). But what do we really know about the intricacies of the program?

Very little, as it turns out. Officials are careful to decline to provide any information about Operation NORAD Tracks Santa, making only vague references to Christmas magic. Officials insist that the Santa exercise is ingrained in NORAD’s culture. So too is the secrecy.

Clearly no executive order exists defending the notion of NORAD Tracks Santa as a national secret. In spite of this, officials appear to have provided none of the intricacies under the Freedom of Information Act.

Additionally troubling, at least one person indicated that there is a “secret” list of Santa’s eventual targets at NORAD, pointing to more untoward international dealings which, one can only hope, will emerge from some State Department document.

The damning truth about the administration’s dealings with the elven kingdom of the North Pole is perhaps as closely guarded a secret as exists, and its revelation to an eager-to-know public might well produce a new flurry of calls to crack down on whistleblowers. But a president nominally dedicated to public openness cannot, in good conscience, maintain the truth of their role in Santa’s operations a secret any longer. Simple decency demands a full public airing of the facts of the upcoming Santagate.

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    1. Probably tracking Santa Claus. If there is anything that my nearly two wasted decades in service to the Imperial Legions taught me, it is that "national defense" priorities are pure political theater and that bureaucracy has run amok to the point of making a mockery of the idea that the U.S. military could ever respond in a timely manner to any emerging genuine real-time threat.

      Incidentally, from what little I've seen of NORAD on the inside, they stand about as much chance of successfully intercepting a fat man driving a sled pulled by flying reindeer as they do of successfully intercepting a hostile aircraft (not to say that there's any real chance of one of those ever wandering into Amerikan airspace, unless war breaks out with Canada or Mexico).

  1. Where was Norad during 911?

    Taking ORDERS from a person who had NO Constitutional Authority to do so!

    Dick Cheney!

  2. ARE YOU SERIOUS DITZ ??? You need to get a bloody grip . As for the two baited fish you just pulled in …hey guys Norad was there on 9/11 , just what was it you expected Norad to do ? Some of you folks just can BUY common sense .

    1. Dude, ever hear of "tongue in cheek"? – instead of "head in butt" which you seem to know a lot about… Loosen the belt and take a deep breath.

      1. Uh…..I don't think so chump ….tell that to the first 2 posters . Nice try though …that is ..trying to defend such an anal retentive article .

    2. Norad was there on 9/11 , just what was it you expected Norad to do ?

      As for the first sentence, you're correct: NORAD was "there," all right, taking up space and tax money while doing absolutely nothing useful, which is exactly its purpose. As for the second sentence, the answer is: realistically, probably nothing. However, it would have been nice to see them at least make a halfhearted effort to use all of that state-of-the-art weaponry that they've bankrupted the nation to build and buy to actually, um, I don't now, DEFEND AMERICAN AIRSPACE?!

      Such an attempt would never have happened, of course, because any attempt by NORAD/the USAF to actually defend against a 4GW threat would have resulted in a tragicomedy that would've proven just how inept and useless the expensive, white elephant DoD is at "defense" while simultaneously showing how easy (and cheap) it is to overcome the "defenses" of the "World's Only Superpower."

      Of course the argument is entirely moot, since 911 was an inside job anyway.

      1. You need a new brain , the one you have is broken , just think about your ridiculous statement [if you are indeed capable of cognitive thought ]
        Then get someone to lead you by the nose , to the realization that it is impossible for Norad or anyone ese to defend againdst such a maniacal attack as that perpetrated by 19 mohammedans , since they were already in US airspace on logged flights . The point is not moot , for your argument is a non-sequiter , not to mention ludicrous . Were you smirking on that day ? bet you were .

        1. Where was NORAD? No interceptions for over an hour? As a child, I was taught to fear the USSR. Now an adult, I am being expected to fear 19 (or fewer) "mohammedans"? Didn't the Russkies realize what an easy target we were/are?
          If you are capable of "cognitive thought", ask yourself who the 650 billion + we spend on defense each year is supposed to protect us from. Do you really believe the Secretary of "Defense" was just "working at his desk" while the nation, and the nation's Capitol, was being threatened by insane "mohammedans?" Do you truly believe the President of the United States had nothing more important to do than read "My Pet Goat" after learning the nation was under surprise attack?
          I was not smirking that day, R/T.; but I don't believe any of the official conspiracy theory.

          1. Anyone can be a target for suicidal barbarians .No one knew these airliners would be intentionally cfrashed , civilised men will always under-estimate barbarians . What did you expect Norad to have done ? Shoot down the airliners ? Todat , maybe yes , but up till that horrendous act ,? Do YOU believe the President of the US , somehow knew what was happening , whilst reading that book to school children ? C'mon man , use the grey matter in your head . Dont beieve ANY conspiracy theory , believe what your own eyes have seen , what your own ears have heard , if anything the US is guilty of incompetence before the fact , and THAT due to inter-agency- non-co-operation . Use your common sense , for if it had been "an inside job " it would have required MANY PEOPLE to have been involved , and surely by now , atleast ONE would have opened his /her / mouth .

          2. You are allowing your ideology to overcome facts and reason , and that will only bring you to skewed conclusions .No one could have stopped the Egyptian airline captain from splashing his plane in the Atlantic several years ago , no one can stop and individual willing to stick a bomb up his arse , as one leader of the Northern alliance in Afghanistan found out , no more than anyone csan prevent a suicidal individual from walking into a McDonalds and shooting up the place , you know better . The Kamikaze were expected yet they sunk almost 250 armed Naval ships .Look at the numerous suicide bombings in the M.E. , now by women ….who will prevent that ? What amount of money ? Be real man , use your head .

        2. I see that the neocon trolltard brigade is out in full force again.

          realiz[e] that it is impossible for Norad or anyone ese [sic] to defend againdst [sic] such a maniacal attack as that perpetrated by 19 mohammedans [sic]

          Oh God, where to begin…

          1. Re-read my response to badaboo (apparently your Siamese twin separated at miscarriage) – assuming, that is, that you CAN read at all. It very plainly says, in response to the question what was it you expected Norad to do ?L "realistically, probably nothing." How much clearer and simpler can that statement be to you without the use of stick figures, pantomime, and animal grunts? Yet that still does NOT change the fact that NORAD had, at minimum, the duty of intercepting, at a minimum identifying, and ATTEMPTING TO FORCE DOWN the offending aircraft, hopefully with a minimum of casualties. That has been standard NORAD SOP since day one.

          2. "19 mohammedans" [sic]

          The proper term is "Muslims." "Mohammadans" is a medieval term used by people who not only know less than nothing about Islam, but have room-temperature IQs, who think that the sun revolves around the earth, that said earth is flat, and that people hailing from "the Eastern lands" are wild-eyed flesh-eating demons in league with Satan. The fact that you can't even spell the term correctly also speaks volumes about your background (or, more accurately, your lack thereof).

          By the way, did you know that there is not a single shred of existing credible evidence that these particular "19 mohammedans" [sic] ever boarded a single one of the four American Airlines planes that the USG turned into death missiles on 9/11/01? (Mysteriously, all of the passenger manifests, as well as detailed security camera footage at the airports from which these "19 mohammedans" [sic] embarked, simply "disappeared" in the immediate aftermath of the event.) Did you further know that at least two of those "19 mohammedans" [sic] who allegedly martyred themselves in the name of Allah on 9/11/01 were discovered to be alive and well and living in Egypt and Saudi Arabia months after their alleged departure to an eternity of bliss and virgins?

          No, of course you didn't know this, but what else would we expect of someone who not only uses the term "mohammedan," but can't even spell it correctly?

          [To be continued…]

          1. [continued]

            The point is not moot , for your argument is a non-sequiter [sic]…

            Just how is that argument a "non sequitur (it's a real shame that Santa Claus didn't leave you a dictionary under the Christmas tree)? The argument, very simply, is that NORAD was either asleep at the switch that day or was ordered to stand down and that it did NOTHING, nil, nada, squat, rien, teepota to even identify, must less prevent, a civilian airliner from straying into "protected" airspace. Pulling the trigger on a "boagie" is something that the blue-clad cowclowns of the USAF showed themselves all too eager to do on the slightest of pretexts during the half century of NORAD's existence leading up to the date of 9/11/01 and that they are even more eager and able now then ever to do in the years since. Just how is it that on THAT ONE PARTICULAR DAY, the entity that neocon statists like yourself worship with more veneration than God Himself (that being the United States armed forces) FAILED UTTERLY in its mission, the one failure that, if the official story of that day's events is to be believed, represented THE GREATEST SECURITY BREACH IN THE NATION'S HISTORY? Combined with the utter lack of evidence of "19 mohammedans" [sic] being the culprits behind that day's events, the argument that NORAD exposed itself as a tax-consuming boondoggle/fraud on that day is, in light of all of those events and the background against which they took place, the clearest "sequitur" one can put forward.

            …not to mention ludicrous .

            Talk to the surviving families of those who needlessly perished on 9/11/01 (people you and your warmongering ilk pretend to give a damn about, but who are clearly just abstract pawns in the imperial war games you advocate but are unwilling to make personal sacrifices to advance). Ask THEM if they think that the idea that NORAD utterly failed to "do it's job" on that day is "ludicrous." Ask anyone familiar with NORAD's operations if they think that NORAD's "standing down" for "training" on the day of the greatest national defense catastrophe in the American history is "ludicrous" or "just coincidental." Frankly, it will emerge that your assertion of the conventional narrative is what is "ludicrous."

            [To be continued…]

          2. [continued]

            Finally, answer me this: If it is impossible for Norad or anyone ese [sic] to defend againdst [sic] such a maniacal attack of the sort that occurred on 9/11, and yet, according to the brilliant tacticians who currently have us bogged down in a quagmire in Irapakghanistan, such 4GW attacks represent the wave of the future, THEN WHAT GOOD IS NORAD? If it cannot defend against the type of attack most likely to occur on U.S. soil in the future*, WHAT PURPOSE DOES IT SERVE, OTHER THAN TO CONSUME NATIONAL WEALTH AND ENRICH THE MILITARY-INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX?

            I'm still waiting for an answer from the neocon camp to that question and to the one of "why should NORAD still be in business after its catastrophic failure on 9/11?," preferably an answer that doesn't insult the intelligence of thinking human beings. That answer will never come, of course, and I'm certainly not expecting it from the likes of you.

            [To be continued]

          3. [conclusion]

            Were you smirking on that day ? bet you were .

            No, I was WEEPING on that day. Weeping because I, and other observant Americans saw through charade and knew that the criminal tyrants who have long controlled Amerika from places unseen had pulled off the perfect coup and that their bloodthirsty and brainless chickenhawk enablers like R[e]/T[ard] pound the final nail into the coffin of what was once the freest nation on earth. The 21st Century's Reichstag Fire had succeeded beyond the plutocrats' wildest dreams and they would henceforth and immediately accelerate the pace of the destruction of our liberties and the full imposition of their fascist dictatorship, the one for which you're clearly a cheerleader – which is why I'll bet you and your fellow armchair fascist warmongers were REJOICING on that day.

            Finally, in response to your opening sentence, "pot, this is kettle." My brain functions just fine, thank you. YOU, on the other hand, might want to consider ordering your first one. You might just then be able to experience for the first time the "cognitive thought" that you accuse me and others in this forum of lacking.

            (*Isn't defending against threats to U.S. soil kind of, well, the SOLE PURPOSE OF the armed forces of the United States?)

          4. I see you are an "easy sell " for B.S. , those stories about said individuals being alive and well are a crock , and if you've got PROOF ….PUT IT UP . It's B.S.
            You've got rocks in your head , as all but the flight that crashed in Pa. were eyewitnessed by hundreds if not thousands . The cell phone conversations from passengers to their families attest to the veracity of what is commonly known , knowledge in the public domain , but of course not suitable for mentalities like your own .
            And yes Mohammadans will do well , just as Moguls , moslems ,muslims , islamists …it's all the same , and totally inclusive of the 19 who committed their act of murder/suicide on 9/11.
            And please LiberRANTER , do not attempt to fein intelligence after the statements you have made , based in total ignorance and denial of reality . It seems you couldn't buy common sense , nor recognize it , if it fell out of a tree and hit you on the head .

  3. hey fellas , go to your websters and look up the word "sarcasm ' …now put targeted in front of it .
    I know , I know …..but it's called reading comprehension .

  4. its nice to see good wholesome christians celebrating the birth of the "prince of peace" by worshiping the local wing of our globe dominating empire. maybe they can start celebrating easter with a new game instead of hiding chocolate eggs why not hiding chocolate ICBMs

  5. who are you kidding Bass ? The prince of peace , is a non-gentile , someone most people on this blog slam on a daily basis . So go put your facetious and phony statement where the sun dont shine .

    1. The prince of peace , is a non-gentile , someone most people on this blog slam on a daily basis

      That's really rich, coming from a warmongering apologist for the status quo, but certainly not at all surprising. Neocons like you wrote the book on hypocrisy.

  6. Warmongering ??? Why , because I call theories like yours that of fools . An yes , this blog has a habit of censoring the word j_w when typed fully . The term was used to expose a phony remark , because what I said about the majority of posters on this blog is true .
    You gonna start throwing around tags because I ythink you an ignorant fool , a TRUFER as it were , because that is exactly what you are .
    And ya just can't fix stupid .

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