History repeating itself: 9 Afghan kids killed by ‘mistake’

While writing the blog entry for Kathy Kelly’s recent Antiwar Radio interview, I did a Google search for the New York Times piece on the nine firewood-gathering Afghan boys killed by NATO gunships. I clicked on what I thought was the correct link, a Times article appropriately titled “Afghan Villagers Torn by Grief After U.S. Raid Kills 9 Children.” This story, however, was from 2003. Instead of nine boys gunned down while gathering firewood, seven boys were blown up while playing marbles and two girls were killed while fetching water from a stream. Afghan President Hamid Karzai was “profoundly shocked” and sent a delegation to investigate, while the U.S. military command “expressed regret.”

After nearly ten years in Afghanistan, U.S. and NATO military operations are still plagued by mistakes and faulty intelligence; still killing civilians with regularity; still making the same excuses. When is enough, enough?

11 thoughts on “History repeating itself: 9 Afghan kids killed by ‘mistake’”

  1. After nearly ten years, enough is not enough. US military ideology- kill the children and the future becomes manageable.

  2. Madeleine Albright was willing to kill 500,000 Iraqi children, so what's 9 to the empire?

  3. Remember that when the US kills and destory ,it is for the good of the people it kills .

  4. It's plain and simple. Use Israeli ideology and kill as many children as possible, as in Gaza,
    nearly 500 children killed. Afterall these Muslims could be future terrorists. The U.S. and its
    best friend in the Middle East , the ZIONIST REGIME, are the world 's most agressive,
    paranoid psychopaths. When in doubt KILL, KILL and KILL some more.

  5. There are many stories like this.Remember the killings of several sleeping students in a house excution style by US so called special forces.

  6. The empire strikes back like a drunk flailing in the dark. With all its sophisticated equipment and intelligence gathering devices it can't tell the difference between small kids playing marbles and gathering firewood and the insurgents.who it claims are the enemy. No wonder it has suffered a humiliating defeat in Afghanistan.

  7. You ungrateful basrtards! At least those kids were killed by what the Navy is calling in their new ads a "global force for good" At least they weren't killed by evil godless communists or anti-American Islamists. Yea its sad that they got killed but at least our brave boys saved them from being taken over by the taliban!

    (sarcasm, obviously)

  8. the American government is controlled by corpurations JFK was the last moral presedent RonPaul should be president in 2012 he has morals like JFK.Both Afganistand and Iraqe sorry for the misspeling of iraqe but they were but better vof before the US invaded for money .The troops don't make moey from rebilding like Bush Dick C or get rich riping of these countrys.THe military needs to come home. And government policy needs to be changed.

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