9 thoughts on “Justin Raimondo on Fox Business Channel (video)”

  1. They hardly even let Justin talk…It was disappointing…that cia guy talked most of the time and just played both sides.

  2. Wayne Simmons "no opinion" on the legality of the war…?
    I'm glad Justin reminded him about the constitution!

  3. To hell with letting Obama, get away with this! Many people make an oath "To support and defend the constitution". This is wrong on so many levels. The American citizen opposition is so strong it is even explained in a Pew research poll on the Voice of America website, an agency of the own United States government.. People know its a scam.
    Truman didn't have two wars going on already. I am unaware of any campaign flip-flops ex President Truman made, FDR died. This is a war of choice. History is full of examples when the citizens did not go along with (the government). Thank you Justin for reminding us what will happen if nobody lifts a thumb. This is EXPENSIVE. I don't think two states like currently California and Wisconsin where broke at the time of Truman.
    Sadly, as columnist Brendan O’Neill's article 'Attack on Libya: the barbarism of buffoons' noted it looks like "an emergence of an interests-lite, unpredictable foreign policy that increasingly mirrors the flightiness and shallow PR sensibilities of the domestic realm – only with more dire consequences.
    The former judge is correct saying "When Presidents wage war on there own, and Congress lets them get away with it slowly but inexorably gives its (congressional) power to the President, and when a president can decide which people that to kill he is a king" Hey, King? The former intelligence agent is saying this is not intelligent., he is frantic about it because it is "an open ended ticket to a disaster"

  4. The last part of your interview was the saddest part. You are correct. The president will get away with starting a war of naked aggression against another country without any meaningful consequences. Congress has abdicated its constitutional responsibility to declare war, and thus must share responsibiltiy with Obama for the war in Libya.

  5. NKVD wannabee Simmons "has no opinion" on the legality of this war. Hey Comrade Simmons, did you ever study CIVICS in 9th Grade, or have you ever read any BOOKS regarding the Constitution (you know, that document you supposedly are sworn to protect and defend)? What kind of 'American' would say "I have no opinion" on the Constitution? And this is the kind of cretin you want to listen to!?

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