Farewell, Alan Bock

Though my interaction with Alan Bock was fairly limited and strictly virtual—emailing occasional editorial queries or kudos after particularly strong pieces—I was a longtime admirer of his. I knew Mr. Bock’s work before I had ever heard of Antiwar.com, as I had a (Koch-subsidized!!!) subscription to Liberty back in the late ’90s. My views on foreign policy, drug laws, and other matters were undoubtedly shaped by his understated yet forceful commentaries for that magazine and, later, this Web site. And though it must be difficult for even optimists to keep their cool, much less their high spirits, while chronicling injustice and idiocy every day, he seemed to pull it off. Treat yourself to a stroll through his archives, then try finding another author who was so consistently and prolifically correct about the American empire.

One surprising thing I’ve learned from various tributes is that our late columnist wrote a book on Hank Williams, a fact that warms the heart of this Alabamian. Here’s to you, Mr. Bock:

4 thoughts on “Farewell, Alan Bock”

  1. I wasn't aware that Alan Bock was this ill. He was a fine writer.

    Rest in peace, Mr. Bock.

  2. antiwar.com should keep his articles on the front page. have a link for a "best of alan bock" article once a week or something. especially if he was writing about something that still applies to the current events of the world. kinda like what lew rockwell does with old murray rothbard articles…

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