Imperial Hypocrisy: U.S. calls Iraq criminal and seeks reparations

This perfectly exemplifies the intensity of American nationalism, which makes U.S. officials incapable of recognizing the principle of universality. Hypocrite is a much simpler term: focus on the crimes of others, ignore your own.

During an hour and 40 minute meeting Friday with Prime Minister Nouri al Maliki, [California Rep. Dana] Rohrabacher informed the Iraqi leader that his House subcommittee was investigating the killing by Iraqi troops of 35 Iranian dissidents on Iraqi soil in April…

The Orange County conservative, the chairman of the House Foreign Affairs subcommittee on oversight and investigations, later told reporters that the “massacre” was probably a crime against humanity. The charge, which often refers to a massive crime against civilians, was first leveled against accused Nazi war criminals during the Nuremburg Tribunal after World War II.

Rohrabacher also asked Iraq to consider at a later stage repaying some of the costs of the 2003 U.S. invasion and the occupation that followed. Iraq’s government spokesman publicly responded that Iraq would pay not “a cent.”

So as we invade, overthrow and occupy Iraq, ravaging the country with careless savagery in countless instances and kill – by conservative estimates – well over one hundred thousand people, the Iraqi troops (trained, funded and equipped by us) are the ones who have committed a crime against humanity on 35 Iranians and additionally need to pay reparations to their dominating military occupiers. What a world…

2 thoughts on “Imperial Hypocrisy: U.S. calls Iraq criminal and seeks reparations”

  1. Is this what you call "Full Spectrum Absurdity" ?
    Kick 'em when they're down, Rohrabacher ! What a tool.

  2. I had the same reaction exactly. Hypocrits and bullys, that's the U.S. Also, this reflects the abysmal stupidity of members of congress.

  3. Here's a thought, Nouri al-Maliki goes to the ICC see and, well, files a war crimes complaint with Luis Moreno-Ocampo against G. Bush et al. You know, for that idiotic Iraq War II and let the war crimes charges fall where they fall. I'm not holding my breath though. Least of all, that Moreno-Ocampo would get up off his servile keester and actually uphold international law. I mean, Moreno-Ocampo seems to be from that same school of lickspittle jurisprudence as Eric Holder.

    1. well said.., Eric Holder.., Justice department.., friend of Barak Hussein Obama.., justice department.., when I say friend I mean truly a friend.., party member.., and then.., so Justice.., friend.., party memeber.., and Bush Chaney Rumsfeled,, No it wont work.., it wont happen.., they are friends of all friends.., is like the father of all the fathers whom are friends.

  4. Just get the F""" out of these country internal affairs.., let people of Middle East be.., let them to solve their problems without YOU of all government in this world to be involved.., US and EU are a militarism regime with a proven record in human abuses and act against humanity with fascistic nature, NATO is the leading force followed by its master USA which now with Obama in power have to use terrorist groups and other religious means to create and divide people in Middle East.., yet another religious problem in Middle East is been created . Your problem is at home and for Democrats to clean their act and take back the Party from AIPAC and other warmongers and idiots who are in charge. The other alternative is to close the party and let Goldman Sachs run it.., because there is no democracy coming out of this party.., US democratic party now have become and is a Sunny Muslims or let say Muslims Brotherhood political party branch is USA leading the way for Saudis and Arab Emirates tyrants managed by Goldman Sachs.

    You want peace in Middle East.., then boycott Israel, you have tried everything while killing people of Arab decent and others in Iraq and Afghanistan, you have provoked and brought wars to Middle East many times.., non been working out for your idiocy and now you are in Africa creating another war.., you must been a stupid politicians to think that this time you will succeed with your biased, racist and bigotry politics.., you just been making the situation worse as before. So do a favor for humanity and get the F""""" out and stay out.

  5. Iraq is in trouble because they fought a terrorist group (MEK) that is aligned with Washington against Iran.

  6. what about investigating the war crimes israel committed against gaza killing 1300 civilians a few years back? what about when israel killed 8 turks and one american on an aid flotilla to gaza from 50 nations?israel lost its alliance with turkey over the gaza flotilla massacre.

    people in the middle east will turn against my great country because of israeli-firsters like these congressmen asking the rape victim (Iraq) to pay for the rape.

  7. The US could care less how many war crimes Israel commits when even giving the land to them by Britan was illegal in the first place.America no longer stands for anything good pure evil.And its not all the citizens its the corrupt government and the corperations but the citizens are not dumb so its hard to understand why there is not major outrage.It will get to the point were by not demanding and end to the evil you become part of it.Has the US people lost there humanity or are they dumb.If you don't agree with the murders and want them stoped you must demand it.If the country is a democracy they must listen but most likly you have lost the democracy others have died for and than you might as well spit in the face of the people how fought for your freedom.If you care demand change if its not already to late.

  8. No countrys you are at war with could possibly hurt you or intended to so stop breaking laws and being corrupt and killing people children included and bring you young men and women home were they belong.GODs going to judge you so do whats right and save your country.

  9. Rep. Rohrabacher's proposal makes the same sense as Japan billing us for the bombs it dropped at Pearl Harbor.

  10. Hmm. Did they send a bill for the rope to the families of the men they hanged at Nuremberg? I hear China sends a bill for the bullets they use to shoot dissidents with to their families. Oh.. but China is an evil communist state. America is.. hmm. It's hard to tell anymore what America is or isn't.

  11. I thought that Bush said the 'liberation" of "EYE RACK" was worth ANY price or personal sacrifice from the US citizens. We believe him, correct ? Sleeping in a car, going without luxuries so that M al Sadr could run his "newly found" free speech rights anti american newspaper, and Bremer could force farmers to use frankenseeds. Isn't that what democracy stands for ? Libertating, then controlling those who are liberated ? Iraq owes the US nothing.

  12. It's an absurdity or epic proportion! However, to US politicians, this is a common practice–the norm…Blackmail, deciet, misinformation, double standard, hypocrisy, greed, ignorance, contempt, short-sighteness, and truly inhuman are some of the words that come to mind when one thinks of the US politicians…sad and patetic!!

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