Ron Paul on Obama’s Libyan Fraud

Rep. Ron Paul explains to John King of CNN why the US has no business intervening in Libya:

9 thoughts on “Ron Paul on Obama’s Libyan Fraud”

  1. I belive Ron Paul is right on almost everting.But Gates talking about the murders of civilians by Syria when the US is killing more innocent people than ever country combined.But they think they have the right to murder and steel from countrys that are far less develped than the US but for some reason the are right when nothing could be further from the truth.But the US will fall if policys are not changed and very soon.Americans wake up you country is being destroyed and you need to stop your government.GOD bless.

  2. Its common sense, the USA, France and Britain cant survive without Africa…Please any goof who thinks otherwise…rare your head now.

  3. Senator Ron Paul…, it is not a question of siding with any foreign government regarding what is happening in Libya or Syria.., US, England and some other European countries built what is called NATO.., a militarism regime supposed to defend Europe when there was a communist Russia.., now there is no such regime exist so why do US and NATO militarism are acting the way they do.., and why do we have NATO while there is no communist threat from anywhere in this world.., and if there is.., non of them would dare to attack us.., every nation tries to be on their own and defending themselves in one way or other., by US and NATO being managed as a militarism regime therefore the American people so as Europeans are still at war and or creating wars for NATO to be engaged, here beside the costs in continuing these wars there is also the cost of humans binning killed by US and EU pretending that they consider these facts yet we are short in having money to educate our kids and asking them to pay more for their educations.

    So which side is right or wrong is not the question, but one thing is for sure, the side of people and for the people is always been the government responsibility and government have a obligation to chose the right side for its people because the government is by the people.., now I am not talking about Libya or Syria but here I rather side with American people because you.., senator.., are for the people wanting to take care of social economic problems that nation is facing. In regard to Gats notes regarding people being killed in Syria.., people are killed daily by the US drones in Afghanistan and people been killed in Iraq by the thousands and still people being killed by these little wars here and there which US and NATO is involved. Thank you Senator.., we need more people like you everywhere.

  4. First of all CNN is all psyops and trying to link Ron Paul to Qaddafi's letter to congress asking them to investigate NATO actions and claiming some mind bending hypothetical , " are you worried part of public discourse , people will say you"re on the side of Qaddafi was designed to smear him by fabricating some kind of connection and since CNN CENSORS atrocities by the "rebels" who are on video executing Libyan solders , killing of civilians by NATO is censored , WE DO need investigation .
    CNN's coverage is so blatantly pro war on Libya it makes a mockery out of real journalism .
    Now they ARE PUSHING an attack on Syria , BUT Bahrain , Jordan , Saudi get a free pass because killing Muslims is only a prob. when it effects U.S. Foreign policy or when they want ( CNN & GOV ) want to highlight a certain victim to push the attack .
    You won't hear names of Palestinians killed by Israel or sympathetic stories REPEATED over and over as part of their PSYOPS campaign , nor the names of Bahrain protesters or Jordan or even Iraq , which CNN CENSORED and I WATCHED all day when IRAQ Gov. killed protesters & it was NEVER reported , just CENSORED .
    U.S. puppet regimes kill , torture and rape every day and CNN doesn't not give on damn and I wish John King & CNN would have the BALLS to say OVER THROW the government instead of the sanitized psyops term " Regime Change " .

  5. Just Imagine if Russia/Iran/China investigate Sept 11 2001 and conclude that Usrael did the dirty deed to attack the wrongfully accused Arab Muslims and steal their oil resources and declared regime change by any means.

  6. the US drones in Afghanistan and people been killed in Iraq by the thousands and still people being killed by these little wars here and there which US and NATO is involved. Thank you Senator.., we need more people like you everywhere.

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