Is Iran a Threat? columnist David R. Henderson and Paola Gilbert will be on a panel, “Is Iran a Threat?” on Sunday, June 19 from 3 PM to 5:00 PM at the Peace Resource Center, 1364 Fremont Blvd., Seaside. Free admission.

David R. Henderson is an economics professor at the Naval Postgraduate School and a research fellow with the Hoover Institution. Paola Gilbert is a Muslim and an Army “brat.” She is an Instructor at Monterey Peninsula College and has observed Iran from afar and up close for 30 years.

Please contact David Henderson (831-648-1776) or Phil Butler (831-649-1336) for more information.

12 thoughts on “Is Iran a Threat?”

  1. Iran is a threat to American and Israeli hegemony in the middle east. That's all. Iran's "great sin" is that it won't do what Washington (itself controlled by Zionists) wants it to do.

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  2. If a back-water country like Iran, which currently has no nuclear weapons and a rag-tag army, poses a threat to us, I want the 10 trazillion dollars we spent on our defense budget over the last 25 years, immediately refunded back to us taxpayers!!! Let me get this straight-

    USA- More nukes and high tech weaponry than any other country in the world.

    Israel- Possesses an arsenal of illegal nukes along with all the high tech killing toys that the USA provides it.

    Iran, no nukes, and not much else going for it militarily.

    And it's that country which is a threat? People, your good old trustworthy Govt. is lying to you once again….

  3. Wow- if the US is actually threatened by Iran, maybe it's time to move to Iran and join the winning team, huh? YA THINK? If Iran's relatively small military can pose such a dire threat to the US just by it's mere existence, maybe we should be thinking about making nice with them and sending fact-finders over there to learn the secret of how they can be so small yet so powerful- and all that without nuclear weapons (or even launch vehicles capable of reaching the US), without an up-to-date air force, and without a state-of-the-art naval force! If they are so powerful yet operate on a fraction of the budget the US spends on our own apparent non-defense, maybe we should be studying their system and figuring out where we went wrong in our financial arrangements.

    Maybe Israel has a reason to be scared now; if the US is that afraid of Iran, Israel has been pushed out of their spot and now the US is IRAN'S prison bitch for a change. Israel might just have to stand in line like everyone else that wants a piece of us.

  4. Iran is no threat thjey know what would happem to them if they did nuke Israel let alone the US.Israel is the counry with illegal nukes you don't have to look no further than Israels Sampson option to see how the world biggest threat is.Sortry the US and Israel would be a tie in that catigory.

  5. Israel suffered a terrible beating in 2006 invasion of Lebanon. Israel having almost been destroyed in 1973 and then the horror of not being able to defeat even an unorganized military group. Iran is a good excuse for the fact that the IDF is really not the big bad military that the films like to make. In fact Israel had amazing luck with the sneak attack of 1967 but then were unprepared and lost the entire air force in 1973. If it was not for Nixon stripping the arms from our troops and giving it to the IDF there would be no Israel today. Israel has no choice but to blame others for its failures. After all it is the arabs who do not want peace. The peace loving Israel would never do anything wrong look at the rescue of the USS LIberty in 1967. The wonderful IDF risked their lives to make sure the USS LIberty was not attacked by an unknown submarine. Many would consider me nutz with that but it can be prove if the IDF just release the tapes of the conversations between the pilots and the gound attacking forces in the matter. In respect for the privacy of the murdered crew members of the 1967 USS Liberty the IDF refuses to release the tapes. In respect to our IDF allies the US government refuses to release the tapes that they made in the matter. After all ti was looked at by McCains father just before he was rewarded with another star for his work on the USS Liberty.

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