(Another) Comic Book Version of bin Laden’s Death

President Obama’s tale of Osama bin Laden’s death was very much a comic book style rambling narrative of fantasy and wonder, with many of the details retracted within hours of the telling. Another comic book version of the killing is coming out, though this time in actual comic book format.

Written by minor character actor and retired Marine Dale Dye, the comic will, to quote Dye, ““celebrate what happened, especially among youngsters.”

The basis is centered around what he was told about the raid. He also insists all the soldiers will be portrayed as “calm, solid professionals” so the story is likely to be fairly straightforward with little intrigue. His wife terms the book “a souvenir program” to commemorate “something we all did together.” Still, at its core, the book will be a work of fiction with only the basic grounding in something loosely related to reality.

And if you find yourself struggling to tell the difference between that and President Obama’s speech again remember… this time it’s an actual comic book and not just a simulation of a comic book turned live national address.

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