Jeremy Scahill Trashes Juvenile Howard Dean on Obama ‘Successes’

Jeremy Scahill, despite lacking “mainstream” media credentials, continues to show the best chops of any military reporter out there. This morning on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, he thrashed the moron Howard Dean on the issue of, well, everything, really — from oh no the al-Qaedas will take over those Somalia Shabobs! to blatherings about Obama’s not endangering American troops in his little Libya adventure, though, as Scahill points out, those troops are still in Iraq and Afghanistan. Dean sounds like a child talking about this region, the Middle East, he just heard about. It’s quite embarrassing.

Newsweek‘s Tina Brown calls the drone program “smart power,” and doesn’t seem to care about the blowback she coolly admits will likely happen due to Obama’s massive expansion of it in Pakistan, Yemen, and Somalia.

6 thoughts on “Jeremy Scahill Trashes Juvenile Howard Dean on Obama ‘Successes’”

  1. Dean kept talking like everyone shares his assumption that "we" have to do something. It apprently never ever occured to him that we could mind our own business. Sad. Another red team/blue team empty suit.

  2. Two clowns not wanting to get out of the Washington three-ring circus. Jeramey Scahill played them like a violin. When Scahill writes, read it…one powerful perceptive observer .

  3. Jeremy didn't school anyone. He agreed with them more often than not. I watched this video believing what was written here at only to discover that apparently one of Jeremy's Fan Boyz wanted to give him some props.
    There was no throwdown. There wasn't even a big disagreement. In addition Jeremy disgraced himself as he's been doing for some time now. Praising Richard Engel of NBC? Praising Al Jazeera which gave the line from Qatar as opposed to actually reporting from Libya? Al Jazeera was disgusting in their coverage and has been criticized for it around the world. It's never have this much negative criticism. And there's Jeremy praising it? Praising CNN? How many times were we told the war was over in the last months? How many times were we told that one of Qaddafi's sons was captured? And repeatedly the media would have to retreat. There was nothing to praise in the coverage.

    1. Yep – that was modern liberalism alright.The overall conversation was nauseating but I can only assume that Scahill's well-informed commentary and polite needling is the most withering critique you are going to find of the Washington consensus on MSNBC.

    2. I feel pretty much the same way about Scahill's performance. Apart from the remark about 'drone love parade' , I was surprised at what a compromised little tool he's becoming. A casual observer would do what Dean did at one point, which is mistake Scahill's description of Obama's mass murders as praise. Critiquing civilian deaths ENTIRELY in terms of the blowback implications for Americans was particularly sickening.

      It's sad that we anti-warriors are so starved for representation that we lavish praise on a somewhat-more-useful-than-most careerist like Scahill. Very sickening panel all the way around. Brown and Dean were just the worst.

  4. Gotta love how they chuckle about bombing people in other nations. Would make anyone sick.

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