Peres Sabotages Abbas with Praise

Israel has always undercut any possible peace process, but its tactics are big and small. Officials don’t have to start a war in Gaza to break a truce with Hamas, they can also just say things like “Abbas is the best Palestinian leader for Israel.” Thus spake President Shimon Peres today at a Rosh Hashana ceremony with foreign diplomats.

Fresh off his rhetorical win at the UN over Palestine’s weak recognition bid, Abbas needs to be smacked back down in the eyes of the Palestinians, and what better way than for such a figure as Peres to praise him as the best man for Israel? Subtle, and possibly effective. Not that Abbas is any kind of hero. Just that this is more evidence of how Israel operates — in bad faith.

5 thoughts on “Peres Sabotages Abbas with Praise”

  1. Peres is of the Loony Left and has been treacherous in his dealings with Israels enemies. Peres is delusional but he is not dishonest. His praise for Abbas was genuine with no ulterior motive.
    There never was a 'peace process', only the wearing down of Israel by its enemies who have nothing but policide and genocide in mind. The Arabs dont want peace, they want Israel gone!
    Israel realy would like to live in peace in its re-constituted homeland, but the Arabs wont let it.

    1. Yawn. This is pretty poorly crafted hasbara. Better propaganda gives a nod to the majority of Arab who do want peace but oh, no, they're hamstrung by their evil leaders! The hysterical "throw us into the sea" meme is kind of tired.

  2. A little known fact is that he also helped orchestrate a pogrom against the Jews of Iraq called the Farhud. There were once 125,000 Jews in Iraq; now there are almost none, ending a Jewish presence that had last around 2,600 years. I usually don’t like to engage in shameless self-promotion, but I am disgusted that so few people know this story. The video is roughly 25 minutes and well worth watching.

  3. Well, an honest reading of history would show the opposite: Israel wants the Palestinians gone. The precedent is the book of Joshua 6.21

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