Call Congress: End the Wars and Cut the Military Budget

The Friends Committee on Legislation has established a toll-free number: 1-877-429-0678. Urge your Rep. and/or Senators to press the Supercommittee to end the wars and cut the military budget. In talking to your Rep., urge support for the Lee-Campbell bipartisan letter to the Super Committee on cutting military spending.

Just Foreign Policy has a form letter explaining the issue.

6 thoughts on “Call Congress: End the Wars and Cut the Military Budget”

  1. Unless the target of your phone call is going to be the co-sponsors of this legislation or Ron Paul, you'd be wasting precious life-minutes of your time.

    1. I'm from south Louisiana. We have the warmonger evangelical neocons running the show. And they rig Republican primaries against Ron Paul anyway. I'd be wasting life-minutes talking to those perpetual war advocates anyway.

      1. I've wasted life-HOURS with friends and after years doing so nothing has changed. I'm simply not around them enough to be a significant influence so they mingle with the usual crowd and come away with the same stupid blood thirsty mind set as before. Casting pearls before swine. I simply won't "save" anyone but myself and family any more.

  2. Randy Converse
    Advocating cutting the defense budget is noble. However, I think we need to continue to advocate a viable (and cheaper) alternative to the present system of national defense if anti-war folks are to be listened to seriously. Gene Keyes (rhymes with "guys") in his essay, "Force without Firepower" does so. ( without firepower) He proposes unarmed militaries replace the lethally armed ones that exist today. "Peace armies" and unarmed civilian peacekeepers are not new ideas but Mr. Keyes gives specifics on how peace armies could operate. An inspiring article!

  3. Late to the post, sorry. I made the mistake of sending a letter of concern to Congressman Womack. One part of his letter showed me the extreme stupidity of the new crowd of Congressmen. "If we don't win the war over there, we'll have to fight it here" was part of his letter. That statement along with the "domino theory" kept us in Viet Nam until 58,000 troops werte dead. I called Senator Boozman and Coburn's office to find out if they had conversations with the General Allen and Ambassador Crocker about secret plans to stay in Afghanistan for another ten years. The person who answered seemed to be short on brain cells or had been told to never give any straight answers over the phone. Talking to these bozos is hopeless!!

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