Father of POW Asks Soldiers to ‘Come Home’

Robert Bergdahl addresses the people of Pakistan. His son, U.S. Army PFC Bowe Bergdahl, was captured by the Taliban in Paktika Province, Afghanistan on June 30, 2009.

5 thoughts on “Father of POW Asks Soldiers to ‘Come Home’”

  1. I want to thank Antiwar.com for helping me stay informed on the war in Afghanistan throughout my son's captivity over the last two years. I have come to trust you all as a reliable source of information. I wish all Americans were this well informed on the war. It would change policy in Washington.

    1. Best of luck to you Bob and to your son Bowe. I'm confident that he will be returned safely in time.

      From what I have read in books and Pakistani news outlets the Haqqani's are seen as one of the more pragmatic groups (especially the older generation, which still commands respect) and their ethical code, mainly called Nanawatai, treats prisoners well until negotiations can be done. Also under Sharia, concepts like Diyya are imposed in situations like this one also making it likely that they will be open to negotiations.

      Even though it has taken 2 years I would be confident he will be released eventually.

  2. Hope sanity and reconciliation informs decisions regarding your son, and all other military involved in Pax Americana's strategic thrust towards Caspian Basin energy resources. Truly hope he returns safe…

  3. where was his professional integrity when he could have prevented his son frm going over there in the first place ?

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