Imagine: The Most Radical Antiwar Campaign Ad Ever?

Non-profit regulations make discussing elements of electoral politics difficult. But we have to acknowledge what might be the most hard-core antiwar ad ever in a major party campaign.

Check it out.

22 thoughts on “Imagine: The Most Radical Antiwar Campaign Ad Ever?”

  1. Yes! I used the word "epic" to describe it to people and the people I have shown it to are *definitely* forced to think.

    1. This is the work of the Ron Paul super PAC, Revolution PAC, headed up by Dr. Tom Woods. I think they produce *much* better ads than the official campaign organization.

      Anyone who's interested in the cause of peace and liberty should consider donating to Revolution PAC—-especially if you've got a cool million or so that's burning a hole in your pocket. :-) (It being a super PAC, there are NO contribution limits.)

      Here's their site:

  2. HOLY CRAP!!! That is brilliant! Dang, I haven't got a million bucks but I've got ten. That's all that's left me. Coming your way Dr. Paul. Oh yeah.

  3. Excellent message, but woefully short on graphics. (Too reminiscent of those Ford truck commercials.) A picture, as they say, is worth 1000 words. Illustrate the part about American civilians being killed with a segment of the "Collateral Murder" video. For maximum impact, interlace the dialogue about occupation troops in the streets and Americans fighting back with footage from the famous movie ??????? ???????.


    1. Not sure if this was the intent but the ad's intensity is still felt is someone is either blind (thanks to the style of narration) or deaf in which these graphics work.

      It's stripped down but that gives it the urgency.

  4. This is amazing work. It’s made even moreso by the fact that RP actually write this years ago. (I initally assumed he only wrote the last portion where he was speaking.)

    Peace be with you.

  5. Imagine if this ad were true – sorry can't stretch that far.

    Nothing like overly emotive language and the use of fear to promote your message. IF this was America and America was run by an ultra-conservative government that regularly executed civilians for "moral" offences such as infidelity, blasphemy or even promoting your religion would you feel the same? Would you want someone to assist you in overthrowing that government?

    Comparing an "occupation" of Texas to what is happening in Afghanistan is just stupid. There are good reasons to oppose the operationsin Afghanistan, this ridiculous grandstanding overly emotive tripe is not it and may do more harm than good.

    1. Afghans did not invite the US nether did the Iraqis. The current government of Afghanistan is as ultra-conservative as the Talibans so that is clearly not the reason of our continued occupation.

      Texas is more conservative than Denmark, would Texans be happy if Denmark invades them? They will abolish the death penalty and legalize marijuana.

    2. I would have to disagree with that statement. Never mind the fact that isn't the reason we went to Afghanistan. Would you be okay with civies being killed by a foreign government under the guise of "protecting" us? Is it not the duty of the Afghan people to take charge of their own destiny, rather than to have an occupying force tell them what they want.
      We preach freedom and yet the Afghani's aren't allowed to decide what path they should take. By the way…. we just assassinated an American citizen in case you hadn't heard. So, to argue against what the Afghan gov't did while our own gov't is ASSASSINATING citizens for thought crimes seems to be a little hypocrtical

    3. Anyone who dismisses this bold exercise in moral imagination as "stupid" fear-mongering has precious little capacity for the former. Do you deny the existence of blowback, then? And do you really think that most people in Afghanistan and Iraq view the United States as a benevolent liberator? If so, why the continued resistance to US presence in both countries? Could it be barbarous ingratitude? Or are these peoples simply too stupid to understand that widespread death, destruction and displacement are small prices to pay for the freedom to live under a US-installed regime? But perhaps next time will be different. Perhaps the populations of Pakistan and Iraq will have the good sense to greet us with palm branches and hosannas.

      1. CORRECTION: "Perhaps the populations of Pakistan and IRAN will have the good sense to greet us with palm branches and hosannas."

  6. I Agree with all of it until the end…ron paul is not the answer to all your concerns,fears,wants,desires and hope….YOU ARE!!!

  7. I have just watched this ad and I find it very impressive. This is the wish of every peace loving human being on the face of the earth but I wonder who made it is not the one of them.

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