The Ron Paul Plan

Ron Paul has a plan: cut $1 trillion from the federal budget, defund the wars and “foreign aid,” and cut the president’s pay to $39,336 — which is, as Politico points out, “a level that the Paul document notes is ‘approximately equal to the median personal income of the American worker.’”

Now that‘s the kind of egalitarianism I can get behind.

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  1. And the media blackout of the one guy who can change our direction continues,while they promote morons who will continue our wacko policies.Disgusting how our nation is controlled by criminal elements who keep US in the dark.Thank Allah that there is still the internet.(for now,watch out)

    1. I agree Dahoit. It's only a matter of time before they make everyone get an internet ID and permit so the ycan keep track of us.

  2. Ron Paul is a real hero as he is the man that could fix us and stop these terror war against other nations by us

  3. Did something that I never imagined I would ever do, ever (ever). I registered as a Republican last week, in order to vote for Paul in the primary. Many showers later and I still feel a little dirty to be in the bankers' party, but I agree with the previous commenters about Ron Paul. He has a vision that could bring Americans from across the political spectrum together, if only that message is heard.

    1. But the Democratic Party is just as much of the bankers as the Republican Party my friend

      1. I take your point, and I was a registered Green before my incredible switch. Still, I think there is a sliver of difference between the two major parties. Progressive Dems (like Dennis Kucinich) outnumber republican Republicans like Paul, and in my view their perspectives are just as similar as are those of the banks' buddies in both parties. Still, I agree, it's a sliver of difference that doesn't amount to much. I've been reading about the founders' hatred of party politics and factionalism (and about how they quickly were subsumed in them). Seems they were right about a few things.

  4. Though they deny that there is any "organization" or "leadership", the Tea Party is pursuing a plan of attack of winning a number (a growing number) of House seats rather than trying to take the Presidency…yet. By increasing their numbers in the House eventually they will be a majority in the House and THEN they will take a serious shot at the Presidency. Why wait?

    Because…Though Dr. Paul's plan, as reported by Justin, sounds really good and workable, if Dr. Paul should win, the chance of him getting his plan implemented by Congress is decidedly slim to none. There are not enough members of Congress who are on the same page as Dr. Paul to facilitate moving his plans through the money-pit.

    Now, if Dr. Paul had a Tea Party-like movement and could get like minds in place in Congress, well…he might just have a chance of changing things. But, as a lone wolf surrounded by the money-takers and warmongers he would not be allowed to succeed in his vision. Without the support and the votes in the Congress, the President really is tied, hamstrung, tarred and feathered.

    1. Nice thought, but the Tea Party is not Paulist, so that "plan" would fail even if it were real.

      1. I was not suggesting that the Tea Party were…I was referring to the organization and the pre-placement of "Paulists," as you term them, in the House before Paul winning election. It was the idea of like-minded supporters in place to help get the "plan" implemented. Sorry if I was not more clear in my explanation.

  5. Good. That's a start. Now pay that same salary to Congresszombies and most government employees as well.

  6. Hey, mainstream media. Who is ? ? ?? Look closely. It’s Ron Paul!

    Vote for Ron Paul in 2012 to restore liberty and freedom to the American people, end military occupations around the world and implement a sensible foreign policy of fair trade and non interventionism.

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