Puppets breaking strings?

As the Iraqis find the back-door to getting U.S. troops out of their country, is Afghan President Hamid Karzai trying a different tack – – –

"God forbid, if a war breaks between Pakistan and America, we will side (with) Pakistan," Karzai said, according to a transcript released yesterday by his office. –Karzai Says Afghanistan Would Help Pakistan Against U.S. Attack – Businessweek

VIDEO: Karzai vows to support Pakistan vs. U.S. if war

Are the puppets breaking their strings?

One thought on “Puppets breaking strings?”

  1. Nah, they're just posing for the cameras of the domestic audience. If they weren't privately assuring the US government that they weren't serious then the US propaganda maching would already be in overdrive and ABC News, CNN, Foxnews et al, would be outraged and doing stories all day long about how we need to overthrow these evil dictators in Iraq and Afghanistan because they are a threat to their own people.

  2. I hope so. I hope so.

    The American people, on the whole, have no interest in ending our international madness, so one of our only hopes is with the Karzais of the world.

    I hope so. I hope so.

  3. To believe that Karzai or Maliki have any fealty to the USG other than the flow of money (which seems to disappear very quickly and unaccountably) and the troops we supply to help secure their positions as leaders, would be a fools' game. They are not like us. They will not likely ever have a societal system like ours. But, like us, they want to have their own government and govern themselves. As long as we are there propping up these empty suits, we will be hated and despised and lied to.

    Not to mention killing all those innocent non-combatants but that is another rant for another time.

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