‘Lying Us Into the New Cold War with Russia’ – Scott Horton at 2023 Ron Paul Institute Houston Conference

Antiwar.com editorial director Scott Horton spoke at the 2023 Ron Paul Institute Houston Conference on the lies behind America’s Middle East wars and the new Cold War with Russia.

What I Told the Montana State Senate

exmdjb7vgakg2hmAmericans For Prosperity and Concerned Veterans of America had me out to give a talk to a committee of the Montana State Senate in Helena on Tuesday.

Here is some of the audio. The first 15 minutes or so about how the corruption of the military industrial complex and the boom and bust caused by the pro-empire easy money policy is pushing American liberals toward socialism are unfortunately not included.

Scott Horton Week on the Tom Woods Show

Libertarian author and podcaster Tom Woods hosted Antiwar.com editorial director Scott Horton on his show all week this week as a fundraiser to support the writing of Scott’s upcoming book on the terror wars.

Listen to the interviews here:

Day One: Current War on Terrorism Overview

Day Two: Somalia

Day Three: Iraq War II

Day Four: Iraq War III and Syria

Day Five: Yemen

They Lied Us Into War, All of Them

And I don’t just mean Iraq War II.

A friend wanted a list, so I whipped one up real quick.

Gulf of Tonkin 1967: McNamara knew it was a mistake before LBJ used it as an excuse to escalate. Daniel Ellsberg’s firsthand account from inside the Pentagon: http://www.pbs.org/pov/mostdangerousman/excerpt-ellsberg-memoir/2/
(Gareth Porter says Mac kept the truth from LBJ: https://consortiumnews.com/2014/08/05/how-lbj-was-deceived-on-gulf-of-tonkin/ )

Cold War’s End 1988-1991: CIA so busy lying about Soviet power under Casey and Gates, they missed the USSR’s fall. http://www.truth-out.org/opinion/item/21487-no-tears-for-the-real-robert-gates

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